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 The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1

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... On a brighter note, congratulations on your most prestigious appointment! I hope that entity will accomplish something worthwhile that will filter down to public notice. And I am sure you at least will strive for that. Good Luck!

Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 10:06:38 +0000 (GMT)
From: RCS
Subject: Virgin devaki ???
To: Acharya S


In your page Krishna Born of a Virgin?, you mention that:

Crishna was born of a chaste virgin, called Devaki, who, on account of her purity, was selected to become the "mother of God."

Doane, Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions

I notice that you quote doane, but not the first hand account in Mahabharta, the authentic text. It does not mention that Krishna was born of virgin Devaki.

In your Krishna Crucified? you mentionn that Krishna was crucified, or shot by a criminal he had exposed. You quote Bible In India, which quotes Gita. But Gita has no such mention at all. Please read Gita first hand.

Krishna "died" sitting under a tree, accidently shot by a hunter. Please look up Mahabharata. It seems that Jacolliot never studied Hindu texts at all.

"There is a tradition, though not to be found in the Hindoo scriptures, that Krishna, like Christ, was crucified."

Whose tradition is it ??? If not of Hindus, then it is a fabrication.

Pics in your page.

Krishna Crucified? Can you see egyptian style ??? this can't be by any Hindu artist, hence it is false.

Archers shooting human sacrifice victim bound to tree - The features and dress of the shooters are GREEK.

Indian Crucifixion in SpaceIs it Krishna or can I see a resemblance with Jesus ???

Sir, the account is not credible at all.

Thank you. These are excerpts from much longer chapters that fairly thoroughly explore these debates. The "Krishna Crucified?" chapter title has a question mark in it, which shows that it is not conclusive whether or not Krishna was depicted as crucified. From the complete chapter, it should be clear that there WERE gods in India depicted in cruciform and that I am well aware that these images show a European tendency. And that IS the debate. Jacolliot certainly was knowledgeable about Indian texts, and he was a member of an elite fraternity that has held esoteric secrets above the heads of the masses. In addition, my excerpt does not say that Jacolliot received this specific information concerning Krishna's death from the Gita; it states that he claimed the information for his book The Bible in India came from the Gita and "Brahaminical traditions." As should be evident, such traditions are numerous and highly variable. It is my contention that this fact of variable traditions is a sign that we are discussing mythology, not history.

The "Greek" image you relate is not supposed to be a depiction of Krishna being crucified but merely shows a human sacrifice by bow and arrow. Krishna's death places him at the foot of a tree with an arrow - or multiple arrows - being shot into him. I guess I should have put a caption on that image, but I assumed that European and American readers would realize that it is not a depiction of Krishna being shot.

As concerns the virginity of Devaki, that appears to be clear from her relationship with Aditi - for she IS Aditi - and Aditi is described in texts as the "inviolable dawn." Again, I go into great detail about these concepts in the longer chapter.

Thank you for your interest.

Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 05:23:30 -0500 (EST)
From: BH
To: "Acharya S"
Subject: Bibleoarcheology

I have read your "Christ Conspiracy"; it sits on my piano right now... The point being, I suppose, that I know exactly where it is, and that I did not *just* read it. Considering, and thinking takes time.

I'm in need of enlightenment, and I figure you are the person to ask. Languages and musical composition have been enduring loves for me since I was a child, and though I persist in both, my academic work has been in mathematics, physics, computer science and biological sciences.

I've done more reading in the scriptures of various religions than you might believe, but, in this area you undoubtedly know more than I will ever know.

I understand the probably four times rewriting of the OT, and the history of that scholarship going back into the middle 19th century. I understand the historical evidence (and lack of it) of the NT, and can even read the text (haltingly) in Koine.

I understand the historical necessities of the councils of Nicea in terms of Constantine's crumbling empire, as well as the historical details of the councils. Naturally, I've also read Origen (sick puppy), etc.

It's also completely clear that the NT is as much a fabrication as is the OT as a "history of the jews": no great state of Israel, the exodus never happened, jews were never heard of historically until about or later that about 800 BCE - my suspicion is that this is generous. Somehow, they moved from someplace, and came into Caanan, and adopted the old Caananite language (much as the invading Norse adopted the French language of the lands they invaded). Who are they, really? Where did they come from? I don't expect you to have any definitive answers to those questions.

Thoughts, however, are always welcome.

Here's the historical connundrum. The NT was cobbled together in the 4th century (the 1000 year period of constant revisions notwithstanding) at Nicea. What is perfectly clear is that the NT expresses a collage of various "rebirth" cults that seem to go back in their specific structure to mithraism and zoroastrianism. Fine. No problem. I understand this in detail. What I do not, and have yet to understand is why this solar god mythology of ths NT was linked to the OT (a lunar phenomenon). I have looked for political and historical connections that made it reasonable - but *nothing* looks compelling enough to make me believe it.

Constantine was surely worried about his emprire crumbling around him. But - how important were these alleged jews? They were an ignorable minority, or in numbers it would seem. Admitedly, they were also a pain in the ass since they were ever heard of, but still, in such small isolated numbers? It was far more politically important that Xmas be fixed on the birthday of Sol Invictus.

In truth, the NT has nothing to do with the jewish OT, and the political reasons for grafting the NT onto the OT, which we know are written in different collections of languages, seem to be utterly nonexistent.

This NT-OT connection was a concoction, without doubt, and one very forcibly done; the nagging question is, why?

Why is always a dicey philosophical question, especially when dealing with the fiction that is called history;
but in this case, it being both so forcefully done, and so enduringly perpetrated, it seems to me that the question may not be trivial - or ununderstandable.

Have I explained the question well enough? I've left out myriad details regarding various historians, and available history, including the Josephus stuff, and the ridiculous claims to reality of the OT - as in the existence of the "first temple", and word for word duplications in it from much earlier Egyptian, Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian fairy tales. The first Genesis tale is distinctly Egyptian; the second was written later. Noah comes directly from the Ennuma Elish, and the Moses (an Egyptian name) comes from the Mythology of the origins of Sargon the Great of Akkad. The Song of songs is directly from middle to late Egyptian poetry. The concept of plagiarism had apparently not yet been invented.

If you have any thoughts on why the NT should be so forcibly connected to the OT, I would be ecstatic to hear them: it is a point of perfect mystery to me - not to say that I have no ideas. I don't trust my ideas since they have little basis in my historical knowledge.

Why was was the NT so constructed to be so specifically connected with jews? It seems unnatural.

This is a very strange aspect of thousands of years of history that does not even include the rather conveniently forgotten history of the powerful and historically important kingdom of Khazaria that existed north of the Black Sea until the 11th century when it was invaded by the Rus tribes, and destroyed.

We know it had coverted earlier to Judaism, and that these are the most probable source of the Ashkenazim, who are not jews with any connection to the "Holy Land", but are converted Slavo-Turks.


Seems simple enough to me. If your destiny, dictated by your "holy scriptures," states that you are to "inherit the world," how do you achieve such hegemony? You must usurp all reigning ideologies, including and especially in matters of religion. Christianity was "the Jewish Trojan Horse," so to speak. If "Jesus Christ" is a fictional almagam of reigning deities within the Roman Empire, as I contend "he" is, then someone had to have made him up. Who? Who would attach the Old Testament to the New? Only Jews - or Hebrews, Israelites and Samaritans - were in possesson of the Old Testament. It would benefit no others to have it attached to the New. Nor would it be rational for another people to make the God of the cosmos into a "Jewish" man, usurping all of the other gods of all other ethnicities and cultures.

Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 09:51:33 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
From: JH
To: Acharya S
Subject: Jesus in not the reason for the season
Dear Acharya S

I read with interest your article and forwarded it to a few good people who keep sending me emails about the miracle of Jesus' birth and what he can do for me. Anyway, in your exposE you don't mention the Roman Feast of Saturnalia. This feast is probably the closest in tradition to our Christmas holidays, as it was a time for feasting and drinking and giving presents and wishing well to your neighbors and friends. It was celebrated during the winter solstice and began on December 17th with a religious ceremony at the Temple of Saturn and lasted until the New Year. It is my opinion that since the Christian religion was largely developed in Rome, the Romans did not want to give up their long tradition of celebrating the Saturnalia so they adapted it to the new religion and traded Saturn for Jesus.

I hope you don't mind that I added this little part to your writings before sending it on to my friends.

Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 12:57:23 +0000 (GMT)
From: RCS
Subject: Re: Virgin devaki ???
To: "Acharya S" <Acharya S>


Thank you very much. May I point out :

Krishna died of an arrow shot into His left foot. It is in Mahabharata, NOT IN GITA. This patently WRONG. The "scholar" never read Gita even !!!

Since you know that the images are European in nature, should you not bring this to the notice too. Pray, Sir, could you not get some images from Indian artists ??? Those images are painted by European artists with European [read Christian] slant. Can you rely on them at all???

Whether Doane did know about Hinduism is debatable, because he quotes Gita in support of Crucified Krishna. But in your pages you purport it as FACT !!!

Membership of ellite societies does not gaurantee that Jacliot WAS knowledgeable. He was not, and I have him wrong.

As for Aditi, she was the wife of sage Kashyap. He bore Adaityas, later transformed into gods like Indra. The other wife of the sage was Diti, mother of Daityas. THERE IS NO MENTION THAT ADITI OR DITI were VIRGIN mothers, sir.

Devaki, though she bore Krishna, is NOT a goddess. She has a high place due to Her MOTHERHOOD of Lord Krishna. Same for Lady Yashoda !!!

Thank you.

May I point out that these are excerpts of a much larger discussion contained within books. It is not within my purview to cater to every complaint that arises from my reportage of facts. From your evident interest, I would have to guess that you are a fervent believer in Lord Krishna and Devaki--as "real persons" and not myths whose stories have changed over the centuries. Over the years, fervent believers in just about everything have complained about just about everything on my website.

The individuals in question had a great deal of knowledge and experience--Jacolliot was a magistrate in India for a number of years. They--and I--investigated and reported on esoteric information that is not
widely available. There are some 10,000 manuscripts, we are told, in Sanskrit that have not been translated--how do YOU know that what you are portraying is accurate? It is little more than the mainstream, orthodox
perspective that can be garnered from the average encyclopedia entry.

Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 05:21:52 +0000 (GMT)
From: RCS
Subject: Re: Virgin devaki ???
To: "Acharya S" <Acharya S>
thank you for responding. I do not doubt your efforts. You will have to take into account a few factors.

1. The quoting of GITA as some ESOTERIC proof of crucifixing is INACCURATE. Gita has no refrence at all to this event, or to death of Lord Krishna. That casts a deep shadow on nthe accuracy of the works.
2. The images, you have admitted, are European. Even if they are centuries old, they are no proof of anything.

Krishna appears to be a real person, but of course lots of mythgs have accummulated. Sir, astronomical information just days before the Mahabharata battle may be examined. Working back, the date is C 5200 BP. Either position of heavenly bodies is described "correctly" or the authors were super genius persons who forged the information.

You appear to object to my observations. My objection is that you did not mention:

* The information is rarely available.
* The images may not be an aunthentic portrayal. By the way, may I ask who were the artists and time of paintings.
* That there are other easily available texts like Mahabharata, which have a VERY different version of the birth and death of Krishna.

Sir, you started with assumption that Lord Krishna HAS to be a MYTH, and produced some ESOTERIC proofs. Correct approah would be start with an empty slate and then conclusions. assumptions ARE not conclusions, Sir.

I appeal to you to examine more evidence.

I did NOT "admit the images are European." What I do submit is that something occurred during the past three centuries that is mysterious: To wit, these images were found in India and various Hindu priests told the Brits and French they were of INDIAN gods. The pundit who handed the image of someone crucified in space to the missionaries stated that he supposed it was of the avatar Wittoba. My reportage of the debate includes a discussion of whether or not these images are influenced by Europeans - and how they are different from Christian images.

And, no one is claiming that Krishna's death by arrow is related in the Gita. I stated that Jacolliot claimed his book was composed of the Gita and "Brahminical traditions."

I would suggest that you study the resources I have meticulously cited. In other words, I appeal to YOU to examine more evidence. I do not think you have even read my article very thoroughly, as I have addressed
your objections there. Since you obviously have an ardent interest in this subject, you may wish to read my book "Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled," which contains a more thorough exploration of
this subject. The chapter on "Krishna Crucified?" is VERY long.

From: Bob
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 16:26:26 EST
Subject: Wikipedia Fracas
To: Acharya S

I am a very big fan of yours and have purchased several of your books and what ever other writings that I can.

I know you must me terribly busy but I just wanted to let you know that I (and several of my friends) support you wholly....

Please do not hesitate to call upon me if there are things that can be done in order to assist you in dealing with these "deranged individuals."

Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 14:49:16 -0800 (PST)
From: MJ
Subject: Wikipedia Fracas
To: Acharya S

... How is it that this comes about after all this time? I'd have to think that most of those involved know very well what's up here. All this as you know is really an open secret. I'm steeped in the Golden Dawn's system - which is like a study in comparative symbology - which to me has only verified your work. I'd wager at least one of these dudes is quite familiar with this and then some - maybe not.

Well maybe you can sue now! I take it this is really bothering you... Sooo many people get this.

From surfing around (concerning your prior work) I noticed several complaints directed at the amount of quotes you incorporated. I myself thought this was a strong and or necessary feature.

Why am I typing this? ...I was a born again for eight years. So I know what it's like to be on that side (If that's what we're really dealing with here). But I can say that it was works like yours that confirmed my decision to not, crawl back.

Hmm, perhaps adding a clear cut chapter on traditional Esoteric views of all this might better cater to the zealots etc? The western mysteries explain all this in detail. These are impersonal Forces - for our personal athanors. Just a thought.

From: TS
To: Acharya S
Subject: RE: Wikipedia Fracas
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 15:11:35 -0600

[Re Zarove] Is he a bad speller, bad typist or both? Would I be out of place to even suggest Ebonics at work here?? I don't know if my mind is going on me or what, but trying to read his notes makes my brain want to do somersaults. Of course, I'm not feeling my best today either. How can anybody who spells/types so poorly be capable of coherent debate or discussion?

Modern culture has also made coherent debate and discussion an endangered species. And I don't know what debate clubs are like in high schools these days(we didn't have one in my small Midwestern small town), but if shows like Jerry Springer, and these other court TV shows are the only models our youth ever see anymore, then don't look for any improvement soon.

I'm beginning to understand how a couple thousand years of superstition, poor education, and religious zealousness, mixed into the human gene pool can have an unsettling affect on the human psyche. It's so hard to retrain one's mind for fear of losing ones soul. Religious dogma has replaced the search for spirituality. This is what I detest about organized religion. Although in Christianity there is [a little] room for debate, if you don't believe what is said in the Bible and that Jesus is the messiah, then you're hell bound. In Islam it's absolute!! If you don't believe what the Koran says, you're an infidel whose punishment is being stoned to death or decapitated. Pick your poison!!

Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 22:17:35 -0800
From: DS
To: Acharya S
Subject: Wikipedia Fracas

This is so sad. I am sorry to here of your troubles; you do not deserve any of it. I have not used Wikipedia in a long time, and will be reluctant to do so in the future. Libel, stupidity, and threats have no place in an online encyclopedia. I hope it all ends soon.

Peace and Love always

Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 02:57:55 -0800 (PST)
From: PA
Subject: Osiris The Lord: Out of Egypt
To: Acharya S

I love everything you have written so far. I do have one complaint though. Nobody has ever looked into the Romanian traditions. We have an amazing heritage, still preserved and alive as it were thousands of years ago. Most of the "pagan" traditions are still there and still practice to this day. I so believe that if you want to get a more accurate picture of the past Romania it is also a place to look into. Our ancestors, the Dacians, were one of the greatest force in Europe. Yet, very Little is written about them. The romans only conquered about 15% of the country so they couldn't change a whole nation, and they stayed in Dacia only about 150 years. When in Dacia ,the romans didn't need translators. The language of the Dacians was one of the oldest in Europe! Of course, very similar to sanskrit but also to Egyptian.

For example the Danube >Danubius = D' Anubius also in antiquity Danubius was called Istru(a) just like the Nile > Iteru. Chimitiru > Khem+Iteru =Cemetery Mithras ...Khe M romanian Mitru...this name still used to this the so called phiringian cap is OH SO DACIAN!....( see Trajan's column) Easter (Isteru) romanian it is called Pashte just as the egyptian goddess Pasht! The Dacian king Burebista was called the cat..."Pisica" the linx One of the most important romanian legends is that of Baba Doxia same as egyptian Doxy...a goddess of months (gerald massey...A book of the beginnings). The Wolf with the serpent tail was the symbol of the Dacians...with the same significance just like the egyptian Anubis. ZalMoxis was their god (Moxa Dharma)...Mosh=elder, Moshica = a woman who delivers babies, just like Moshia of the jews or Meshika of Mexicans...Moxa Dharma (SKT) =the doctrine of eliberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth, found in the 12th book of Mahabharata.

One of the most important Christmas traditions is the sacrifice of the pig on the day of the winter solstice...the day of IgNat (agni)...the same as the Egyptian tradition-the shau day, the only time egyptians ate pork- and of the Stonehendge people. Another Christmas tradition is that of going with the Goat(God, G-de?, godea) CapRa (Kaphre?)...They did know about the CapriCorn thousands of years ago. People are wearing masks and carols are sang, going from house to house. ( i believe the false beared of the pharos was that of the goat - a hint to the brotherhood of good and evil , set-osiris)...The dacians also were called Dracians ...together with the Wolves(vrika)...were the guardians of the gates of heaven and hell. ( check out the sphinx in Karpathians mts) Except maybe for Dracula, Transylvania, and Nadia Comaneci, Romania it is hidden away in a past of extraordinary richness. Yet no one seemed interested in finding out more .

I believe , the history will be different if people will take interest to bring out to the world a past that's been so well preserved there. The church didn't have the same power, as the CatHolic church. In Romania they did try to change certain customs yet they didn't do a very good Job...Thanx Zeus! In any way...i hope you'll find this few facts interesting and maybe you will direct your atention towards romania for a Little bit. I could say it is as fascinating as Egypt only it is not written in stone but alive and well only needs a Little dusting. I wish you will write a book about them and restore them to the hight were they belong...I will dedicate my time and resurces to this objective. It could be Big. If you are interested I will put myself at your service. Your talent is way above everything i have seen so far...the task though, is Herculean. In order to bring the truth out there you need others to fight with you. I know I fought in a it is time for the Mind Revolution. The world has been on it's knees for the last 2000 years... . People have been driven in believing one myth and
denies all the others. Let's SHOW THEM.

To: Acharya S
From: BD
Subject: You Rock.
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 15:52:03 -0800

I just finished reading Christ Conspiracy and I am in awe. I'm a forty-year-old American raised in a mildly oppressive and more than mildly absurd 'born-again' fundamentalist environment, which I rejected in my late teens as my mind began to acquire the critical thinking skills that even now seem strangely absent from many of my 'adult' peers. I've had endless 'debates' with such people, which are always fruitless, annoying and often heated, to the point where nowadays I just smile and shake my head without commenting on their willful ignorance. At one time your book would have given me great ammunition against these people, but I know they are generally unable to accept anything that questions their ridiculous paradigm. This, of course, hasn't stopped me from sending copies of the book to every one of them, though most of them stopped speaking to me years ago. Ya never know, eh?

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your exceptional work. I can only begin to imagine the abuse you have had to endure from all the idiots out there in order to get your message produced in published form, not to mention the tremendous amount of work and logistics that went into it. I have read a few myth-busting works in my day, but It's wonderful to see something so well-documented and impossible to dismiss (though with most of the Christians I've known, orthodox or otherwise, such dismissal would be knee-jerk, probably without even reading the book. sigh.)

I can only hope, as I'm sure throngs of others hope, that work such as yours will cast enough light onto the truth that eventually we as a species are able to move beyond the Dark Ages that have yet to ever end. And of course, built into that hope is the even more fervent hope that it happens before the Christians and the Jews and the Muslims finally create their self-fulfilling Armageddon and silence the debate at last.

Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 20:36:44 -0700
From: KA
To: Acharya S
Subject: Thank You

Thank you for your very insightful website. I've been studyingcomparative religion, mythology, magic, and witchcraft (when I say magic and witchcraft, I mean the anthropological study of thesupernatural, e.g the strange and profane from the perspective of one culture) in college for almost five years now and I must say your website is like the catch-all for everything. You cover just about every aspect of my 45+ hours of religious credits into a website that one can read through in an entire night (which I did of, of course). I was raised a Christian my entire life and it wasn't until college that I started to get into the origins of Christianity where I read many of the greats (Eliade, Frazer, etc.). After finding answers to the "tough" questions that I've asked my entire life (which when asked, was given generic Bible-related answers) I finally renounced Christiantiy and now consider myself agnostic/atheist.

I got into the argument with my family at the dinner table on Christmas about Jesus and the origins of Christmas and let's just say it didn't turn out so well. I turned to your website of course and printed out your "Origins of Christianity" for my father to read. I raved about all the typical responses about Christianity being nothing but recycled myths and then we got to the subject about if Jesus was even a real person or not, to which they claimed he was. Anyways, I don't want to bore you with the details, but just wanted to say "thank you" for your website and your rants and raves (especially the political ones) about religion and everything else you talk about. It seems I'm not the "black sheep" of the family because I think evolution is the logical answer to how we got here (for now) and that Jesus probably didn't exist, which I'm sure is hard for my family to hear since they're so religious. I even got the typical responses about how "they'll pray for me" and how I'll have "all eternity to think about" what I "believe" now.

Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 07:32:21 -0800 (PST)
From: CR
Subject: Spiritual path suggestion?
To: Acharya S

Acharya, I have read both of your books and found them very enlightening. Your work is a breath of fresh air. I wish you well and hope you keep yourself safe. I was wondering if you could sugest a spiritual path minus the unsavory dogma etc. etc. I was once a disciple of Suma Ching Hai. Have you ever heard of her. She teaches what she calls the Quan Yin method of meditation. This is the light and sound method taught by the Radha Soami masters of the Punjab region of India. I would certainly belive there is no god or higher power but ourselves were it not for the experiences I have while doing this method. I don't even believe in the the master let alone worship her as her other disciples do yet I cannot deny the innate power of the mantra she taught me. I am not given to believing in anything really, but after the meditation there is an unexplained sense of liteness and cleanliness (inside) that I cannot explain. If indeed there are no spirits in the world and only ourselves, where does this power come from?I have found all the world's organized religions dead in the water yet I feel that spiritual development is the single most important function in our short lives. The quest for truth consumes my spare time. Unlike you I am forced to keep my nose to the grindstone so to speak earning a living in a dull boring job. So my time in searching is limited. Anyway, I respect your opinion like no other and hope you may have a little time to lend me some of your thoughts.

I have not heard of this person you inquire about. I was always very fond of Osho aka Bhagwan Rajneesh. He delves into the spiritual path/growth arena quite heavily. You may enjoy his work. I am also quite fond of Ammachi, who has accomplished an astounding amount of great works. (She is of Hindu persuasion, however. Rajneesh is much clearer in my mind as concerns seeing the infinity of the cosmos.) Also, you may find studying the Tao (I like Gia Fu Feng/Jane English's translation) to be rewarding.

Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 11:51:14 -0500
From: JB
To: Acharya S
Subject: (no subject)

With you all the way!!! Though you are internationally known and are more prone to be attacked, I too live in a world that would do me and my loved ones harm because of my disbelieve in the idiocy of teachings that make absolutely no sense. Thanks for being there. Thanks for your work. Take care.

From: DM
To: Acharya S
Subject: Ideas
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 06:56:32 -0500

Thank you for exposing these lies and hidden agendas. I am blind, and my me your book, which we prize very much. I am forwarding you separately a lecture on mindsets and culture I gave..., explaining how to counteract such hidden agendas. Everything important makes sense; we need to figure out how, and the few people who choose evil (using Jennifer Jones' definition in "Song of Bernadette" answering the priest's question that "A sinner is one who loves [not does] evil") have what I call completely exclusive A-not-B mindset to those who love the Good.

From: TS
To: Acharya S
Subject: Jerusalem Church
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 18:49:35 -0500

I have just finished The Christ Conspiracy and absolutely loved it. It freed me from many fears that were instilled in me from my Christian upbringing. I have a question about James. "brother of the Lord" and the group in Jerusalem. Did such a group exist and if so what do we know about them outside of the Bible. Was James a blood relative of Jesus and were his followers the original disciples as they claimed? I am assuming until I read your reply that such a group may have existed. I love you, your web site and have just bought Suns of God.

From: MK
To: Acharya S
Subject: Just wanted to say...
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 22:57:37 -0700

Nice info about discrediting the chrisitanity side of things on how it's similar to other religions. I'm open minded about other info.

I'm not at knowledgeful, resourceful, and experienced in these subjects as you are. And that similarities are present. Yes, churches can be corrupted. Yet, there's some genuinuity behind it.

However. There are still items lacking that I've read on the websites that could not be explained.

Torah codes (what are the chances of the other religions hitting the nail on the head 100% of the time, in code, written hundreds, thousands of years ago, no computer, could have written this perfect, unlocking more info on tomorrow.),

the shroud, the rebuilding of the temple, The rebirth of Isreal, again Torah codes for valididity.

How a rock thrown into the mountains, broke a pot, uncovered buried items, that was saved from destruction. Rally nice story on the discovery channel.

Uh, G_d wasn't the sun god in this case. made everything else too.

If Bablonia had the 10 commandments, was Bablonia destroyed? Why? Why is the U.S. repeating the same cycle as the new Babylon, and as the Harlot.

Parallel instance of the Gaza strip people being forced to leave. America's punishment, Gulf Coast people being force to leave.
This isn't the only case.

How Zodiac signs keeps the vibration cycles. Yet turning away puts things in harmony.

Why the Bible tells things of the past, present, and yet to come (some which it has. Hitler was in Torah code, much, much more)?

I go to yahoo. Type Buddha end of world. Get nothing. Type Jesus end of world. Get lots of info.

George Orwell's 1984, With enough force, you can make someone believe your a hierarchy. With enough picking and choosing.

However, When a message to you through a dream, music, a kind word of advice. The proof is in the pudding a couple of weeks later.

I'm not gonna deny Eqypt, and the past like the aztecs, incas, African hertiage, etc.

There's more to the bible than meets the eye. Even though there are lots of parallels, copies of different versions, Yet there's 1 "Real" thing here.

After all of this. I'm starting to believe who twisted who. Did man twist the bible to discredit.
Or if it was fake, why is everything that was warned, coming real?

From: BW
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 22:59:12 EST
Subject: quick question
To: Acharya S's just this past year that i found the Jesus Mysteries and have not stopped reading since. I'm running into a problem and was wondering if you could help me with answer. In the "Out of Egypt or India" section it doesn't sound clear on where the roots came from like it's up in the air ... and i just "feel" like it's egypt. any help with this? By the way love the online video!

The question is open, as far as I am concerned. Massey said there was no need to crane our necks looking at India, yet there was clearly an influential Indian presence in Rome when the gospels were written. Also, without a doubt Sanskrit, Greek and Latin have the same root language, evidently proto-Vedic. How can we assume that the Greek gods - who have their close counterparts in India - were not originally "Indian?" Furthermore, there was evidently much cultural exchange between India and Egypt in prehistoric times. To me it's a fascinating quest that will never be fully understood because of too much time and destruction.

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