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 The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1

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Emails I Have Loved

August 2000

From: AP 
To: Acharya S 
Subject: Thanks 
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 09:22:09 -0400 

Dear Acharya, 

I bought and carefully read Christ Con - and thank you very much for clearing the cobwebs. I can clearly see reality now. What a world! Venus in Libra - Mars in Scorpio - Moon in Cancer 

From: MD 
To: Acharya S 
Subject: Christ Conspiracy appreciated... 
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2000 09:39:41 EDT 

Dear Acharya S: 

I am Belenios Ategnatos a druid of the Druuidica Comardiia Eriutalamonos and of the Kredenn Geltiek Hollvedel (Worldwide Celtic Faith), among other related affiliations. Among my projects is research into the ancient history of Indo-European civilization and the one-world civilization, of which IE culture is one of the principal heirs. You can find an article by me on the website of the American Institute for Vedic Studies, at, in the guest writers section, which will provide some introduction into my work. 

I recently found The Christ Conspiracy in the local bookstore. There are parts I agree with and parts I must strongly disagree with. In any case, it is a very enjoyable work and regardless of details that may be incorrect, the basic premises are dealt with excellently and will be of great benefit to the world, I think. 

May I respectfully explain some of my disagreements? First, certain of your source books are not reliable. In particular, "The Two Babylons", which I have on my book-shelf, was written as propaganda by Anglicans against the Catholics, more or less as part of the anti-Irish bigotry of the time. While some of the information is good, other parts are either grossly inaccurate or else patently false, as may be expected of propaganda. Hislop's linguistic arguments (comparisons of deity names) are usually thoroughly wrong, often comparing modern dialects with ancient languages that are not even related, for example... And many of these arguments or similar ones, are used by you, I notice. 

Another area that is most visible to me is your comparison of the traits of Krishna's story with those of the Jesus myth. I have been studying the Sanskrit literature on Krishna for over a decade, and your comparisons are in direct contradiction of the actual elements of His story. To wit: His mother was no virgin, he was her eighth child, the previous seven having been slain by her brother. He did not come to die to save mankind, rather his death heralded the beginning of this Dark Age that Hindus call Kali-yuga. And he did not die nailed to a tree, but rather accidentally hit with an arrow by an aboriginal hunter, while under a tree. That detail has a similarity, but the differences are clear. And again, his death was in no way a good thing, not a benefit for mankind; except insofar as one of the characteristics of Kali-yuga is said to be that one can relatively easily achieve spiritual perfection through hearing and chanting the Names of God. which practice is the basis of several major Indian religions, including Sikhism and Vaishnavism, which is the religion of Vishnu, Krishna, etc, and to which the Hare Krishna movement belongs. Interestingly, there is clear archeological evidence of Europeans converting to the worship of Krishna from several centuries before Jesus's reputed advent. Precisely, an ambassador to India of one of the kingdoms Alexander left behind him converted and erected a monument in India in honor of Vasudeva, which is Krishna. So, Hare Krishna is in no way a "New Religion" as the Christians like to call it... Not only is it older than their religion, but it has been receiving European converts for longer than their religion has existed. 

Again, aside from these and a few other points of disagreement, I greatly enjoy and appreciate this book. I intend to recommend it to my colleagues. I may write a review for one the email lists I run; if so, I will certainly forward you a copy. 

The initial premise that Christianity is in reality a brutal and totalitarian dictatorship (as is Islam) is most important to bring to the attention of those enslaved by it. How sad that our European peoples are enslaved, and to people who don't even know what to do with a slave. We druids (of the KGH anyway) and other people of the Indo-European Reawakening, including certain influential Hindus aim to awaken and free those slaves, at least insofar as they are capable of freedom. This, of course, is a cooperative effort among people of widely different theologies, from monotheistic to monist to polytheist. 

Well, I cannot hope to do justice to the many things I would like to say. Let me just end, then, and say that if you are willing and interested, I would be happy to communicate further with you, to discuss all these and other areas of mutual interest. And please excuse me if I have in any way inadvertently offended you. 

Satyam eva jayate (Sanskrit: May Truth ever Triumph!)

Thanks for your kind comments and close reading of my book. Regarding Hislop, I used comparatively little of his work and what I did use was factual. He is anti-Catholic Protestant writer, which demonstrates that my sources are not just "atheists" and freethinkers. Virtually everyone can be determined to be biased about something, and it seems like someone somewhere will complain about practically every one of my sources. And, as I recall, I did not use any of his etymology; if our conclusions are similar, then perhaps it is because they are correct, since we came to them from independent sources.

Regarding Krishna, naturally, you will not find these traits or characteristics in mainstream texts. I deal with these in my latest book Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled. I did not make up any of these characteristics. They are to be found in the works of a number of writers, including Sir William Jones, in Asiatic Researches. (In other words, they did not originate with the much-maligned Kersey Graves.) Let us take one example: You say that Krishna "did not die nailed to a tree." And then you relate the mainstream story that he was shot with an arrow, while under a tree. We are splitting hairs here do we need to just say he was "arrowed" to a tree? Also, it is clear from the Bhagavad Gita that Krishna could be considered a "savior." The god Vishnu, of whom Krishna is "the most perfection incarnation," is the preserver or savior. "Heri" or "Hare," as in Hare Krishna, in fact, means "savior."

In addition, while Krishna's mother, Devaki, was said to have had other children, she was quite evidently nevertheless considered a virgin. Jones related that the virgin status of Devaki is spelled out in the Sanskrit Dictionary. I have not yet studied these sources. In any case, we are not dealing with a "real person." The virgin status of a goddess in this case and many others, the mother of the sun god was said to be perpetual, no matter how many children she had. Jesus's mother, Mary, was also said to have had other children (Mk./Mt.), yet she remained a "perpetual virgin."

Your last point about the conversion of Europeans to Krishna worship is well in line with what I record in Christ Con: to wit, Krishna worship is evidently found from Britain to India, centuries prior to the Christian era.--AS

From: JG
To: Acharya S 
Subject: A question:? 

Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 10:47:43 -0700 


In your "Origins of Christianity" you stated that the Gospels were not even written until 170-180 C.E. I don't believe this is the case, as don't most of the scholars who write concerning it... most of them believe that the gospels were written in this order:

Mark: 70 C.E. 
Matthew and Luke: 80-90 C.E. 
John: around 100 C.E. 

Isn't the oldest NT manuscript from the book of John, and dates to around 125-130 C.E.?? You can't have an earlier manuscript of a document that wasn't written for another 40 years

If this is not the case, could you please refer me to the material which you used to gain this information... 

Besides that I found your work to be interesting.... When the writer of Ecclesiastics stated "There's nothing new under the sun," he was obviously correct!! 

I am well aware of the orthodox dating of the gospels. These dates are based on wishful thinking, an attempt to fit them into the "history." There are bits and pieces extant of the earlier texts used by the evangelists; however, the four canonical gospels do not appear until 170-180, easily demonstrated by both external and internal evidence. For one thing, not a scrap of them appears in the writings of any Christian writer prior to that, not even Justin Martyr. Martyr uses other texts that the compilers of the canonical gospels also likely used. For the source of this argument, see History of the Christian Religion to the Year 200 by Judge Charles Waite. Waite essentially proves the late dates, which actually make sense based on what I reveal in my book: To wit, the first "New Testament" was created by the Gnostic Christian Marcion and published around 140 C.E. From this text, especially Marcion's "Gospel of Paul" or "Gospel of the Lord," as well as other now apocryphal texts, were created the four cannonical gospels. I don't find any other work on this dating issue to be convincing or comprehensive.

If you like that writing, you should check out my book! (I actually use that Ecclesiastes quote in one chapter.)--AS

From: DS 
To: Acharya S 
Subject: age of documents? 
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 12:12:47 -0400 


I found your web page to be very interesting. Your footnotes and quotes are extensive. The comparison of Christ, Buddha and Krishna is amazing; however, in their list of common traits you do not state from where this information was gathered. I would find the "primary" source documents (papyri, clay tablets, manuscripts, etc) and their approximate dates very useful in determining who influenced who. Syncretism among ancient cults and religions is common and few if any attempted to seriously fix their beliefs through rigid doctrine or ecclesiastical structure. Well, thanks for your time and trouble.

Thank you. Although it shouldn't be expected that I alone should and can dig up all this evidence, I will continue to keep my nose to the ground and provide it wherever I can. My book Suns of God will do much in that regard. In the meantime, check out the Christ Conspiracy links.--AS

Subject: hi 
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2000 17:34:42 -0800 
From: SL 
To: Acharya S 

I just read your argument and thought it was really good. I know it gets frustrating to see how blind some people are and that they are wasting their lives believing in the bible and not even in themselves. I keep asking this guy who's trying to make people believe that the bible is God's word, who thinks it's scientific and there's so much evidence. 'Cause he says there's was evidence of a flood and other things, and I asked him just because there might be proof of a flood, how can you be sure God did it, and that it was done to destroy the world? He just keeps saying there's a mountain of evidence, which I've yet to see. A volcano could erupt and someone writes down that God was angry. This guy would believe it just because he found proof that the volcano erupted. It's really crazy. I just don't like seeing people being misguided so badly. Or even at all. So I'm really glad with what you're doing and I hope you keep it up. I know if everyone is going to learn the truth about! the bible, it's going to take a lot of work. So I'm being patient too. Well, take care.

From: RR
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 01:00:21 EDT 
To: Acharya S 

I truly thank you for explaining all of this. We have been living out of phase, quickly decaying. The Code of the Ancients is the key to this dimension.

From: AA 
To: Acharya S 
Subject: From a kindred Spirit 
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 11:18:53 -0400 


Your book seems quite interesting and informative. Basically I know almost everything that you have written about and I am on your side. The despicable things that religions and Christianity in particular has done to humanity are deplorable. 

Your views and my views are basically the same, and I think that we may be able to learn from each other. For the past 26 years I have been searching for truth. I thought it would have been easy but my searches always end with another search; nevertheless, I have learned a lot which has changed my complete outlook on life and living. 

I have come to the conclusion that it was man who created god and not god who created

My only intention is to whatever I can to help make the planet a better place where everyone will be able to grow spiritually. I am also against the preacher and his trickery. As a matter of fact our religious leaders desires to control at least the government of the USA. 

One thing that I could not decipher for a very long time was the fact that women are totally banned from the management of religious business. When I discovered that the goddesses preceded the gods, then I knew a lot that I did not understand before. 

The history of religious wars and class/sex wars is long and bloody. Men have done everything that they could think of to keep women contained and suppressed. It is time for all of us who feel this way to unite in the "Spirit of freeing Mother Earth" from the evils that have continued for countless thousand of years. 

It will be a great pleasure for me to receive your reply. Your kind cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

From: PR
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 21:00:52 EDT 
Subject: Have you seen this site 
To: Acharya S 

You have a great web site... Have you seen this site, The Norwegian Heathen Society? It has a couple of good flash animations. 

From: SO
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 17:47:09 EDT 
To: Acharya S 

I think your articles are very interesting & so are you. 

From: RS
To: Acharya S 
Subject: time well spent 
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 20:05:40 CDT 

Dear Acharya, 

It's been said that (regarding the Web as addictive) "AOL is a gateway drug to the Internet." I started the day studying boring-but-career-necessary computer stuff, then I went to your site (with some detours to its links) and here I am, hours later. But how I've enjoyed it! It's such a pleasure to meet a soul who--like me--pulls back the curtains as a natural act. I have little patience with nimrods and fruitless debate, so I keep such things almost all to myself. How wonderful to see it there in HTML! 

If time and money were limitless I'm sure I would love to read TCC, but the synopsis and (Amazon) reviews tell me all I need to know. For years I wondered why Christianity was so popular, and now I's "religion's greatest hits"! I had to smile (in the Amazon reviews) at the high correlation between negative reviews and poor spelling. 

Enjoyed your essays and rants, too. Here are my two cents (if the opinions of a stranger are worth even that). 

Declaration of life and if we can convince the other 98% of Earthlings... 

Oligarchy is not democracy. Amen. As long as adjudication is coercively monopolized (e.g., one wishes to demonstrate one owes no income tax, and the only courts that exist are ones run by the agency levying them), I don't know how any government--no matter how enlightened initially--can keep from doing what all governments have always done: grow ever larger till conquered from without (war) or collapsed from within (revolution).

One scam after another...this was interesting reading, a fresh way of looking at it. On introspection, I realized that I'm Scientology-proof (or name any other of the zillions of scams) precisely because I'm so rabidly cynical. Funny thing is, I don't think of it as cynical, just realistic/analytical. I treat humans' pitches with the same caution as when I cross the street. No need to be paranoid, but the price of inattention is too high to refrain from treading carefully. As soon as anyone requests my attention or time or money in any amount, I do a full analysis, from all angles. Only takes me a few seconds or at most a few minutes to identify their underlying motives. Too bad it's so difficult for most people to think that way. Alas, if you *can* be taken, you will be. 
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