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Emails I Have Loved

January 2002

From: JQ
To: Acharya S
Subject: Hello Acharya S and good morning this last day of 2001.
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 09:58:49 -0800 

Did you catch the Discovery Channel last night and it's show about what Jesus supposedly looked like? It
was so disappointing. I saw most of it and they never once mentioned Serapis. I wish one day you can have
a show on Discovery to cover your research and scholarship. If not that, then they need to have a show that
has you on as one of the guests that covers this material.
You would really get the fundie attention if you could go prime time and get the much needed National and
worldwide attention. The publicity would be tremendous and I think you could handle it and even need it. I
don't think it would hurt your autonomy but would get the controversy on the table and expose a far larger
market base to your books, research and Web site. Happy New Year.
I don't know what kind of convincing you would have to give those network people but I'm sure they would
have you on if you could demonstrate your point is factual and relevant. It would shake the Christian
world's foundations to the core.

From: WS
To: Acharya S
Subject: help im traped
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 21:17:35 -0700 
hello Acharya, I am a 16 year old male. my parents, me my 4 brothers and 1 sister were all born into the mormon church and all of my brothers and my sister have broke away from the mormon church.  And since I am the youngest in the family my parents are doing all they can to keep me in the church. since I spend alot my time with my brothers they tell me a lot of stuff about religoun and other related things, and then I come home and my parents tell me a lot of  positive stuff about the mormon church and I just get so confused I wont to scream or something. Whenever my brothers are over here at my parents house they always get into a religous battle every time. So I just want to ask you what do think of the mormon church and Joseph Smith

I'm not sure I responded to you.  It sounds like you're in good hands with your older brothers.  A person's religion is so arbitrary.  If your parents were Jewish, they'd be upset you're not interested in Judaism.  It is really simply their conditioning.

Re Mormonism, Joseph Smith et al. (masons or brothers of a brotherhood) created it for their own purposes.  I don't believe any of the supernatural hoodoo associated with it, that the plates were real, or that the Book of Mormon is real.  It's a big hoax.

From: JK
To: Acharya S
Subject: Am I off in my theory?
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 15:52:50 -0600 
...I have just come past your page on the web, as well as book in the store. I have not read your book as of yet, and am a practicing Catholic, but I have a very different view on religion. Please tell me if you feel I am off on my thinking, or are just another lost christian? I truly and honestly feel, that religion was created in order to control the masses. It would be difficult to control all people all of the time, as we know, police states have
NEVER worked, (Mussolini, Hitler, many socialistic attempts in Russia and other places in more recent times) therefore, some way had to be developed to control these tribes, towns, cities etc, thus the conscience was born. I.E. no one can see me steal this out of the store, but my conscience says I need to pay for it to be 'Right'. Thus this makes sure anarchy does not run lead through out the world and economies, both ancient and modern, can continue to stay a float. I have read several books an Christ, and the comparisons to Mithra, Osiris, as well as several other ancient, early gods. Am I off in my thinking? I am very open minded, and am trying to get through the mountain of books that seem to be only recently making their way to the book shelves, but your web page, thoughts and ideas strike me as very very interesting. 

Sorry to be so late in answering.  You are exactly correct in that religion was created to control the masses, exploit them, use them, so a handful of men could sit on their fat asses and pursue luxury.

Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 17:35:39 -0500
From: "ohgod" To: Acharya S
Hi: I think you site is tops!

I wonder if you ever though about doing a web-page that focuses on explaining the blind forces that are supposedely influencing mankind? There are so many blind forces influencing mankind its kind of comedic!
For example, look at mankinds amibitions nowadays and the common saying that is attributed to such ambitions, such as... Climbing the corporate ladder. This particular notion and action on man's part is in actuality
merely a blind expression of elements in supernova (and suns) that are being created by higher and higher energetic reactions. As you know, this is how blind forces create more and more complex symmetries and
elements in supernova's. So from all the scientific investigation I've read about, man's previous existence was as mere particles tied up to the suns physical laws as blind forces. (laws of physics). It has been proposed that these blind influences also appear in man's psyche personality also! I suppose that blind uncontrolled forces are actually harmless on their own but devestating in thought producing minds wouldn't you agree, (such as man's mind). Since mankind is obviously acting unethical (and mindlessly) from the very influences which blind
forces inflict on his psyche mind this to me is really a trully wonderful divine comedy as divine comedies go! Where the blind are leading the blind, right back into the blind forces from wence they (and we) came! So mankind is acting as blind to the blind forces influening his mind and actions, as if he were the suns blind forces and particle obeying the same laws which were created for particles! Carl sagen once put it. We are star stuff, and its true! It's weally, weally true, we are star stuff (some would say star shit, but I'm very polite.) In
other words, mankind is acting as every bit as dangerousas as the events which are natural to the processes of stars! TALK ABOUT DIVINE COMEDIES! The suns actions are in reality our actions in disguise! Our true gods!
And, our true god's "blind commands!" So mankind is a part of suns divine comedy making, in that he is a piece of the sun's blind personality complexified to a fantastic degree. So it looks like Man's collective mind is forever patterened after mindless blind influences. I think it is safe to say that man is hopelessly caught up in the same divine comedy situation as his suns particle ancestors were. Paticles who are bathing in the sun processes as you read this, and are not worrying about anything man's particle mind is worrying about! (Lucky Rollers!) Man is then for all his particle induced glorifications of himself, merely a glorified bunch of blind particle in a procession of glorified blind particle madness! Having said that, I think it is safe to say that man is so far, and will ever continue to be, caught up in the blind acts and commands of his sun's monsterous personality. In conclusion, Man is now in a precarious situation (or halarious situation, depending on your point of view), at the point which threatens his particle self right back into the sun from wence he came. His own particles are his own antichrist, as he is now in the position of being the ultimate deliverer of his own ultimate blind commands! (Obviously man can easily accomplish this through nuclear, biological and heat-based particle weaponry!)


Yours is a long email - I can only answer that I take enough heat regarding an offhand remark YEARS ago concerning "beings," so I probably will avoid that subject.  (Although spoofing it might be a good idea.)

Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 01:40:07 -0500
Subject: my poem
From: ANT

To: Acharya S 
"A Cold Freezing Winter's Day"

If I took my children and threw them into the icebox they'd put my ass in jail So What have you got to say about THAT God?

From: AW
To: Acharya S
Subject: 12 disciples of Buddha
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 02:10:51 -0800 
Temple of the Recumbent Buddha
Wofo Si)
; Acharya
I am an agnostic Buddhist, and I was very interested in finding the sources which indicated that Buddha had twelve disciples as compared to the five in common literature. I have a great interest in Buddhist philosophy, but I have no problems with knowing that there was no actual Buddha or Christ, etc. The non-existence of god-like beings should not have any bearing upon how one conducts their lives. 
I love the work you have done and am now anxiously awaiting my copy of Christ Conspiracy, which I ordered just after the winter holiday. 
I found this while searching on the net, (SEE BELOW) and I thought it would be of some interest to you. People can actually go and SEE this temple in China. 
I am sure you have enough of your own sources, but I thought that an additional one couldnt hurt. 
Have you found any links between shamanism and the religions of the astrotheological mythos, particularly Buddhism?  I am interested in doing such a study, if such comparisons exist. 
Keep up the great work.  I look forward to ordering Suns of God when it is available. I wish you success in getting on with a more traditional publisher.  I would love to see Suns of God filling the shelves at Borders and Barnes and Noble. 
This is from 
Temple of the Recumbent Buddha

Situated at the foot of the Western Hills about 30 kilometers west of Beijing, Temple of the Recumbent Buddha originally built in the 7th century in the Tang dynasty.

Used to be called as Doushuaisi, Shou'anshansi, Dazhaoxiaosi, Hongqingsi, Yong'ansi, and Shifang Pujuesi, which retains to the present day, it was renovated and expanded in different dynasties. In 1321, in the Yuan dynasty, an enormous and well-proportioned 54-ton-weight and 5.2-meter (17 feet-) -high recumbent Buddha statue cast by copper was housed in the temple. And the temple became popularly known as Temple of the Recumbent Buddha (Wofosi).

The architecture of the temple is a very typical Buddhist temple with a mountain gate, Davaraja Hall, the Hall of the Buddhas of the Three Ages and the Recumbent Buddha and the Hall of the Recumbent Buddha. A two-storied hall keeps Buddhist scriptures. Also, there is a pavilion on the Hill behind the main buildings, overlooking the whole temple on the central axis, and side halls and covered corridors. To the west of the main temple court, there are pavilions formerly for the emperor.

The famous Buddha looks easy and relaxed, lies on his side, with his legs stretching out, his left arm resting on his left thigh and his right arm bent to support his head. His 12 disciples in clay, each in 1.2 meters (4 feet) high, accompany him around. It is a presentation when Sakyamuni was giving his last instructions.

About half a kilometer northwest of the temple is the Cherry Valley (Yingtaogou), a small, attractive park with a hermit's cave and a clear stream, just like the paradise.

From: DB
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 05:29:57 EST
Subject: award-winning website
To: Acharya S 
Excellent work!  I just discovered your website recently and am planning to read it all as soon as I can.  I found it first because of a link from the Architecture of Modern Political Power's website to your article on the
origins of Christianity.

I browsed your site quickly and read your bio.  We have much in common. I went to a Catholic High School, where I was fortunate enough to escape their religion classes, as I was a non-catholic who my parents deemed was in need of some discipline, but was far more fortunate enough to be forced to take four years of Latin AND four years of French.  I am now a confirmed, life-long polyglot who has become somewhat conversant in French,
Russian, Spanish, and Japanese, and who has dabbled in several dozen other languages.

On my list of life goals is to study Greek so I can do what you already did, which is to read ancient Greek classics in their original language.  I was reading Caesar, Cicero, Virgil, and Guy de Maupassant in their original
tongues 40 years ago, so I think I have a pretty good shot at Pythagoras.  I mentioned him rather than any of the others because I am also mathematically inclined.

Sorry I digressed so much about myself.  I love your website, and am recommending it to all my free-thinking friends.

From: BR
To: Acharya S

Subject: a small correction
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 11:04:04 -0600 
I came across your site while doing some research for a short story I am considering.  I read a large portion of the articles I felt were pertinent and generally agreed with most of your points.  I did feel compelled to point out a small error I found, only because it relates to me on a personal level.  Allow me to quote from your site:
<<And speaking of sinister, how many people realize that the word "sinister" actually means "left" in Romance languages? Here is a classic example of how cultural bias has attached a judgment upon something so simple and benign as a direction, view or aspect. And how did this judgment come about? Left-handers, for example, were considered dangerous to the social status quo because their use of the left appendage kept the creative, right side of the brain open, leading to new and dangerous ideas - indeed, to creativity and union with the creator itself. But because these new ideas upset the status quo and could lead to its reduction in wealth and position, left-handers, or "leftists," were considered bad and evil. Hence, they became "sinister." >> 
You are quite correct in the general sense that left-handers were considered evil, but not because of being
right-brained and/or more creative.  The origin of this belief came from the same place as our modern custom of clasping right hands together in greeting.  In the times when nearly every man carried a sword, offering your right hand to someone was a sign of friendliness and greeting.  Once two men were holding on to each other's sword hand, neither of them could draw a blad on the other.  Obviously, being left-handed gave a person an advantage in this since he could hold onto the other man's sword hand and leave his own free to draw steel.  This made people VERY suspicious of someone who was left-handed. Consequently, this is one of the reasons many men took to wearing small daggers, to be drawn with their left hands, as protection against the sinisters".  (The French call this weapon the "maine gauche", the latter word eventually coming to mean distasteful or abhorrent.) I only know all of this because I happen to be a left-handed fencer and have encountered similar hesitation to fight me even among modern fencers.  This lead to some research and has become a great advantage to me in my matches!
No offense was meant by this correction.  I merely wanted to bring some possibly new information to you.
Thanks for your site, it is a great help to non-believers of practically any stripe.