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Was I amazed! Out of the mouths of babes... All the best,

Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 23:07:58 GMT
To: Acharya S
Subject: Books, god, and saving the world!
From: REN

Hello Acharya S,

The purpose of this email is to ask you to take a look at my newly published book, How to Save America and The World: The Elimination of Terrorism, Greed and Other Evils. I list your book, Christ Conspiracy, in the bibliography. Yours is a great book which I recommend to everyone who knows how to think. I also recommend it to some who don't just to piss them off.

Like you, I am a freethinking individual who cares about our society and would like to help improve it. Books, such as the one you've written, are often overlooked by many people because they are directed to those who have a certain threshold level of education, knowledge or sophistication. I, on the other hand, have written a book that is aimed at everyone who can even just barely read. It takes into consideration the majority’s engineered beliefs and speaks within the framework of those beliefs without condescension. Since religion is such a powerful factor coloring what most people do and think, I have written a book that factors in the influence that religion has on many people. Please bear this in mind if you read my book. There is a certain amount of weaning off the drug that I hope to accomplish. Without addressing this powerful tool of human manipulation, great ideas and changes will never be considered by the majority of human beings. This will ensure the continuation of only orthodox and established views and methods. These, of course, are what got us into this global mess to start with. My book is an easy-to-read primer on our political and social problems and how to solve them....

The book does not succumb to the hopelessness of many who believe that we can't change things. Please take a moment to read my review and if you think it sounds like something you’d enjoy, please read the book. If you enjoy it as much as I think you will, please do me the honor of sharing it through your many vehicles. And tell me what you think. I would like to start a chat group, new government, new religion or maybe just an intelligent conversation with people who are optimistic and believe that we can make the world much better for us all. Ultimately, I would like to engage the majority in a debate that considers fundamental changes to our society that can lead to real reform and social improvement. I would greatly appreciate your help. You can visit my website at where I talk about the book as well.

In Peace and Freedom,
Joseph Francione

From: LO
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 00:25:25 EST
Subject: The Naked Truth Video
To: Acharya S

The Naked Truth Video is certainly informative. I have owned it for several years and have viewed it several times - each time hearing more information and finding it captivating.

On the top of the page of the text that is shown, there are the words "Bible Myths" or "Bible Myth."

What book is this? I would like to have a copy. Is it your dissertation that is on the website?

I would appreciate information.

Thank you,

Without looking at the tape (no VCR at the moment), my guess is that the book you're referring to is Doane's Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions. It's a great book, but, of course, Christians hate it. Re "dissertation," if you're referring to "Origins of Christianity," yes, I wrote that, as well as The Christ Conspiracy and many other things on my site.

From: AD
To: Acharya S
Subject: Felicidades en la Navidades.
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 06:20:14 +0000

En cumplimiento de los convencionalismos sociales de nuestro mundo Occidental, te hago llegar una afectiva felicitacin en estas celebraciones navideas. Sin embargo, a fuero de ser sincero, debo reconocer que no creo en las Navidades. No creo que estas fechas hayan sido establecidas como muestras de la espiritualidad de la sociedad moderna. No creo que en ellas se rinda homenaje al nacimiento del Salvador de la Humanidad. No creo que haya habido tal Salvador, ni creo que la humanidad ha sido salvada en modo alguno. No creo que exista verdadera espiritualidad en aquellos que durante las celebraciones de la Navidad, sentados a las mesas opulentas, elevan la vista hacia el cielo y dan las gracias a Dios. No creo que exista verdadero espritu de fraternidad en aquellos que con una sonrisa de satisfaccin, intercambian saludos y regalos durante esta celebracin. Las navidades slo existen, de modo conciente, para las clases pudientes de los pases occidentales. Son esas clases las que celebran,... son esas clases las que disfrutan,... son esas clases las que agradecen a su utpico Salvador. Unicamente para ellos, las navidades tienen sentido. Sin embargo,... cuanto dolor subsiste aun entre los menos pudientes, que son, en realidad, quienes tienen ms necesidad de salvacin... aunque no de aquella que supuestamente fue brindada en las tierras de Galilea, hace ya ms de 2,000 aos, y que tan pocos efectos ha tenido sobre la pobreza, la injusticia y la desigualdad. Yo no puedo unirme a estas celebraciones. En estas fechas, yo no tengo porqu celebrar. Por el contrario, me siento triste, al pensar en cuntos nios desamparados deambulan por las calles de nuestros pases, totalmente olvidados por el Salvador y por la sociedad. Me siento triste por los enfermos, por los que sufren, por los que lloran, porque para ellos, evidentemente, no existe la Navidad. En cuanto a motivos de celebraciones,... no creo que existan en realidad. Aun subsisten las enfermedades, las guerras, las erupciones volcnicas, los terremotos, las tormentas devastadoras... la muerte y el dolor. El consuelo de la “salvacin” de las almas, -en ltima instancia, la nica justificacin de la celebracin de la Navidad– es vlida slo para aquellos que tienen las posibilidades econmicas de decidir de qu modo viven sus vidas. Los pobres, los desposedos, los hambrientos, los enfermos, no tienen esa posibilidad. Para estos no existe el mal llamado e incomprendido "Libre Albedro", retricamente predicado por la religin que instituy las celebraciones de la Navidad. Los pobres no son responsables de la pobreza. Los enfermos no escogieron sus enfermedades. Los sufridos no son los causantes del sufrimiento. La promesa del reino de los cielos es un concepto falaz, ideado no por dios, sino por los negociantes de la Fe, para consuelo de los que nada tienen. Es un yugo para mantenerlos atados a sus carencias. Es una deshonesta manera de desvirtuar la realidad. Con el mismo propsito, esos mismos comerciantes nos amenazan con el infierno, con las llamas inextinguibles, con los sufrimientos eternos, a quienes no aceptemos sus credos deshumanizados... a quienes no aceptemos el sentido que le dan a “su” navidad. Paradojicamente, al infierno se condena a quienes se revelen en contra de los prejuicios establecidos por la religin. All se condena a los que blasfeman y protestan porque estn hambrientos, mientras las iglesias no contribuyen a que se acabe con el hambre... all se condena a los enfermos, pero no a las enfermedades... all se condena a los que sufren, pero no al sufrimiento y a las injusticias, ... all se condena a los ignorantes y a los supersticiosos, pero no a la ignorancia y a la supersticin. Cuando en una fecha como esta, te digo: "Felicidades", en realidad te extiendo una invitacin a que medites sobre estas realidades. No lo hago con el nimo de entristecerte. Quiero que comprendas que nuestra vida es slo un instante del tiempo infinito y que la verdadera espiritualidad es solidaria con el dolor humano. Existimos en nuestra realidad porque somos emanaciones concientes del amor universal. En la misma medida en que manifestemos amor, nos reintegramos a la fuente original. Slo por medio del amor, es posible que exista la Salvacin. Saludos Angel..

To: Acharya S
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 16:38:48 +0000
Subject: Hi.....enjoyed your insights into Buddhism

...I very much enjoyed your essay "Is Buddhism all it's Cracked Up to Be?"...

I am an artist who was born and lives in the UK. One of my major passions is learning about, unveiling, and sharing the knowledge of the patriarchal domination of the world's cultures. Many--who are also interested--are aware of the Western story, but few I feel are AS aware of the Eastern conditioning, mainly 'cause for some it's more romantic and a kind of last bastion against the consumerist fundamentalist materialist nightmare of your own. So exposes from such as yourself are MOST welcome...

I am a bit confused though when reading about your book, Suns of God...where you describe Dionysus as a "sun" god. I've done a little research about this fascinating god, and he seems more relevant for the women. common people, and thus the Moon? Not the patriarchal solar regime...

Dionysus is very typically a sun god, as he was identified by ancient authorities. Like Osiris, with whom he is associated, however, he also represents the sun's light in the moon. Hence, he is a soli-lunar god. As you can tell, there is little cut and dry in mythology/astrotheology. It changes to suit the time and place.

From: JS
To: Acharya S
Subject: Questions
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 22:15:21 -0800

What EXACTLY do you believe? I'm a bit thrown off by the website, but what I caught was that you are an atheist no? Please respond back. I'd like to ask you more questions. Thank you.

Although I don't "believe" in the way you're implying, my views are all over my website.

From: RF
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 21:19:38 EST
Subject: Simply Amazing
To: Acharya S

Hi Acharya.

...I just got done glancing over your site. It's Christmas Eve, and I just stopped back home and am awaiting forced observance of Christmas via my family. Anyway, I just wanted to say that although I've barely scratched the surface of what you've got on this page, I think it's simply fantastic that you've gathered so much enlightening information into one area. I look forward to a more in depth look at what you've got and wish you nothing but the best in your research further into the true nature of socio-religious practices. It's only a matter of time before we start awakening people to what's really going on and the Truth WILL Be Known. Keep up the great work.

Most Sincerely,

From: CM
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 14:54:23 EST
Subject: Your web site.
To: Acharya S

Thank you for setting me straight on 101 matters. When you are 21 and full of questions that nobody has answers to, the world is a frustrating place.

Enjoy the festivities

Respectfully Yours

From: NS
To: Acharya S
Subject: I like your web page
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 02:45:10 +0000

I'm a Christian, but I found your site informative. Until now I never thought I would see arguments against Christianity so intelligently and persuasively written. Unfortunately, and needless to say, your call to the truth falls primarily on the ears of hypocritical and therefore deaf Christians. The difference between you and me is that I love the people who twist the words of the risen Lord. Such people claim to know Jesus, but we both know they don't. Unlike everyone else, Jesus did nothing to deserve a disgraceful death; yet He faced it in love and forgiveness rather than fought it in righteous indignation. You're right that there is no love in religion. The love is in Christ, whom God raised from the dead. I write to you because I think you might not be as deaf as some "Christians" who don't know the living Christ. You want freedom, but we all serve something, even if it's our own selfish desires. I know from experience that the only Master who grants true freedom is the God who made us all. In the hope of making your acquaintance...

From: IBN
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 02:26:23 EST
To: Acharya S

I found it to be very interesting. Did you grow up in a religious home?

Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 15:03:15 -0800 (PST)
From: BR
Subject: Parting of the Red Sea
To: Acharya S

I saw your site and wondered if you had ever seen the relatively newly rediscovered site where the people of Exodus crossed through the water.

There is interesting info at

It makes that part a lot more reasonable once you see what is under the sea !

Hope you like it.

At first glance, this looks like a load of hooey, of course. Even if the artifact/column were "real" in that it exists and is ancient, it certainly does not prove the Exodus is a historical event, nor do these other purported artifacts. Obviously, I'd have to study these claims more closely and see the analyses by biblical archaeologists, etc. It certainly cannot be said that this or any other site is "where the people of Exodus crossed through the water." That's sheer speculation.

Re the ark of the covenant, there were many, many "arks of the covenant" supposedly containing one god or another, in the Canaanite and Egyptian religions, for example. Hence, the story is already culturally biased and unreliable, as well as suspect.

Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 09:22:13 EST
From: IBN
To: Acharya S

Thanks for your response. I can relate to much of the content on your site. Perhaps I have overlooked but I am curious to know what is your view of GOD? I came from a Christian home but found no interest in it as an adult. Can you imagine what my family thought of me? After nearly 8 years they still are upset with me.

My views on "God" are on my website, specifically in my "Gospel According to Acharya S."

From: CL
To: Acharya S
Subject: Knowledge for Battle
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 09:32:07 -0700

Wow, what to luck I would have to admit that I came upon your site, after searching for hours on something to help show my now "Christian" fianc that he is brainwashed. I guess after months of continual fighting, it gets to the point where you need to wise up to help fight back, and now we are in a relationship not too "perfect... But by reading your articles I have now found inspiration to fight harder, to get him to wise up to how hateful he has become towards others and towards life, You don't realize how aggressive someone can be until your face to face with them, and how blind they can become. Truthfully I was going to give up, say forget this pain, and move on, since we have a baby on the way, and its still battles on how the child should be raised, but with your website I have developed a new confidence, and I want to sincerely thank you for your hard work as well as all the others who continue to try and open up everyone's eyes.

Thanks a lot!!
Keep on writing!

From: SI
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 16:51:59 EST
Subject: Questions for Hypatia
To: Acharya S

I'm a 14 year old Taoist and was wondering if you could give (just a little) insight in to a few things that entered my mind as I was going over your sight...

The Afterlife??? Victor Zammits book??

Nietszche (sp)????

Illuminati, benevolent or bad???

How could the founding fathers (Jefferson, Franklin, Adams etc.) give birth to LBJ, Nixon and Reagan?

The current bombing raids going on in Afghanistan. If the world achieves enlightenment will they ever accept that, no matter the reason, George W. Bush and U.S. Generals took the lives of innocent people (including little kids!!!), making them murderers???? Or will they cling to the (not even) eye for an eye excuse.

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