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Emails I Have Loved

August 2001

Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 10:59:40 +0100
Subject: your site
From: RO
To: Acharya S

...I found your site very entertaining. One thing you could add is that it's a fact the world is only 30% Christian. If God created the world, why would only 30% believe in him? Thanks for a site like yours, but this can only be for atheists or agnostic-type because theists are way too stubborn looking at excuses instead of answers or reasons. But your effort is at least appreciated by those like me.

Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 09:18:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: RS
Subject: A fan (thanks)
To: "Acharya S"

...I figured you got swamped with e-mail ranging from, "You're my new Goddess" to "I hope baby Jesus hits you with an axe." Anyway, one point I did want to ask you about was the Jesus beginning his ministry at 12. Now according to our ignorant friend, this is because that's when Jews reach manhood. Obviously a fallacy, the Jewish boys have the "Bar Mitzvah" when they reach the thirteenth birthday, while girls have "Bat Mitzvah" when they are twelve. However, even the girl's ceremony can be postponed to their thirteenth birthday as well. So, unless he wishes to argue that Jesus began his ministry at the age of 12 because he was a female, this would be wrong.

But, from what I understand, in Egyptian myth, the Sun is "Most High" at 12, thus Jesus begins his ministry when he is "Most High". The words "most high" is Strong's 5945, and means 'elyown (el-yone'); from 5927; "an elevation, i.e. (adj.) lofty (compar.); as title, the Supreme"....

Oh, and I absolutely love your work. I find it disturbing that Christians refer to people in the industry of religion who obviously have no clue about ancient religions, or even Jewish religion. One such was that a clown told me that "Israel" didn't mean "Isis, Ra, El", (the three big stellar cults.) It meant "He who wrestles with God." Yet, according to Jewish Rabbi's I talked to about it, that translation was totally off. In Hebrew, Israel is spelled YisraEl, which literally means, "there are 231." According to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, the word Yisra'el is simply the Chaldee variant of "Israel," which literally means "he will rule as God." I think the Greeks called it "IsraEl", and the Hebrews called it "YisrA'El". According to another scholar, , "yisra'el" means something like "El dominates." 3478 Yisra'el- Israel = "God prevails". For that word 'Israel', 'Yisra'el' in the Hebrew means "God prevails", or "to prevail with God" (Strong's nos. 8280; 410; 3478) So, if we take that as "Isis, Ra, and El", I guess the implied meaning from the word would mean that "El" would win. Of course, right now, the biggest cults are dedicated to the Sun and the Moon, meaning that "El" was not the winner. Who knows? It's just that what I always find funny is when Christian authors put themselves to be more knowledgeable in the field of Jewish history than Jewish historians and scholars telling them they are totally wrong. "Ignorance and arrogance go together", I guess. Thanks for your time, and looking forward to your response.

Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 10:30:02 -0600
From: AK
To: Acharya S
Subject: Hi

I am a Portuguese living in the US and wanting to CONGRATULATE you for your clear and sane mind. You are one of the 4 or 5% of persons with a brain - or simply using it - in this vast United States of sick "Puritanism". I had to start working when I was 13 years old, so I didn't have time to have a formal education or even to be a teenager, but I always read as much as possible to keep myself informed, being totally self-educated...and I keep trying to keep myself informed about what we know and what we don't know... Thank you and, once more, CONGRATULATIONS.

Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 14:05:22 -0600
From: AK
To: Acharya S
Subject: Hi again...

I have been on your page and I discovered that we have a lot in common, despite my lack of formal education.... I am 56 years old. You?

Acharya S has traveled extensively around Europe, and she speaks, reads and/or writes English, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and a smattering of other languages to varying degrees. She has read Euripides, Plato and Homer in ancient Greek, and Cicero in Latin, as well as Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales in Middle English. She has also been compelled to cross-reference the Bible in the original Hebrew and ancient Greek.

Well, I have travelled a lot throughout Europe - I am European - Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, England, and Asia (I have been 17 years in Macau, next to Hong Kong, working for the Portuguese Government, and have been in all the Asian neighbors of Macau and Hong Kong), and Australia (several times on vacation), and the USA (also on vacation) and Africa (when I was a child) And I speak English, rather well, not Greek, or Latin, but Spanish, Italian and, specially Portuguese (I was born in Lisbon). And I have read all you did, in Portuguese, English or French, as well as all classics from Literature and Philosophy. I think one some of my great flaws are the lack knowledge of Greek and Latin. As a matter of fact, I have all (almost all) of the classics in my computer as I am trying to catalogue some of the KNOWLEDGE in the Internet... The greatest University ever, and my only University...

Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 22:18:05 -0700
To: Acharya S
From: BJ
Subject: you are doing good work

thank you for the website. I send the uninformed to it for a reality check.

From: BS
To: Acharya S
Subject: Truthbeknown.
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 15:06:23 +1000

Hi Acharya,

Allow me to congratulate you on your pages. It is very interesting reading, and I will recommend it to all my friends, most of whom are non-practicing Christians. Personally I regard myself as an Atheist, and I have a lot of interesting conversations, even hot arguments with some of my friends. But most of them have no clue as to what Christianity is, or exactly what they are supposed to believe, so it is futile to try to have a discussion with them....

Could I use some of the stuff from your pages? I will give you credit for it of course.

Love and respect...

From: GP
To: Acharya S
Subject: Suns of God
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 10:50:16 -0700

Dear Acharya,

...Where can I buy your new book The Suns Of God? I enjoyed The Christ Conspiracy very much and your recommendations that you sent me a year ago. At some point I would like to put together a paper showing the information you bring up and the original ancient text for super skeptics to really see in the original languages (transcribed) where the dogma began. Can you point me to any original text of Egyptian, Mexican, or East Indian that shows the transcriptions of similar stories to Virgin Births, Resurrection, Adam & Eve, Etc.?

Thanks for your dedication to the truth.

Good luck with primary sources. Much destruction has taken place, but some reconstruction can be made.

From: RS
To: Acharya S
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 14:31:42 -0500

First off I want to thank you for putting up such an excellent site! It's witty, honest, and well presented.

Being a Neo-Pagan Hypnomancer, which is the only really fitting title I can ascribe to myself, I found identification with many of the views you offered.

Thank you again, I'll be visiting the site quite often to soak it all up!

Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 13:03:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: KF
Subject: More on Buddhism?
To: Acharya S

You have written quite a bit on the similarity of the myth between Buddha and the other Gods. Also that there have been other Buddha's (a lineage?) back in ancient times. Everything I pick up seems to recount the same old story. I would like to read more of the older history and possible origins of this myth that you have mentioned in your previous writings. I would imagine that you will cover this in more detail in your new book. But, what I would like to know right now is if there are any good books that might be readily available at this time that gives more details on this older history to hold me over until your new book does come out.

Thanks for any help in advance,

You are correct that I will cover this subject in depth in Suns of God. In the meantime, try books by R. Spence Hardy.

From: DO
To: Acharya S
Subject: Isaiah 30:26
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 19:32:30 -0700

On page 135 of your book, The Christ Conspiracy, you mention that the bible has God saying, "in the day when the lord binds up the hurt of his people, and heals the wounds inflicted by his blow."

I have four bibles right now: Young's, Darby's, New International, King James. Young's and the New International have the passage as stated in your book; Darby and King James have it as "their blow" at the end of the passage. How am I suppose to know which is true outside of actually learning say Greek or Hebrew? I noticed this one school girl with an Arabian bible, would that be a legit bible that would not have any biases on what the real passage means?

I used the RSV. Try the various bibles at and

From: RC
To: Acharya S
Subject: thank you
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2001 09:39:28 -0400

I wish I could sit across from you and look behind your eyes because your words excite my mind... and the child inside me giggles :)

From: BO
To: Acharya S
Subject: Christ conspiracy
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2001 17:10:20 +0200

I want to know when your new book Suns of God is coming. I have read your Christ Conspiracy 3 times. I want to have the new one.

From: BH
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 17:38:42 EDT
Subject: Christ Conspiracy
To: Acharya S

Reference your request if I would like to send a review of your book The Christ Conspiracy at Amazon. Yes I will take the time to do this and I hope it helps others to read your book with an open and rational mind and not just following the mass mind control programme.

I can imagine with what you are doing that you will be ridiculed by many who through fear never question the doctrines that have been handed down to them.

May the eternal spirits guide and strengthen you in what you are doing in lifting the veil of falsehood which pervades in this world

Peace and Love

From: TD
To: Acharya S
Subject: What a doll!
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 07:50:12

You are a babe on top of everything else! When you're not too busy, please marry me!

I've been telling people about you lately, so I looked up your website just now to direct them to it...

Another reason we should get married is we think the same things about religion. I think. I haven't read your big essay in a year or so...

My question: do you have a time-scheme for the various appearances of all these men-gods died and resurrected? Like, when did the Horus myth arise in relation to the Jesus myth? And Mithra and Dionysus and so on? Forgive me if you've got it posted someplace I didn't read....

But mainly I'm hoping you can direct me to reliable sources about the origins and timings of these various back-to-life myths. And also to tell you that I much enjoy the work of yours that I've read, and it's fun to see that you're also a great-looking babe....

Flattery will get you everywhere. There's no set time-line for these various gods. They were revered beginning centuries to millennia prior to the Christian era.

From: RH
To: Acharya S
Subject: Friendly mail
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 15:07:58 -0400

...By the way I noticed that the summer issue of Free Inquiry trashed your book. I think I can explain where the reviewer, Robert Price, is coming from. I used to attend Paul Kurtz seminars until I began to notice that his clique is as dogmatic about science and politics as any religionist. His Manifesto 2000 has a repulsive plug for a supranational government to which all nations would tithe--a kind of like another Holy Roman Empire. As part of their political agenda, they're like the Nazis and the Marxists in thinking that scientific knowledge should be used in determining laws on personal freedoms. I think that what irked Price is that you attacked the political agenda of Christianity's' founders-a method he is sensitive to because his sponsors approve of lying for the same reason. But also typical of academics, he nit-picked your book to defend his own book. I think it proves that his primary focus is not in debunking religion, it is in promoting his employer.

Thanks. I don't know exactly what's behind Robert Price's childish and petulant behavior, but I have addressed it in a rebuttal.

From: BM
To: Acharya S
Subject: Love your emails!
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 08:33:27 -0700

Dear Lovely Acharya,

I am reading ChristCon for the second time and enjoying even more than the first go round. I recently started a new job and a coworker who sits next to me is a Promise Keeper! He is a nice enough chap, but has all the bumper stickers, a geezus coffee mug, and assorted other crap decorating his cubicle. He mentions "church" occasionally, and I just smile and mutter things like "how nice". If not for fear of reprisal, I would shove your book in his face and challenge him to read the truth. But I do like to eat and that sort of conflict makes the Borg-like critters uncomfortable. So I lay low and turn to read books like yours, and I am very much looking forward to your new one. I found ChristCon in a Borders store in Sacramento (very conservative Christian area) which was quite lucky, but my only regret is that I did not order from you and have it signed. Could I mail you my tattered copy for an autograph from the lovely and intelligent author? Yes, it is tattered like those leather bound bibles the robots are always carrying and reading.

As a recovering Catholic, I don't know if I will ever rid myself of the damaging baggage I carry around, but your book and your fabulous website help immensely. My old man beat me once for missing mass when I was seven years old and went on a weekend camping trip with some non-catholic friends. Pretty shitty eh? I will be 48 in a couple of weeks and thanks to you, Dan Barker, Earl Doherty and the late, great Ingersoll, I feel like a new person. My favorite section of your website are the emails from the goofy Christians and your wonderful responses to their juvenile attacks. For the children of loving god, they all seem to look forward to watching us infidels squirm as we undergo questioning from the monster, Yahweh. What a crock of nonsense. There is no more proof of Jesus and heaven than there is for Santa and his workshop at the North Pole.

Thanks for keeping it real, beautiful,

Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 07:41:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: MQ
Subject: Your Website is Great!
To: Acharya S

This is going to be short and sweet but I wanted to point one thing out that might be of interest to you, in regard to the "God's Word" section of your website. You are stating how it is overstated and overdone how God has his chosen people and his chosen land and so forth. I wanted to point out that before Jesus these people (the Jews) did not believe that God created all man. God created the Hebrew people only Adam and Eve are Hebrew, he was their God. They considered their god more powerful then the rest of man's gods. They might have been a little pompous but that's what they thought. They were slaves and their entire religion was based on the stories and beliefs of their masters before they broke free and formed their own religions. The ilohime (I know I spelled that wrong) were according to Jewish text the other gods that the Hebrew people were not allowed to worship before God. These gods created the others. Not that they couldn't worship the other gods but that he came first being that he created them and he was their God. So no wonder these people didn't like Jesus or even the fable of Jesus, after all he was trying to tell everyone that the Hebrew god was their god, when the Hebrew's knew that he wasn't. People were jealous at the time because the Hebrew god was paying attention to his people or so it seemed and they wanted to have a god that would do the same. So they attempted to jump on the band wagon and it has taken a 2,000 year ride. The fundamental belief of both Judaism and Christianity have been miscued, misused, and misunderstood for a very long time...

May the gods bless your journey!

From: MC
To: Acharya S
Subject: excellent
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 21:51:51 -0500

By Jove, I think you've got it! It's good to see vocal and aware people. I grew up in Texas surrounded by some of the most ruthless, violent human beings on the planet. During the 50 years I've been alive I've witnessed some almost miraculous changes. We're moving toward Awareness and websites like yours' will speed it along. I don't think I need to tell you, but, hang in there. Our ranks are growing at the speed of thought. Thank you. Respectfully

Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 22:42:39 EDT
From: BA
Subject: Thank you so much for the info !
To: Acharya S

Hi Acharya:

My name is **** and a new fan of yours, and I just wanted to drop you a little thank you for sharing all your hard work in research online.

It's personally done a lot to help me categorize outstanding viewpoints about the nature of scriptures and gods. So much so I would have to consider it a pillar in my understanding of it, nonetheless....

Thanks Again!

Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 13:19:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: BH
Subject: thank you
To: Acharya S

...I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your site on the internet. After tracking current events for a short while, I become very discouraged by the seeming insanity in the world. I am astonished how people can not only blindly accept someone else's viewpoint, but actually champion that viewpoint and defend it to the death without question. Whenever I feel that enough is enough, I can always log onto your site and at least know that everyone in the world is not just "nucking futs".

I sometimes feel that if I had your talent for words and insights, I could somehow come up with an argument which would convince people to think occasionally for themselves. However, as clear and intelligent as your essays are, they are not successful most of the time because of blind faith.

Thank you very much for at least the knowledge that in some future, we may actually use our brains. I also want to thank you for allowing me to vent, even if this is just a small vent.

Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 10:30:02 -0700
From: JD
To: Acharya S
Subject: Jesus

I am presently in the process of doing a book an Christianity, and came across your document on the internet. I wanted to let you know that it has been extremely helpful; much of what you say has been found other places, but your reference to source materials and quotes are excellent. In several cases I have quoted you directly in my text, and in other cases, thanks to your notes and bibliography, I have been able to locate extremely helpful source materials; If its alright with you, in my endnote to my text I would like to refer people to your document for further study on the subject.

From: MB
To: Acharya S
Subject: A fun debate may ensue!!
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 17:34:39 -0400

Hi Acharya S!

Well, I just got your book The Christ Conspiracy yesterday, and I am really happy to report that I have one of my retired professors from ********* College who taught both "18th Century Literature and Art" along with a "History and Bible" course interested in thoroughly reviewing your book. I purchased two and sent one out to my mother today, I plan on purchasing at least another three, one of which will be for my former professor. Even more exciting, is that he says he will be getting the Bible scholars "on the horn" regarding your book as well.

I directed him to the link on your page regarding Horus, and he replied in part (prefacing that this was just his "knee jerk reaction" to the URL):

"Why do the attributes of Horus make Jesus a fake? In a liberal sense, one could see Horus as an archetype. From a Hindu point of view, Jesus would be a reincarnation of Horus, and so on. I don't see why Jesus and Horus being so similar disqualifies either one. But then I see some difficulties of the Horus view. 1) Horus was a God, not a man.2) Horus fit into a pantheon of Gods; he was one among many in a polytheistic universe.3) Horus did not establish a church. 4) If he did, what happened to it? 5) I am not aware of any evidence that the Hebrews knew or cared about Horus. A more serious challenge to the uniqueness of Judaism comes from the pharaoh who instituted a kind of monotheism - with himself at the center, and then was evidently assassinated by the priests, and also from the code of Hamurabi (sp?) which pre-dated the commandments at Sinai and is very similar. But rabbis have long had answers to these challenges....Frankly, I suspect the book on Horus is grossly exaggerated by either journalists or Christian haters or both. I wish you would check Horus out in the acknowledged comparitivists, Frazer, Eliade, and Campbell (The Masks of God) and see what they have to say, as surely they know about Horus. Remember that the two main dogmas of Christianity ( I believe because it is impossible) are the Trinity, that Jesus is God, that God is one, but also in three persons, who make up the One, and that Jesus was one person with two natures. He was fully man and fully God. I don't think either of these dogmas apply to Horus. But I would like to hear more about it. As Mr. Kesich said, God works through particulars, not generalities"

Despite the fact that I realized he wasn't responding to any of the identical "attributes" regarding Jesus and Horus, I called him and asked him what he meant by "archetype". When he explained what he meant, then I realized he was responding to all the of the identical similarities. He said, as Frazer and/or Campbell points out, every culture has a "dying God" myth. He said the current Christian belief is that all these other preexisting "dying god" myths were just that, myth, but that Jesus was the "real" incarnation of these myths.

In any event, even though I've only gotten 20 pages or so into the "Christ Conspiracy", I can kinda already guess what your response is to my former professor. As I said, the exciting thing for me, is that he will be "getting on the horn" with some of the top biblical scholars that he knows. So for now, I'm off to Amazon to buy my former professor a copy of your book as well as to start hunkering down and getting through it myself, so that I can truly start to argue some of your points. I was hoping perhaps, you might also be able to send any other additional sources to me other than your Bibliography with I obviously already have access to, in response to some of my former professor's allegations of authenticity.


Yes, that is a "knee-jerk reaction." Horus is a SUN GOD. If the story is the same, it is because Jesus is a SUN GOD. Very simple. Wouldn't it be refreshing if "they" finally got that? I've heard the standard apologist excuse that all these preceding godmen were "types of Christ." It just doesn't wash, although it is terribly self-serving and seems to satisfy those who desperately wish to believe. If your prof wants to study the Egyptian information, there is none better than Gerald Massey.

From: AJ
To: Acharya S
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 12:47:06 -0400

Dear Acharya,

I just read your web page on similarities between various religious figures and Christ.  I've never heard that Krishna's mother was a virgin, but that she had 7 kids before him, and that he was shot by an arrow when mistaken by a hunter for an animal, NEVER that he was crucified.  I think you need to be careful of what sources you use.

I have addressed this issue thoroughly in my forthcoming book, Suns of God, including an entire chapter specifically regarding Krishna's "crucifixion" and another the virgin status of his mother.  Mainstream sources seldom contain the whole story, especially, in this case, those that are edited by Western, Christian authorities.  It would be wise to inquire as to origins, rather than being immediately suspicious.

From: MM
To: Acharya S
Subject:  Glad to see you haven't gone away....
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 12:22:34 -0700

We need more common sense viewpoints like yours.

Keep up the good work!

Date:  Sun, 19 Aug 2001 23:40:26 -0400
To: Acharya S
From: PE
Subject: as an expert

I was going over the reviews of Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus by Glenn Kimball and since your review at seemed quite knowledgeable I was hoping that you can answer something that I have been very curious about and would like to get more info on why are there "hidden years" of Jesus and what stories about Jesus during those times do exist that the Catholic and Protestant Churches know of.

I have been raised Catholic, but for sometime now I have been wondering about those lost years of Jesus.

I just think that it is so bizarre that for almost two thousand years millions of Christians don't seem to want to know what Jesus' whole life was like and don't seem to care that there are large parts of Jesus life that are missing. Aren't they important?

hope you can help and/or point me to good Christian resources.

Thank You

Thanks for the inquiry.

I don't think you'll like my answer to your questions!  Although your questions are intelligent and logical, since, if Jesus really were who "they" say he was, you'd think there'd be more info regarding his purported life.

In reality, Jesus is a mythical character, based on older mythical gods and godmen, especially the archetypical sun god.  In the story of Horus, the Egyptian sun god, he disappears from the age of 12 to around 28 or 30 - exactly the same as the later, plagiarized Christ myth.  This story represents solar symbolism.  Jesus/Horus at 12 is the sun at high noon, "in his Father's temple."  (The Father being the sky.)  The 28 represents the days of the lunar month, and the 30 the days of the solar month, as well as the amount of degrees it takes for the sun to move into a new zodiac sign.  As you can probably guess, there is much more to the story.  I suggest you check out the following URLs.

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