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Emails I Have Loved

September 2005

Date:  Sat, 3 Sep 2005 04:46:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: DB
Subject: Hi Girl!
To: Acharya S

I just bought your book The Christ Conspiracy... I am in the process of writing my own book.... And what is similar to you is that my book is along the same lines.

I am really impressed that such a good looking girl even has some brains also and to accomplish what you have a such a young age is just more of a plus.

...I was raised in a very strict Christian fundamentalist home and the teachings of Christ caused me a great deal of problems that inspired me to do enough research on religion to finally break away from the hell of Christianity.

Now...I have found it impossible to know anyone who was mature enough to converse with me on this subject who had the same approach as I do.

I am the type of person who keeps an open mind on any subject regardless of how much I know about that subject. Once a person thinks they know it all, "arrested development" sets in.

You are smarter than I am when it comes to the ability to use words, but females are usually that way, just like us guys can work on cars better than the average female can.

From: JS
To: Acharya S
Subject: Krishna
Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2005 20:19:42 +0000

First of all let me say that I enjoyed your book, the Christ Conspiracy. However I have a quick question regarding the birthdate of Krishna. I have recently read that Krishna's birthdate is actually celebrated on August 26th, not December 25th. Is this correct or was the date changed?

This question is addressed in detail in Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled.

Date:  Sat, 3 Sep 2005 13:37:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: DB
To: Acharya S

...I think you are darn cute.

Like I said before, where are the sane and sensible people anyway? The book you wrote, at such a young age is very good and obviously well researched....

Questions I want very much answered from you is, "What made you do the research into religion?" "What religion or non-religion were you raised in?"

As I said before, I was raised in a Christian religion of hell and annihilation and terrorism as far as I am concerned. I had no other choice but to find my way out of the mental anguish of the teachings of Christ or lose my sanity. At the age if 16 on, I read everything I could get my hands on to find a way out of the fear I was living in.

The books are too numerous to list here but the best ones that helped me find what was looking for were books like the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Edgar Cayce Readings...and several books on channeling....

Now, on page ii you say, "There is no single giant male god in charge. There are six billion little gods all jockeying for position."

Now, if that is the way you believe and you are determined to stay with that view, you and I cannot have much of anything to discuss. If your handwriting shows "t" and "d" stems over three times taller than your "a's" and "o's" then you consider your views above reproach and will not listen to anybody that has different ideas.

If your "a's" and "o's" are closed, then your mind is closed to new ideas. If your capital letters are way taller than lower case letters, then you are an egotist and will not listen to other people who have different ideas.

I have heard the voice of God in my dreams for over forty years. I am now writing a book that God wants me to publish for the salvation of all mankind. I hope to finish this book this year. Anyway, let me tell you briefly what this creation business is all about.

Your concept of a whole bunch of gods puts you many thousands of years ago when that was very true here on earth but not in heaven.

Hear is the truth about all of this stuff. Our Heavenly Father is a Great Spirit that fills all space. The only way you can begin to get this concept is to study astronomy. All of the stars and galaxies are inside of Him. Everything you see is a part of Him. We are a part of Him. He never had a beginning and will never have an end. Since we also are a part of Him, we will have eternal life as long as we believe in any kind of god or gods or believe in an afterlife.

Down through history, Jehovih (not Jehovah) sent certain men to earth to teach people about Him. Three Lords under Jehovih got impatient the way Jehovih was doing things and went on their own and started the Trinity and declared a war on all of those thousands of little gods on earth and threw them in hell.

The Trinity then took over the earth and started the Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, and Hindu religions. They also sent 49 saviors to earth, sixteen of which were crucified.

Jesus is pure fiction and was created at the council of Nicaea under Constantine. (Bless his rotten little heart).

You can read about all of this in OAHSPE. Go to, click on the link OAHSPE at, and scroll all the way down to download the whole book if you want to, free.

Do not pay any attention to OAHSPE.COM. That website does not want you to find the truth about our Heavenly Father.

Gotta go and I hope to hear from you. I have tons of good stuff I will share with you if you want.

From: BR
To: Acharya S
Subject: historical truth
Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2005 16:42:44 -0500

You are indeed a professor of mythology, using mere philosophies and surmisings of mere bigotted men, and presenting them as "historical facts". Nothing you write would stand up in any reasonable court of law, as representing the truths of history, all refuted by the testimony of eye-witnesses, yea, even enemies of Christ and the apostles (as in the Jews who crucified and persecuted them). Conjectures and bare assertions of men have not the weight of PRIMARY SOURCES from history, the basis used for any legal trial of truth and fiction. I see Greek mythology (which has a very long and dark history in their pretended wisdom, replete with their own superstitions) is still alive and well, blinding men while it pretends to help them see!

What will you do when you die, and are judged by Jesus Christ himself, whom you stupidly claim does not exist!  Souls in hell, like Thomas Paine, would now warn you of their own folly, for they also professed themselves "wise", but now are in flaming agony forever, for their wicked blasphemy, and biased attempt to suppress the truth.

From: DG
To: Acharya S,
Subject: Informacion sobre un libro interesante
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 18:21:57 +0200 (CEST)

Acabo de leer tu libro "La conspiracion de cristo" y tengo que decirte que me ha parecido apasionante. Solido y atrevido.

Espero que otros autores, o tu misma, profundicen en el analisis racional y científico del cristianismo.

Quiero informarte sobre un libro muy interesante que defiende que existio una cultura comun, al menos en Europa y Asia, antes de la historia escrita. Para demostrarlo realiza un analisis linguistico de la toponimia. Te recomiendo su lectura porque puede darte nuevos argumentos o abrirte nuevas lineas de investigacion.

El titulo de este libro es "Los nombres de Europa" y su autor es Alberto Porlan La editorial es Alianza Editorial de Madrid (Espana).

From: JB
To: Acharya S
Subject: Desacuerdo
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 13:22:02 -0500

Me parece que el articulo escrito por ustedes acerca del origen de cristo, no es mas que una muestra de la pseudociencia acerca de la religion con que toman algunas entidades la existencia de cristo.
Es obvio que la existencia de cristo ha sido ya comprobada cientificamente, en los ultimos anos, canales de investigacion tan prestigiosos como Discovery Channel se han encargado de estudiar el fenomeno del cristianismo, sus raices religiosas y la certeza de su entorno historico. Se ha comprado la existencia de los apostoles, el papel que estos desarrollaron en la propagacion del cristianismo en el mundo.
A mi forma de ver la persona que escribio este articulo es un autentico pseudo-erudito del ateismo, el solo hecho de negar la religion es creer en ella. Lastima que existan personas que puedan sacar concluciones a la ligera de hechos historicos, basandose en escritos de otras personas que no siguen el metodo cientifico de forma alguna, para realizar una investigacion por lo menos decente.
Como voy yo a expresarme de un tema sin tener por lo menos bases consiansudas de estudio, como uno se puede basar en cosas que dicen las otras personas o manifiestan en sus libros.
Yo personalmente no creo que existan cientificos de renombre que se encarguen desde un punto neutral a estudiar este tema. A mi forma de ver este articulo corresponde al ingenio de una persona atea que de cualquier forma quiere desvirtuar la existencia de Dios, no solo en el cristianismo, si no en todas las religiones. Personas que solo pueden acceder al 1% del conocimiento, pues es de saber que la sabiduria humana es limitada e imprecisa.
Que quivocado esta el hombre en su omnisapiencia, es logico que todo en el cosmos tiene un orden, que el origen es el resultado de cambios fisicos y quimicos, pero como podriamos llamar a las leyes naturales que rigen nuestro universo, a las fuerzas naturales que no conocemos y que quizas nunca las lleguemos a conocer, para mi se llaman Dios. La piedra angular y a su vez el arquitecto. El hombre va camino irremediablemente a sus propia autodestruccion, esa es la sabiduria del hombre...

La guerra, la destruccion de los recursos naturales. Asi de sabios somos Los dejo con este articulo.
No es "pseudociencia" y no es obvio que la existencia de cristo had sido ya comprobada cientifamente.

No me interesa otras discusiones falsas basadas en ignorancia.

Ni tus insultos personales prueban mal mi tesis.

Date:  Tue, 6 Sep 2005 05:03:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: AV
Subject: Krishna
To: "Acharya S"

I haven't read your book..and frankly I'm not interested (No offence). Im sure it must be well researched and written... but I guess what you've written in there ( connection with Lord Krishna and Christ ) is known to hindus from time immemorial.

The problem is that many hindus are peace-loving cows ( pun unintended ) and are not very interested in propagating or debunking radical theories ( conspiracy or other wise ).

Ms. Acharya..I dont know who you are..what your mission is etc ...but I just happened to see your site by chance. (I'm neither a Devotee of Lord Krishna or christ etc )and i felt it my duty to comment a bit on what was written.

Don't break your head so much with research....let me sum it up for you very briefly

Christ was a normal man born in the middle east ...then between the ages of 18 to 30/31 he came to India ( the way in the wilderness )...specifically North India ( the Kashmir valley ) ..

..if you ve read the gospels..notice that there is no mention of christ's life between those ages..he disappears from the texts at age 18 and reappears in his 30's !

In india, he learnt from Bhagavata scholars ( the forebearers of what we know today as the Hare Krishna sect ) as well as from buddhists.

...he went back to the middle east and taught the same things which he learnt back here in India ..some of his teachings

-->for e.g turning the other cheek doctrine and loving your neighbour ..marital fidelity are all bhagavata/vaishnava/buddhist doctrines.

anyways...he wasnt crucified..he ran back to India when his life was in danger from the romans and the jews ( he ran back to his gurus lands )..and lived here for many years and died.

You may not believe it ..but there is an old shrine around 40 kms from srinagar -->the capital Indian kashmir state where christ is said to be buried till date.( of course that it's his grave cannot be proved )..but what we know..we dont need to get it proved.

regarding all the other crap ..about mary magdalene etc etc...frankly it doesnt count for jackshit Noone in India ( except for indian christians ) give a fuck about christ.

Lastly.....if you'r interested in the solar origins of Lord Buddha ..I recommend this book.."the doctrine of awakening" by Baron julius Evola

and i quote --->The man who was later known as the Awakened One, that is, the Buddha, was the Prince Siddhattha. According to some, he was the son of a king; according to ofhers, at least of the most ancient warrior nobility of the Sakiya race, proverbial for its pride: there was a saying, "Proud as a Sakiya."5 This race claimed descent, like the most illustrious and ancient Hindu dynasties, from the so-called solar race surya vamsa and from the very ancient king Ikuvuku.6

"He, of the solar race," one reads of the Buddha.' He says so himself: "I am descended from the solar dynasty and I was born a Sakiya,"8 and by becoming an ascetic who has renounced the world he vindicates his royal dignity, the dignity of an Aryan king.'' Tradition has it that his person appeared as "a form adorned with all the signs of beauty and surrounded by a radiant aureole."10 To a sovereign who meets him and does not know who he is, he immediately gives the impression of an equal: "Thou hast a perfect body, thou art resplendent, well born, of noble aspect, thou hast a golden colour and white teeth, thou art strong. All the signs that thou art of noble birfh are in thy form, all the marks of a superior man." The most fearsome bandit, meeting him, asks himself in amaze­ment who might be "this ascetic who comes alone with no companions, like a conqueror." - And not only do we find in his body and hearing the characteristics of a khattiya, of a noble warrior of high lineage, but tradition has it that he was en­dowed with the "thirty-two attributes" that according to an ancient brahmanical

doc­trine were the mark of the "superior man"�mah�purisa-lakkhana�for whom "exist only two possibilities, without a third": either, to remain in the world and to become a cakkavatti, that is, a king of kings, a "universal sovereign," the Aryan prototype of the "Lord of the Earth," or else to renounce the world and to become perfectly awak­ened, the Sambuddha, "one who has removed the veil.'" Legend tells us that in a prophetic vision of a whirling wheel an imperial destiny was foretold for Prince Siddhattha; a destiny that, however, he rejected in favor of the other path. It is equally significant that, according to tradition, the Buddha directed that his funeral rite should not be that of an ascetic, but of an imperial sovereign, a cakkavatti.

5. H. Oldenberg, Buddha (Sturtgart and Beritin. 1923). p. 1(1). Prince Siddhattha seems to retain his pride even when he is the Buddha uttering such words as these: "In the world of angels. of demons and of gods, among the ranks of ascetics and of priests, I do not see. O Brahman. any one whom I should respectfully salute nor before whom I should rise for him ro be seated" (Anguttara-nik�ya. 8.111.

6. Suttaniputa. 3.6.31. It is worth noting that Ik�v�ku was conceived as the son of Manu, that is. of the Primordial legislator of the Indo-Aryan races, and that these references in Buddhism are significant: in fact, the same royal and solar origin is attribured to the doctrine expounded in the Bhagavadgita (4.1-2); a doctrine that was revealed after a period of oblivion to a ksatriya, that is, to an exponent of warrior nobility, and that shows us how the path of detachment can also produce an unconditioned and irresistible form of heroism;

7. Samyutt., 22.95.

8. Suttaniputa, 3.1.t9.

9. Ibid., 3.7.7.

10. Jataka, I.

11. Suttaniputa, 3.7.1�2; 5-6.

The entire text is currently being hosted at

you need to know anything else..Please don't hesitate to ask me..I'll help you with all i know ( and i know a hell lot of things ).

Lol...It doesnt matter whether you'r Indian or not..according to the upanishads ,the highest born kshatriya or the highest born brahmin of the purest aryan blood is equal to cow-dung, till he searches for the absolute truth.

and its not rig- veda( like how we pronounce Oil rig ) its actually pronounced rhug ( similar to rug )

Please see my article Jesus in India? for a rebuttal to the legend that Jesus traveled to India.

Date:  Tue, 6 Sep 2005 13:05:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: JW
Subject: which side of the fence
To: "Acharya S"

Could you answer one direct but simple question? Of all your writings, I cannot figure out your position on anything except you find christianity a joke, of which I agree with you.

But on the more important issue, are you simply an athiest? No God of any kind, not even impartial intelligence that just stays out of the way and lets things unfold.

This is not complicated and won't take much of your time. A simple yes or no is all that is required. I'm trying to piece together your motives.

Naturally, you don't have to answer anything. You're not on trial, this is not the witness box. Do as you

Date:  Wed, 7 Sep 2005 03:07:55 +0100
From: VI
To: Acharya S
Subject: civilisation
let me start by saying that i have not read any of your books. i have however read some of the pages on your website. 

although it troubles me a little that i cannot find anything you've written on the www since about this time last year - i do hope the hand of god has not struck you down for your various blasphemies =)
anyway, assuming you are still alive and well and reading this, let me start by surmising that i may well be one of the few of your correspondants that is not overly concerned with the myths surrounding jesus etc. i should also say that in general anyone with a pitch or a corner to fight usually bothers me somewhat and obviously i am struck by the passion in your convictions which at times seems to burn with near solar intensity. i mention these things now so that if perhaps you have other emails to read at this time that are of more relevance to your particular sphere of interests; you will be able to prioritise this one accordingly -though hopefully not with the delete button =)
primarily i am writing to you because i found what little i have read of your work to be level headed, well researched as well as open-minded. and thus far in the course of my somewhat limited investigations into the subject of my particular interest; it is my experience that these are rare qualities indeed. infact i might even be tempted to say that in the line of my enquiries the only other commentator whos views i have found of any significant interest were those of solon the greek.

and so to the point. i am pursuing the idea that humankind has undergone successive incarnations of so called civilisation going back at least 11000 years or so and with the possibility of the ermergence of civilisations as sophisticated as say the babylonians going back much further still. to the extreme, i am willing to entertain the possibility that there may even have been societies that arose whose techologies and understanding surpassed that of the current.
to this end i am looking for any traces: either physical or socio-cognaissant artifacts that might support such an idea. while i am in no way a scholar in this area, i find that in general i agree with you that there has been much plagiarism of a certain hard-core of myths that for the most part seem to stem back to sumerian times. i have not however had the time to read as extensively as i suspect you have, through the vast mire of subject matter (and it is clear that the obvuscation and plagarisation continues to this day unabated) available. nor do i speak as many different languages as you. it is therefore my hope that you might be able to steer me clear of the ufo fanatics and catastrophy theorists and suggest some more sober sources of information.
as mentioned earlier, i would be greatly interested to read anyting i could on Solon and perhaps more importantly an egyptian priest possibly going by the name of Sonchis who apparently had this to say of the greeks: "You are young in soul, every one of you. For therein you possess not a single belief that is ancient and derived from old tradition, nor yet one science that is hoary with age..."
wrt the sumerian myths, perhaps the most useful source of online information that i have so far stumbled across is this:
I have yet to find much of any great interest to me wrt myths artifacts located in the following present day geographical areas: the americas/china/india/far east
concerning the far east, in particular i should like to know of any good english sources (i shall not mention the word 'primary' outside these parentheses) for "the vedic tales of the gods".
concerning the americas i should also very much like to know: 

1. if there is any factual evidence to support the conjecture that some ancient american cultures used golden parabolic dishes to focus the suns rays -if so where/when?

2. any good english sources on the aymara language still spoken today. here i have got only as far as

any time you can take to answer these questions or shed any other light upon the above would be very much appreciated.
btw: good luck with the latest book!

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