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Emails I Have Loved

February 2000

Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 16:28:50 -0800 (PST)
From: JK
Subject: reading ur url on jesus
To: Acharya S

which has a link from

ur obviously smart and wise and learned. and cute ;-)

ru ahem single and available? ;-)


From: JF
To: Acharya S
Subject: All truths lead to one truth
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 18:39:40 -0600

Acharya S.

I am writing this letter before I read your site.


Because of your picture and the "hit," I got looking into your eyes.

In each incarnation, we are set apart from the past with the lessons of our new life. Knowledge, laughter and tragedy melding together like "Greek Theatre" to entertain our curiosity, soothe our need, adding to the distraction, diverting our attention from the orgasm of the moment. We are given "keys" to our future and the present for addressing those options as are presented in a non-consistent order as a means to enlighten, inform and consequently free us.

Many individuals fail to comprehend the "keys" or even to see the locks, which hold the shackles of our mind(s) and our future in close constraint. Often such "keys" are offered as gifts from family, friends or strangers to induce or seduce the gifted towards illumination or personal awareness. Many times, such keys are lost in the busy-ness of the day or as a result, of the haste, one uses to obtain Spiritual or Intellectual Goals. More often than not, these keys are lost or forgotten, as trivial pursuits overwhelm the individual, blocking the light, creating shadow whispers of knowledge forgone, just out of reach, beyond our perception.

We are Slaves, and while humanity may have rulers, they, too, are Slaves. Our freedoms are merely chains, forged with words of deception. Our capable mind imprisoned in a field of electric static to hide our telepathic abilities. It works on most.

Consciousness may be determined by simply breathing, Awareness requires cycles of experience and justification, Illumination merely a match. All are buzzwords to entrap the Spirit in relentless effort to understand that, which may or may not be real or true, for the only truth I have perceived eludes me in my moment/hour of need. Still I search, for I am bored with empty words, distractions of little worth, looking for the secret of time-less-ness.

Your eyes are a key.

For me.

Thanks so much for the lovely, thoughtful message. It's always good to know there are such enlightened people "out there." My book Paradise Found is about the "return of the bird tribes," so to speak, the reincarnation of numerous like-minded souls in one era, in order to usher in a new existence.

To: "From Sex to Superconsciousness"
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 05:15:17 -0600
Subject: Fwd: Acharya S is under Fire
From: MB

Just a quick question about these [Christian maniacs [who attack you. Do they not know that even without your book on the market the Christ myth is still easy to prove? I just received your book in the mail two days ago and have not had a chance to read it. Please be tolerant if I mention items covered in your book. These are all items most anthropologist know and understand about the Christ myth:

1. Earlier writings refute the bible truth.
2. Archaeological digs refute the bible.
3. The Christ myth is found to be older then written history and can be traced into the stone age and beyond.
4. The Christ myth can be shown without doubt to be many stories combined to make one.

The list could go on.

When you strip away the emotional value of this belief system it is no different then any other religion and therefore a person lives within their own mazeway thinking process. You can prove all you want to those people and get nothing in return. Have you seen the Matrix? The people you are coming up against are just like that. Their worldview is so real, yet based upon no fact that they would kill someone for it. Sad!

Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 12:47:51 -0800 (PST)
From: VL
Subject: your webpage
To: Acharya S

the goddess is alive and you are she!!! :) awesome page.

Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2000 13:29:04 -0800
From: AH
To: Acharya S
Subject: Hello

Ms. Acharya:

I am not whatever you are, but being from good old India, I thought you were an Indian first, but by looking at your picture funny you don't look like an Indian. Then I thought you were married to an Indian, but then you don't mention anything about your marital status. So I am baffled. Can you put my mind to ease. Oh, I almost forgot to say that I enjoyed reading all of your articles, I think you are very brainy with cuteness to boot. please answer this trivial question only if you find time in your busy schedule, otherwise it will remain a deathbed wonder for me.

[ :) No, I'm not an Indian. Nor am I married to an Indian. As you likely know, "Acharya" is not only a common Indian last name but also a title. Its meaning includes "teacher" and "master." More significantly in consideration of what I have revealed in The Christ Conspiracy, it means "divine teacher of the mysteries." I adopted the title for a couple of reasons, including that I wanted to tweak the Hindu fundamentalists and followers of the Brahmacharya.

From: The Believer
To: Acharya S
Subject: The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2000 01:32:03 GMT

Hi, I've been sending this letter I wrote to all my Mormon relatives. I am the only agnostic in the entire family, and I saw your site and thought you might like this little tidbit I wrote-

------------------GOD IS OUR SLAVER (if he exists)--------------------

He IS, according to the conventional view (the majority of religions ... Mormons, Christians, Wiccans, etc. etc). Think about it - he makes you for NO REASON WHATSOEVER but to follow him forever or get punished for not doing his every bidding.

Now then, I put something akin to this on a internet site. I pissed off many Christians, who said, "That is not the Christian view at all." I never said that is the Christian view or anyone's view - that is the way it is whether you like it or not. You may like following him forever, kissing his feet for a reward of what? To follow him for another eternity "saving" his "loved ones" on earth, but nonetheless whether you want to be his slave or not, YOU ARE HIS SLAVE unless you become free minded and don't care about his bidding, and abandon him and be yourself in every way possible. Now it sounds like Satan was the real god, huh? He wants us to do whatever we want to do. Mostly, the other "god" is wanting to make us follow him. Now, in the bible it says that you HAVE TO FOLLOW HIM OR BE PUNISHED - free choice, huh? Bullshit. Follow god, and you are a slave. Follow Satan, and you are partly free. Be atheist/agnostic, and you are free. This is all based on the wildly insane assumption that he exists at all.

Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 08:37:55 -0600
From: WH
To: Acharya S
Subject: Imagine my surprise...

After seeing your homepage, I expected to read the rants of a "godless" atheist with a super-sized ego he mistook for his Self. Imagine my surprise when I started to read "What is God" and found it to be almost identical, not only to my beliefs, but to the profound esoteric traditions of many peoples (not the religious cults owned lock stock and barrel by the powerful).

You must get a lot of flak for your stand; too bad, as it has more truth and deep searching in it than a lifetime of kneeling in front of a televangelist while he rifles your wallet.

Good work...keep up the message till the savages burn you at the stake ;-)

Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000
From: RS
To: Acharya S

Man, you are super cool person ...

It is a good thing people can not see your face on radio because if they could they would be somewhat, distracted from what you say. I know that I would be as I looked for the pause button. But then again the things you say are so SHOCKING that they can not help but hear your message.

From: DO
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000 21:07:40 EST
Subject: If God Elects you, you will be changed..
To: Acharya S

You are an attractive, intelligent woman... But I feel so sorry for you... You have your web site, thus have been given ample exposure to the word of God and have rejected it.... but dont be supprised if God calls you... if and when he does the angels will rejoice in heaven.... I will pray for you just after I send this e mail...

Out of curiosity ( I only read a little of your site), what do you believe happens after you die? Nothing? God set this up to be so simple... Salvation is a free gift... Sure religion, even Christianity has caused problems, but that is because man is the faulty one, not God... I pray that God will open your understanding....


Thank you for your condescending message. I feel sorry for you as well, and pray that you find the one true Lord - Shiva. With Lord Shiva, your questions will be answered and your ignorance dispelled. "God set this up to be so simple." Yes, it obviously appeals to simpletons.

Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 18:18:17 -0500
From: SS
Subject: Prayer as a form of Instant Karma

Prayer sounds like hoping and wishing to me and it appears that people want to believe that there is something out there that is concerned about their well being...

I just escaped borgdom less than a year ago after 20+ years, and I don't feel that prayer is necessary. Thinking positively and using that energy for your benefit is the way I approach my situations. If there is some power out there I assume he/she/it gave us the capacity to make things happen to the best of our abilities. Don't look up or down, look inside for your answers... my thoughts are to be positive and "take the bull by the horns" so to speak.

Praying to borg or whomever your chances are at best 50/50, so what the heck.

Since borg is omnipotent and even the church says that borg knows what you want think and need it seems to redundant to make supplications since he/she/it should already have anticipated your request and answered. Of course we have to account for the fact that the devil is out there intercepting borg's best laid plans...

Of course the priesthood would be out of business since it's in their interest to perpetuate the scam... prayer changes things...

The simple answer is that since borg knows everything (omnipotent?) it's stupid to go to him with any request.... since there's no devil, but maybe there's a bogeyman - that was a tongue-in-cheek poke at the religionist...

KISS(es) to you... keep it simple stupid...

the priesthood scam- send me $50 and I'll say a prayer for you...


Another commonsense axiom that I live by - but I stole this quote from an unnamed somebody - is "to do good for good is good to do"...just one man's opinion....

From: SE
To: Acharya S
Subject: Jordan Maxwell & Astrotheology
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000 21:29:25 -0600

Just a quick let you know that I am making progress [re The Christ Con - those that borrowed went out and bought their own copies and now are looking to find another person with an open mind! They have the FEVER!

LOVE ya.

Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 07:58:24 -0800 (PST)
From: ZN
To: Acharya S
Subject: Greetings..

I had the opportunity of reading your piece on the origin of Christianity, and I must say I was impressed! I then had the chance to see a photo of you, and I was floored when I noticed you weren't of African descent. Please don't get me wrong, truth is truth for all but you have to understand there isn't many Europeans willing to EXPLODE the myths.At any rate I am a student of the universe on a quest for truth, so it may have been of divine purpose that I have learned of you. I admire your work, and I extend my encouragement and support in your on-going effort to enlighten the masses.You have a gift and the world needs to know it! Please reply so I know this message wasn't in vain, I have many questions that I know you can help me attain answers for. THANK YOU

Thanks, deartheart. If you liked that, you'll love my book The Christ Conspiracy. You will also enjoy the following story. Sometime ago I was at a booth where a friend had my book on display. A pleasant-looking (black), homeless fellow rode up and sold my friend a cheap vacuum cleaner. He later returned with a radio, at which point he asked me if I were the author of Christ Con. His eyes lit up when I said I was, and he replied that he had been wanting to read my book but could not come up with the $15. He also said that he had read a bit about this stuff. I replied, "I'll tell you what - I'll give it to you for that radio." (The radio was very beaten up, probably worth a buck or two.) He grinned a huge grin, got tears in his eyes and started fondling the book. Then he said, "I was reading it - you don't have any bias." He then flipped to an illustration and said, "There's a picture of a black man in here!" I told him, "Yes, actually I do a lot to restore black history." And I showed him the index entry for "Pygmies." I then told him that I would autograph it, and his eyes began to water even more. He exclaimed, "Nobody's ever signed a book for me before!" He tucked the book up under his arm and, riding off on his bike, said, "I'm going to read this right now!" He was so happy. I told my friend that that one fellow had made it all worthwhile, particularly since I'm on the firing end of much vitriol. A lovely encounter indeed.

From: PH
To: Acharya S
Subject: But Seriously, Folks
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 13:07:12 -0600

Do you honestly believe that your little example of intellectually fraudulant logic could stand the test of time as does one of the world's largest religions. I don't think so. Reminds me of some of the immature logic I hear coming from the teenagers around my work. Grow up!

I know Jesus Christ, and you are no Jesus Christ.


Still Believin' down in Texas

From: MB
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 19:17:59 EST
Subject: Life, Death, that sort of thing
To: Acharya S

Dear Acharya,

I guess in this post-modern world we have to lay the cards on the table right at the start or people peg us as "not worth listening too," not that I'm saying you are there. So in order to comply with Presidential Executive order 9508 here goes, I am the senior Pastor of a Mennonite Church, located in a smallish farming community in the US of A. There are about 150 people in my congregation, little ones to 93. Our theology, well lets see here, the statement of faith begins with "the whole Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God and is the supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and conduct." We believe that one must be "born again" in "Jesus' name" to enter "eternal life." And all that sort of jazz. I preach pretty much every Sunday an expository sermon out of a biblical text, recently I have been preaching from 1 Corinthians.

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