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Emails I Have Loved

July 2004

Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2004 14:54:13 -0700 (PDT) 
From: TC 
To: Acharya S 

I love everything you have written. It has changed my perception on reality more than any other document or teaching I have read or heard. One thing I don't agree with though and I thought that you should look more deeply into is the section on Cannibalism. I suggest you read the book ''Mushrooms and Mankind'' by James Arthur. If you already have then I would love to know what your thoughts are on it. Thank you sooo much for you writings!

Unfortunately, James Arthur was a deranged child molestor who committed suicide when he was caught for the last time.

Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2004 11:08:36 -0600 
From: BP
To: Acharya S 
Subject: The christ conspiracy 


Interesting website. I have various many books on the subject over the past 25-years starting in my late teens with the original "Passover Plot" and Bertram Russel's, "Why I am not a Christian". My inculcation into perennial Theosophy demanded that I educate my less enlightened peers mired in cultural Judeo-Christian values. I'm familiar with the sun-worshipping mystery cults that the christ-centered mythos draws from. I suspect that your book borrows and builds on much of the factual data and supposition contained in the half dozen other books I have read to date.

Notwithstanding my early attempts to marginalize the Christian faith I suspected that holes and omissions existed in the various anti-Christian theses. The supposed myth was too neatly defined as a fraud and I knew that 2nd century people could not be nearly so gullible. I suspect that they were more critically inclined than we are today. A wealth of extant evidence for the Christ story must have been swept aside or was being ignored as being irrelevant to the dialogue simply because many early copyists had a propensity to forge and sensationalize events. I was surprised to discover that a huge cache of historical information from the first and second centuries existed. Basic tenents of ancient Christianity appeared to be clearly defined and codified long before the advent of the Nicene meeting and other assemblies that began to pervert the system (or build it, as most of you debunkers assert). In its first 300-years Rome attempted to eradicate the faith with varying degrees of application rather than unify an empire with it. By the time of Constantine the official policy had ended up a failure as it appeared that the new religion could not be wiped out.

The process of converting to Christianity was a slow and arduous process that I attempted to suppress intellectually by holding onto the historical stumbling blocks. Nevertheless, the Christ message resonates with the spirit to such a degree that it is hard to resist. The gospels (in Greek) present a compelling history and the potential inconsistencies actually do more to point up to their authenticity than refute. In becoming an orthodox universalist believer in Jesus, I long ago became comfortable with the historicity of the Christ story and who Jesus is.

The historical Jesus is a dreadfully painful stumbling block for many intellectuals. As for me, the Christian mythology arguments and evidences fell by the wayside long ago as ruminations and predilections of people with a greater agenda. At least Mr. Russel was honest in his analysis and I have respected him ever since. As for the rest, they generally engage in censure with an almost hysterical and vitriolic rhetoric. Refuting the faith requires intellectual dishonesty with the use of factual data to a greater degree than the people they fault with the conspiracies they promote.

I can only hope people like yourself would show more honesty...otherwise, for those of us willing to engage the intellect it becomes the same old tripe and pabulum you point to. I have nothing against you personally, but I will not purchase your book as I saw no new information contained in the summary to challenge myself with. Your website introduction was painful to read and seems to be suggestive of some very pervasive insecurities on the part of its author. Sorry, I don't intend to snipe...but there seems to be a heavy sadness underlying it. Good luck with your writing career...I'll throw up a prayer for you in the meantime and continue to worship Christ as the visitation of the creator of all that is .

To: Acharya S 
From: LZ 
Subject: Christ Conspiracy 
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 15:33:55 -0700

Your book is great. Love you for writing it. Sorry I had to reach 69 year of age before discovery of its truths and reason.

From: RK 
To: Acharya S 
Subject: Christ Conspiracy 
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 13:43:07 -0700 

Dear miss S,

Here are some thoughts I came away with after reading your book.  God is not some lofty old man seated upon a Throne but rather pure consciousness.  It pervades everything. It is everything.  I know you dislike religious speak but as you know there is some truth amongst myths.  I am that: I am. God if he/she exists, is all things.  We are God. A tree is God. We are all expressions of the One. If we were created, we were created to enjoy the love that is God, the peace that is God, and the unending bliss that is God.

If there is no God, then when we die, death brings one long dreamless sleep .If there is a God then I believe love and bliss will sing through out eternity. In any case there is absolutely nothing to fear, ether in life or in death. 

So masterful was your book The Christ Conspiracy, that a review of mine would sound trite. Rather I chose to express the realizations I came away with after I stared the Quest.

... I thank you once again for your efforts and your purpose.  Some of us are listening.