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 The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1

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From: FR
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 22:09:04 EDT
Subject:  "Jesus can't save you...though it's nice to think He tried...." The Black Crowes
To: Acharya S

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be writing an Email like this I would have said that you were crazy. I am a former Fundamentalist nut that "the truth has set free." Looking back to my zealot years, I realize how irrational, illogical, and foolish I truly was. Any discussion of religion back then was to convert the other person, and show them how Jesus was the only way to God. I can't believe how wrong I was. Your book The Christ Conspiracy exploded my perception of Biblical truth. (Biblical truth?) I have purchased The Naked Truth, and started to read some other sources on the subject. The wealth of information out there is amazing, yet even more amazing is the fact that millions upon millions are content to allow their minds to be enslaved by fictitious bullshit and never ask a question about it till the day they die. Yeah, maybe I'm a little bitter about my former folly.... but I'm feelin' free. :o) 

Thank You So Much!

Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 11:36:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: AS
To: Acharya S
Subject: your website

Great place to hang out and learn a little something each time. Clear and intelligent. I've never heard such thoughts expressed in such a simple way before. About a week ago, I think, Peter Jennings did a whole week on the historical life of Jesus. Does that sort of thing just chap your buns?

From: SM
To:  Acharya S
Subject: last two days
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 17:16:47 -0500

…I just want to thank you and also curse you. Crazy as it may sound, it's true. In a nutshell, here's why: My dad is a Protestant minister and since birth, I have been indoctrinated to believe in a biblical god. When I was in college a philosophy professor was teaching us about Socrates' forms and used an article written by St. Thomas Aquinas to illustrate the idea  more clearly. The idea that if god is so omniscient, so omnipresent, so loving, so forgiving etc, how could god condemn a person to hell for all eternity for not loving god or following god's ways? Anyway, that thought stuck with me for years and prevented me from going to church time and time again - even though I was pressured by both of my parents and my sister (all Christians).  In my search for the truth, I found an interesting website ( that told me about some of the history behind the bible. The parallels between pagan religions and Christianity were startling to say the least. And then I found your site. And I have spent the last two days at work reading. And what do I have left? A sane understanding of the nature and true history of the bible, as well as an insane indoctrination and mindset where I want to believe in a Christian god, but cannot. Again, I thank you for helping me to free my mind, but, Jesus Christ, are my family members gonna have a hard time with this - I think it would be easier if I told them I was gay.

Keep up the good work, you inspire me.

P.S. If I haven't found it on your site yet, let me know if it is there, but I would think a really good addition would be something for folks in a similar situation as mine, something like "How to help your Christian loved ones understand you won't be going to hell."

From: RB
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 18:40:05 -0400 (EDT)
To: Acharya S

I enjoyed your site. Especially the pictures of you. Have mercy! I do appreciate that although you reject religion, you don't reject the color and mystery of the universe, as do many skeptics and atheists. I myself have spent most of my life living with the fear of damnation. I walked away from Christianity about 5 years ago. I have almost drifted back on several occasions, usually out of fear or spiritual hunger. It's been a strange and painful ride. I don't know if you will answer this e-mail, but I would like your advice. How can a person "deprogram" themselves after years of religious indoctrination?  I find I still approach life with a "Christian" point of view, basically that of a god overhead who is watching me and judging me. On several sweet and rare occasions over the past couple of years I have had short experiences of being "God free" in my mind. It is an exhilarating feeling, like being on a beach on a cold, sunny day. Yet I always fall back into my old way of thinking. Any advice? I'm glad I found your website. I've enjoyed the rants. Bye

From: AW
To: Acharya S
Subject: Our Lord JP Holding...
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 18:53:15 +0100


Just finished reading The Christ Conspiracy, and would like to congratulate you on your knowledge and scholarship. I’ve been interested in the (obvious) Christian conspiracy for some time, and your book is the most well written that I’ve read to date. The fact that Jesus is just another version of the tired God-man can be easily realised, even if one has just a little look behind the curtain in the performance that is Christianity. Some, however, seem to stay firmly seated during the intervals….

…In my web wanderings I came across a few interesting pages. The first is at "Tomb of Jesus," which seems to think that just because Christianity contains some earlier ideas, it could still have happened easily… They also say, and I quote: "Had there existed no other group other than the Paulene Christians, then perhaps Acharya S's conclusions might be considered flawless. But that is not the case. The Nazarenes (Ebionites) were not only Christians, they also included the actual family members and friends of Jesus Christ. And none of them believed any of the mythical traditions foisted upon Jesus Christ by the Paulene Christians and/or the cabal that Acharya S believes she has identified. This shows that Jesus Christ was a man separate and apart from the identity invented for him by the Paulene Christians and/or the secret cabal that Acharya S believes promoted the Paulene idea."

Secondly, the page "Tekton Ministries" contains the ramblings of Johnathan Sabatino, who seems to regard his "friend" JP Holding as something of a God in the ways he talks about him. Anyway, both seem to consider your work highly erroneous.

Just wondered what you thought about these, as I’m looking into their "claims" personally. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease keep writing and researching because humanity as a whole will eventually benefit a great deal....


Thanks, love. Re "Tomb Master," naturally, he has to find a "historical Jesus" somewhere, because he's promoting "Yeshua's" bogus "tomb!" There have been umpteen tombs of this god and that for millennia. There's an alleged tomb of Jesus in Japan, as well. Re the "Holding" gang, just ad hominems, sophistry and wheel-spinning from some wacky people.

Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 13:51:30 -0400
From: DD
To: Acharya S
Subject: Your book....

Dear Acharya S,

Thank you for your concern. …We finally got a copy of your book, & we are each reading it for the third time. Thank you for writing it. We found it well documented & have recommended it to several of our friends. Such a relief to finally be rid of all that guilt & shame that religion put on us. We have learned so much from not only your book but your website & the links you led us to. We are seniors & all of this has brought us such relief & peace of mind. Altho' as you probably know, it is difficult to unlearn the old doctrine. Thanks again for thinking of us.

Warm regards,

Thank you! I am more than delighted to have assisted in making your lives more pleasant.

Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 18:58:06 -0400
From: MB
To: Acharya S
Subject: Hello from Toronto Canada...

Dear Acharya,

I happened across your site today while looking for +CRETE +UFO. I found it to be very incitefull [!], well done, and right up my alley.

I started looking at the UFO "problem" 25 years ago.  I became convinced then, that they would challenge truth and reality, as we have been lead to believe it.

I seek to live in a world where we are not slaves to money or any other system.  I seek to be a free man and live in dignity, and able to join in the larger universe.

I don't want to join your forum, because I don't want to handle many e-mails.  I am trying to write a book that I hope challenges the status quo.

... Keep up the good work...


From: VR
To: Acharya S
Subject: Enjoyed your website
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 19:56:35 -0400


I came across your website quite accidentally (I was looking for some information on Joseph Campbell; TV programs about him seem to appear a lot on American TV). Enjoyed your views immensely.

I hope one day this world will shed all its spiritual baggage. Living our life, being good to each other and not discriminating is the only 'religion' we need; making money too. :)


Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 17:57:25 -0500
From: PD
To: Acharya S
Subject: are you coming to Texas anytime soon

Dear Acharya S,

...I am a Hebrew evangelist. That was a powerful writing, The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ, because I had researched for a long time and found out what you have found out about Jesus Christ being a "historical messiah" the Roman Church created to deceive the mass of the people. If you come in the Dallas/FT worth area, please let me know, if you will be speaking on this subject.

interested person

From: KT
To: Acharya S
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 21:19:10 -0500

Dear Acharya,

When I was 12 years old I prayed to see some flying saucers and after a few weeks of this I was out on the school ground during morning recess and "waiting" against a pole. I looked over my shoulder and saw TWENTY metallic, concave on the bottom with a darker protrusion in the center craft flying by in military review formation. They were in 5 groups of 4 each in offset V's one behind the other. Non-accidental sightings have followed me down thru my whole life. From a couple of high psychics and my own spine bending Holy Ghost kundalini experience I have learned of a huge work that is to involve the whole world and has been variously called by others who did not even know me as "God's Work, " and "the restoration of God's People." It has been psychically indicated that in Atlantis I was the Keeper of the Temple. I came up with the name of Anakahamon, and years later I read of a High Priest in Atlantis named Anaphahalon who shut down the Temple and sealed the knowledge. I was told by people speaking in tongues that I would be called crazy and sill etc and this has happened. This is a lonely path. I am like the Little Red Hen who keeps saying, "Who will help me bake my bread."

Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 10:42:46 -0400
From: KW
To: Acharya S
Subject: hi

I just have a little something to say about your site.... I liked it a lot, but you said that those who don't believe in the "Jewish godman" are going to Hell. In the Jews' point of view, if people are unbelievers, they don't go to Hell when they die, they go to paradise earth. Kind of like Jehovah's Witnesses. Well, just thought I'd mention it.

Great site by the way.  :o)

Thanks. That's not what I meant, about the "Jewish godman." I'm talking about Jesus Christ, who is the Judaized personification of the sun god.

Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 18:45:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: JH
Subject: shroud of Turin
To: Acharya S

Hi Acharya S,

In 1503, the Savoy family, through their spokesman Antoine de Lanaing, claimed to prove that the Shroud of Turin image was Jesus' blood - and not a painting - by the fact that it had been washed and the image did not disappear (experts even now say a painted image WOULD disappear).

Would you know if the Savoy family, directly or indirectly through their connections with the Catholic Church, had a history of frauds, lying, and forgery?

I don't know about this specific family, but the Shroud is a fake, regardless of any of these claims. There are many sites and books that debunk the shroud in a thorough, scientific manner. Briefly, for starters, there were at least a couple of dozen "genuine" shrouds floating around European churches. Obviously, not all of them can be real. The fact that there are so many fakes should raise suspicion towards any so-called relics. In fact, the phony relic-business has always been extremely profitable for the priesthoods.

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