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I am a volunteer with hospice care and I am amazed to see people holding on to life because they fear death, all that because of religion.  When you look at all the atrocities done over the centuries in name of religion, you wonder if it will ever change.  Books like you are writing will help a lot of people to come forward with their beliefs, I am convinced a lot of people have the same questions but are afraid to come out or discuss this because of the society the live in, it is important that more people get information about the role religion plays in the world, so they will be able to start change their attitude toward themselves and to others.

Thanks for sharing your beliefs.

Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 17:54:56 -0500 
From: KB
To: Acharya S
Subject: Truthbeknown website :) (great) 

... I never noticed you were a founder of a church. Being you are against the Bible, I don't see how you lead a church? Could you please explain what your church is about, and how it is lead?

Have a great day Acharya S.

The "Rev" is a bit of a spoof, although I do have one of those silly titles. The Church is real--the world ecclesia, as you know, long predates the Christian era. I am using it to remove the notion that only those organizations disseminating information about Christianity are "churches." I am disseminating information regarding astrotheology, the end result of comparative religion and mythology.

Also, I have always felt a need for community, where people can go and have a good time.

That's what it's all about for me.

Date: 14 Aug 2004 01:20:35 EDT 
From: JJH 
Subject: I love you. 
To: "Acharya S" 


You're so very welcome. I recently became an atheist after suffering under the cloud of fundamentalist Christendom. The Christians are trying to pull me back by claiming that the intellect is not enough. Any advice?

It's sheer nonsense.  From your subject line, you are quite capable of love, which is their hook--to convince you you are not loved or loving enough.  Don't let them snooker you.  Use your brain to reason through ridiculous claims, and your heart to love.  Don't mix them up, or you'll end scrambled too.

From: TV 
To: "'Acharya S'" 
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 14:29:41 -0700 

[This message was in response to a number of psychos who have been trying to screw up life  

I guess I have a whole different take on this than you do based on my knowledge of a few cases - and, yes, sociopaths are utilized. And, yes, there are sociopaths who just torment people for their own fun and pleasure.  But, there are also those who have the additional bonus of getting pay for it. [A recent circumstance could have been a very easy excuse to "go for the kill" regarding your credibility as a...contributor to humanity's knowledge regarding who we are and where we came from. You know that is very important to certain groups people.

Frankly, as someone who knows you, has heard you lecture and read your books, I see you as a power to be reckoned with. There are elements in society that could see you as a powerful threat. Please do not sell yourself short just because your premise is not appearing in the mainstream press. 

...even the best minds can be manipulated under the right circumstances - without being coerced [by the sociopath him or herself. On the surface that maybe true. However, a very clever, intelligent sociopath can run the game anyway he wants, do whatever he has to do to get the outcome he desires....

From: TD 
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 22:35:00 EDT 
To: Acharya S

...I am sorry to hear about all of the troubles you have had this year. Losing a parent is so strange of a feeling. Losing a mother is too much to describe in words. I lost my mother December of 2001. I am thankful I chose to be at the hospital at her bedside when the staff notified the family. I remember watching her heart rate slowly drop and realizing it was over. Flatline.

I have lost family members over the years and to lose the person who physically brought me into the world had to be the sickest feeling there has been for me. So, I hope through all of your sufferings that maybe you can focus on the cool things you have accomplished for yourself (as well as the difference you have made in others). 

I will not say you have some magical gift to see beyond the blinders. Instead, you use your mind to stay determined to sift through the garbage and make sense of the nonsense. Keep trudging because the world needs more people like you and the well-earned input you have to offer. 

Take care, 

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 01:11:41 -0700 (PDT) 
From: CC 
Subject: Hi, Acharya! I need some advice... 
To: Acharya S 

Hello again,

I'm not debating that Jared guy any more! (Remember? - ******). I told him debating him was an exercise in extreme futility, and I could no longer take his know-it-all attitude (why do teenagers and people in their 20s nowadays think they know absolutely everything and have an unteachable attitude?!)...

Anyway, I'm stumped. Totally lost. Trying to create/set-up my own chatroom on Yahoo, but Yahoo has absolutely no information on how to do so.

How did you get yours started? Are there any fees or charges involved, or is it completely free? How do you moderate it, etc.?

Please help a fellow freethinker! 

Thanks, Acharya...

From: KH 
To: Acharya S 
Subject: I liked your article 
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 23:01:59 -0700

Hello, I just wanted to say that i really thought your article "Proof  that God doesn't exist" was very insightful. I'm not very smart, but I can see myself the hypocritical attitudes that those people you refer to have.  Therefore, as a Christian myself, I'd like to apologize on behalf of those hypocritical "Christians". If I thought that Christianity was expressed through those people, I myself would be an atheist as well. Anyway, I am willing to have a intelligent discussion about Christianity and I am not afraid to question my own beliefs. So, if you have time, I'd like to discuss this kind of thing with you (if you happen to have any free time).

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Thanks for sharing.  I'm glad you enjoyed my article.  If you can understand that, you're probably smart than you think.

From: RH 
Subject: 10 Easy steps to becoming a Christian Apologist 
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 14:16:27 -0700 

Dear Folks: An Ex-Jehovah Witness friend of mine sent me the following hyperlink on how to become a professional Christian Liar, er Apologist. Enjoy.  Its a hoot

Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 04:22:20 -0400 
From: LC 
To: Acharya S 
Subject: Life of St_ Martin 

Esteemed Scholar:

I truly appreciated your gesture of sharing your accumulated Treasures of the Mind. I'm one of the many you have inspired. I realize your knowledge is quite prodigious. You may already be aware of this piece of fiction. If so, forgive a well meaning amateur. Nevertheless, I feel you WILL get a kick out of this. Please go directly to chapter XXII, you will then giggle till' you fall off your chair. Furthermore, you will readily agree why XXII invalidates the rest of the manuscript. Proof of "Pious Fraudulence". Enjoy!!!!May your wrists never cramp up!!!!!

Yours Truly,

Translation and Notes by Alexander Roberts

Martin preaches Repentance even to the Devil.
NOW, the devil, while he tried to impose upon the holy man by a thousand injurious arts, often thrust himself upon him in a visible form, but in very various shapes. For sometimes he presented himself to his view changed into the person of Jupiter, often into that of Mercury and Minerva. Often, too, were heard words of reproach, in which the crowd of demons assailed Martin with scurrilous expressions. But knowing that all were false and groundless, he was not affected by the charges brought against him. Moreover, some of the brethren bore witness that they had heard a demon reproaching Martin in abusive terms, and asking why he had taken back, on their subsequent repentance, certain of the brethren who had, some time previously, lost their baptism by falling into various errors. The demon set forth the crimes of each of them; but they added that Martin, resisting the devil firmly, answered him, that by-past sins are cleansed away by the leading of a better life, and that through the mercy of God, those are to be absolved from their sins who have given up their evil ways. The devil saying in opposition to this that such guilty men as those referred to did not come within the pale of pardon, and that no mercy was extended by the Lord to those who had once fallen away, Martin is said to have cried out in words to the following effect: "If thou, thyself, wretched being, wouldst but desist from attacking mankind, and even, at this period, when the day of judgment is at hand, wouldst only repent of your deeds, I, with a true confidence in the Lord, would promise you the mercy of Christ."[38 O what a holy boldness with respect to the loving-kindness of the Lord, in which, although he could not assert authority, he nevertheless showed the feelings dwelling within him! And since our discourse has here sprung up concerning the devil and his devices, it does not seem away from the point, although the matter does not bear immediately upon Martin, to relate what took place; both because the virtues of Martin do, to some extent, appear in the transaction, and the incident, which was worthy of a miracle, will properly be put on record, with the view of furnishing a caution, should anything of a similar character subsequently occur. 

Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 02:42:14 -0700 (PDT) 
From: PJ
Subject: Thank God four ewe 
To: Acharya

God is not religion. God is not just a word. People will twist the TRUTH so they can claim the kingdom and give themselves some financial gain. You have written a book that was inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is the TRUTH. May God eternally bless you and all that you have done.... You have integrity. The Bible says Jesus sits on the right hand of God, but I think you should sit on the left side (for at least a moment) I know you believe in a Supreme Power. It is on your website....

...I am eternally grateful for your guiding Spirit of TRUTH.

Thank you, Ach.  I don't know if I can thank you enough....

God Bless you Acharya S.  Teach me more.  Your purpose in life will never be forgotten or dismissed. Many wealthy and knowledgeable teachers wished they could have the blessing that you noticed and exposed. Once again, thank you.

From: "http" <> 
To: "Acharya S" <Acharya S> 
Subject: Fuck you, bitch. 
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 17:44:00 -0700 

You are a self-centered pig.
You contribute nothing to society.
So fuck you.

From: JH 
To: Acharya S 
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 18:37:23 -0600

Hello A.,

I am a long-time reader of your writing, most recently the writing published in the current issue of Steamshovel. I have distributed three copies to friends.

Thanks for publishing so much good stuff and for the years of study you devoted in order to be qualified to make meaningful comments on the material you have chosen to examine...

Have you seen "In Plane Site?" See I can't imagine how they are going to deal with this. 

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 16:21:16 -0700 
From: VH
Subject: Christ Conspiracy 
To: Acharya S

Hello Acharya...

I have been searching for the truth most of my life. I have always doubted the mainstream church's doctrine. I have read the Bible and like yourself doubt that a supreme being would operate in a manner taught by the old testament. The new testament; however, reveals a more loving and forgiving God. This is of course via the teachings of Jesus. However, your book has blown this away?

I wish only to know the truth. Your conspiracy story makes the story of Jesus to be just another Santa Claus. (A myth) 

Do you know for a fact that Jesus does not exist? 

Well, it's not exactly the story of Santa Claus but close. Keep in mind that, by the time the priests created Jesus Christ, they had already created thousands upon thousands of gods and goddesses of all shapes and sizes. It's not disturbing to think of Hercules as a myth, is it? It's really no different. Many thousands of people over the centuries believed in Hercules. Now, not.

How sure am I that Jesus Christ does not exist? 100%--although you're supposed to say something like "99%" to show how humble you are. As far as I am concerned humility has nothing to do with it. After all my years of study, of experimenting spiritually as well, I can say that the Jesus Christ of the New Testament, the supposed founder of Christianity, is a fictional character.

Now, on to what it all means, which is far more illuminating. Please check out my books and writings, as well as those of others found at the following links.

The Christ Conspiracy, Suns of God, Origins of Christianity, Christ Conspiracy Links

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 21:00:07 -0700 
From: BG
To: Acharya S 
Subject: Thank You 

I just finished The Christ Conspiracy and I can't begin to tell you the sense of peace that I feel right now. You bring everything together.  The Christian god is a guilty god. You are guilty of everything and need the permission of your "Father" to continue with your life (confession). You complete the dissolution of this guilt of life that the Christian or , more accurately, the Catholic faith instills in you. In my case it was your capable discussion on Alexandria being a forge to unify the beliefs. That is the REAL reason they destroyed the library there. A real mystery solved. Incredible. Your book makes so much sense.

I became aware about 2 years ago and it has been a journey to discover the REAL history of humanity. Your scholarly manner with an edge was a very rewarding treatment of the subject. There was one part that got me laughing out loud. I can "attest" to that. :) Your lack of hatred made the book more believable because you lacked an agenda (other than the truth.). Other books lacked sanity. You are obviously a rational woman who has resolved most of the problems of life.

Thank you again. I hope that the rest of humanity wakes up so that they can be at peace with themselves. People like you make that possible.


P.S. ... I would also value any advice on an Author: Tony Bushby and his books. I have read both of them - The Bible Fraud and The Secret in the Bible.

From: HN
To: Acharya S
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 14:00:28 -0500

...I'll be so glad to see your new book soon. You are one of those few people who have come into my life that give it meaning, warmth, and optimism. Those people I think of as rare treasures. Thank you!

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