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Emails I Have Loved

June 2001

From: JQ
To: Acharya S
Subject: Autographed copy info.
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 18:11:11 -0700

Please send, or have someone send, me some info on exactly what to do to get autographed copies of The Christ Conspiracy.  Thank you, as I do not seem to understand what to do concerning the info posted on your site as to how this is done correctly.  Much appreciated.  Also, just a personal recommendation, I think it would be a lot better in your advertising if this considerable book was not called 'dangerous' as that could actually give it an undeserved image... a more fitting accolade would be controversial, as everyone takes more interest in controversy, as you know, and would be even more curious in treating it with careful consideration, instead of it being outwardly too threatening and shocking to handle.  In which case, they are likely to retreat to their professor's opinions without a second glance, or chance.  Plus, this book should be anything but dangerous, and only regarded as liberating and promoting free thinking by exposing the error of our ways in pseudobeliefs.  Thank you, and please drop a line as soon as possible, I would like to buy a couple of autographed copies.

From: HQ
To: Acharya S
Subject: Website I came across on the origins of Christianity
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2001 19:47:45 -0700

I am a resident of Vancouver, BC, Canada and I have found your web-site very thought provoking and informative. I used to be a christian but like many other thoughtful people, I have in recent years suspected that there was something about Christianity which did not seem "legitimate" and which belied the true origins of this religion. However, it is not easy to see the "forest from the trees" because Christianity has occupied such a dominant and central position in western religious, philosophical and social thought for the last two millenia. My coming out of christianity was not easy since I was an ardent believer in Jesus Christ for almost 25 years. Looking back, it surprises me that I could not see that I was worshipping what was essentially a western, Judeo-Christian myth but such is the strength or pitfall of faith that even rationality and critical  interpretative judgment can be held in check. I do find it interesting that you are, in addition to your other  accomplishments, an archaeologist by training. I have an undergraduate degree in anthropology and religious myth was one area that was touched upon in my studies. Before visiting your website, I came across the following website: which discusses that Christianity was a hoax from a different perspective. The writer, Abelard Reuchelin, alleges that Christianity was the fabrication of the aristocratic Piso family of ancient Rome which numbered among its members some of the greatest political, military and literary minds of the ancient Roman world. Christianity was created by them, over two generations, as a counter to the dangers posed by Jewish pharisee extremism which threatened to tear the eastern Roman empire asunder. Have you heard of this or anything similar in your own thorough investigation of christianity's origins? I would be interested in hearing your feedback.

From: BS
To: "Acharya S"
Subject: Acharya S on the Radio!
Date:  Mon, 4 Jun 2001 20:12:32 -0400


wish I could listen. You're incredibly sexy + I'm your devoted slave (I wish.)

Regards + Good Luck,

Date:  Mon, 4 Jun 2001 13:27:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: RP
Subject: Acharya S on the Radio!
To:  Acharya S

that is great news ...

you have enlightened my world so much and people around me i am really glad i got an opportunity to have met your (well e-met you!!) hope to hear from you soon.

take care

From: JH
To: Acharya S
Subject: The Christ Conspiracy
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 14:05:14 -0700

Hi Acharya,

I don't expect that you remember me, but we had a brief correspondence via e-mail a year or so ago.  I was on a discussion list which you moderated...

I was delighted to find The Christ Conspiracy in a local bookstore today and a quick glance through it was quite enough to induce me to purchase it.  Scanning through the chapters as I munched my sandwich at lunch indicates to me that it is far more than I expected.  I'm looking forward to reading it -- fabulous job of research and presentation.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I hadn't forgotten you, and that I am delighted to have been able to purchase your book.  I hope that all is going well.

From: VK
Date:  Tue, 5 Jun 2001 14:02:26 EDT
To: Acharya S

...The Christ Conspiracy was exactly what I have known for some time-just didn't have all the data in one place. Funny thing-my belief in god- the spiritual side of things has not diminished-rather I feel less old Baptist guilt around being a non-christian. Thanks for the last push towards my final liberation. Look forward to reading your new book. You go girl!

Date:  Tue, 5 Jun 2001 09:22:00 -0700 (PDT)
From:  JS
Subject:  Your website and writings
To: Acharya S

Acharya, I just wanted to say that I love reading your website and your articles.  I have not believed in any fairy tales or gods for over 2 years now, and quite honestly, because of where I live, it's hard as "hell". :-)  Living in the buckle of the bible belt, and because of the job industry that I am in, I have to work around xians all the time.  I even had to work in a church for Memorial Day services, and could not believe the hate and ignorance spewed forth.  I am sure that it was there all along, but the last time I was in church, I believed and didn't see it as such.  The friends that know of my de-conversion, are no longer my friends, except one guy.  And he's convinced that I am just going through a "stage".  I lost my marriage because of my wife's "church" and "friends" giving her godly advice.  What a nice god that would tell her that belief in him is more important than my non-belief.  Thank god :) we didn't have kids.  I am afraid to tell the few friends I have left, who are all xians, where I stand on things.  They all think I am so wonderful, and so many of them tell me that I am the most Christian person that they know.  Funny.?.?.  I have yet to even meet a female in this city that is not a xian.  I am sure they are out There, but there is no apparent "spot" for them to hang out at.  I have lived on 4 continents, and various other island countries.  Been in the minority more than in the majority for much of my life.  Seen many different faiths at work and in power.  And yet I now realize that the true minority, the truly oppressed, are those who would think for themselves.  It is sad.  Anyhow, thank you for your website, keep up the good work.  You truly seem like a very well versed and "wise" lady.  Take care...

Date:  Tue, 05 Jun 2001 18:51:14 +0100
From:  CG
To:  Acharya S
Subject:  Acharya S on the Radio! - and on form!

Amazing!  The quote you found from Justin is veeeeeerrrrry interesting!  And MANY thanks for including the link to the full text of his Apology (apology as in "reasoning against" isn't it?).  I'm sure you've read the whole thing, but I've only just got your email and consequently have only just started to delve into said "apology".

Phew! check this:

"Hence are we called atheists. And we confess that we are atheists, so far as gods of this sort are concerned" - take that quote forward nearly a couple of millennia - and WHERE are today's neo-Christians (or should that be "post"-Christians as opposed to antE-Christians) who can admit (at least to themselves, if not to their pastor) that the worship of Christ based on miracle and myth is analogous to the very "heathenism" that Justin condemns?  Where are they?  Hopefully forwarding your email to their friends!

You're doing a great job in bringing this material to peoples' attention, Acharya.


Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 17:09:29 -0500 (CDT)
From: DL
Subject: Interesting reading
To: Acharya S

…You are atheist, yes? (duh)

I've come to the conclusion lately that ANYTHING that anyone says regarding religion, philosophy, self-help or the meaning of life is purely speculation or BELIEF.

I don't KNOW anything and neither does anyone else (including you).  Although I will agree with you on one thing and that is the paradoxical nature of what we observe.

Enjoyed your site immensely.

Actually, I'm neither an "atheist" nor a "theist."

If I don't know anything, what is there to enjoy at my site?  And how could I possibly read your message?

From: RC
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 20:20:42 EDT
Subject: Bibles are free!
To: Acharya S

Bibles are free!

Why are you charging money for your book?

Well, isn't that clever!  And if I starve to death, I'll really make a point!

If I had hundreds of millions of brainwashed serfs paying into the kitty, like these biblicists do, I would probably give out my books as well. Are you volunteering? Please feel free to either donate to buy several copies of Christ Con and give them out!

From: JW
Date:  Wed, 6 Jun 2001 22:42:11 EDT
Subject:  Virgin birth of Horus?
To:  Acharya S

Hi. I'm trying to determine what primary evidence exists to support the belief that Horus had a "virgin birth."  The images in the Temple at Luxor are only images without any narrative hieroglyphics. I think that an interpretation of the images as describing a virgin birth is reasonable but I was wondering if you were aware of any related, extant Egyptian narrative describing a virgin birth.  I don't think there is any.  Other than that I believe all there is is the Hymn to Osiris where Isis "raises the prostrate body whose heart was still."  The interpretations of this range from a quasi-virgin birth to Isis reviving Osiris long enough for him to procreate. Extant reports by Greeks such as Plutarch indicate that the "revival" was the popular interpretation.  Are you aware of any other primary evidence for a "virgin birth" description?

If there is no other evidence for a "virgin birth" it may be misleading to imply that this was the only birth story for Horus.  Whether Isis was described in general as a "virgin" is a separate issue.

This assertion has been made, and the logic behind it argued, many times. Isis is the constellation of Virgo the Virgin, as well as the Moon, which becomes a "virgin" during when it is new. The sun god - in this case, Horus - is born of this Virgin goddess. It's really not much of a mystery. In any case, a number of researcher maintain that the Egyptian goddess is called a "virgin" in the Chronicon Paschale, which was begun during the 6th century. I haven't seen the original Latin, so I can't verify it. The CP does discuss the Egyptian solstice holiday, during which the baby sun was brought out in an image (manger). I highly recommend the works of Gerald Massey.

Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 02:47:48 GMT
To: Acharya S
Subject: About your website

Dear Acharya:

I read your website and I found it very interesting, especially the section that covers the origins of Christianity, but I still feel like you are bit extreme on your statements.  I am a Muslim who chose Islam out of free wil, and even though, I agree that Islam has its dark side, it also has a very positive side, so I think it is a bit naive for you to say that the Islamic religion "oppresses people", I truly believe that people oppress themselves and I dont think religion makes people kill others, I think people kill others out of free will! Saying that a book like the Qur'an makes people kill others, would be as ridiculous as saying that a video-game or song made them do it, I mean, can people be that weak minded?

I just think that in order for you to convince people, you need to be more tactful, otherwise, you end up sounding as bad as the brainwashed person who will refute anyything you say, no matter what.I consider myself a very intellectual person and just because I choose to be critical, it doesnt mean that I should automatically discredit all religions and be critical of them all, most people that call themselves "free thinkers" are not in fact free thinkers, they have been influenced by culture, by parents, by their own bias and the environment they come on contact with which sometimes can be as influential, if not more than religion.  Nevertheless, I have met many ignorant people in Islam and also someone of the brightest people I have known in my life, so I would recommend not categorizing people in your rants, try to be take a more moderate approach to the topic, so that your statements will be more convincing and keep up the good job.

Thanks. Sorry, but I tell it like it is. Islam is an oppression.  Can you seriously say otherwise? You are compelled to behave in a bizarre and neurotic manner, or you will be killed, if you live in an Islamic country.  Many thousands have been killed for not behaving in this manner - now, THAT is extreme. Women are hideously oppressed by Islam. No justification will change that fact.  Islam, as you are well aware, means "submission" - submitting means being compelled, forced, against one's will.

Your derogatory comments about "sounding brainwashed" etc. will certainly not affect me, if that is your intent, other than to verify that believers are conceited and unpleasant, and will use whatever insulting tactics necessary to convince others.  And to say that a book that constantly exhorts its followers to kill infidels has nothing to do with them killing infidels is simply asinine.

It would be much better for the world if everyone dropped these divisiveness and insane ideologies.  It's quite possible to live without them; in fact, the nicest and most moral people I encounter are the non-religious.

P.S.  I find it interesting that you applaud my criticism of Christianity but wish to protect your own cult.  Quite typical:  "My God is bigger and better than yours."

Date:  Thu, 7 Jun 2001 12:13:15 GMT
From:  OAGAT
To:  Acharya S
Subject:  About your website
Dear Acharya:

Thanks for your reply, as I said, I am a Muslim and I don't think I am oppressed by any means, I don't see myself displaying any signs of "bizarre and neurotic behavior." (Go back to the original message and re-read what I said about categorizing people) as you have pre-judged me without even knowing anything about myself (that's -1 for rationality) I live in a Western society, I was raised in a Western society and I still haven't quite found anything in the Qur'an that points to killing people that have left Islam, so If feel like I want to leave the religion tomorrow, no one would stop me, understand?  Just because people have distorted the religion, that doesn’t make me discredit the whole religion, that would be quite irrational for someone like you who seem to praise "rationality" so much.

My wife, for example is an American woman who chose to become a Muslim out of her free will and it would be naive for me to believe that she chose to be "oppressed" as you have categorized her without even knowing anything about her.  As far as Islam being submission, I don't feel like I have submitted against my will, it would be quite ludicrous to say that I submitted to God against my will, when I was the one who chose to become a Muslim out of my personal desire and I still don't seem to find any Muslim person with a gun to my head forcing me to become a "submitter"...understand?  The part in the Qur'an that refers to "slay the idolaters." is referring to a specific battle which took place at a specific period of time, so you trying to imply that Islam preaches killing people by quoting something out of context, makes you sound as naive as the little guy that quotes a line out of a song and say that the song made him go out and kill others.  Finally, by trying so hard to discredit religions, you sound as passionate as the person who knocks on my door and tries to get me to come to his church, I honestly feel like you still lack tact in your approach and your conclusions are filled with bias which end up making them as irrational as the religions you preach against.

By evaluating your last statement, I have no doubt in my mind that your approach is biased because you have tried to built conclusions about religions (and all the people that are part of them) based upon your individual perception of religion, which would correspond to me saying, "Since Islam is my truth, the truth should be applied to each and every human being on Earth", or "All blacks are thieves" or "All Swedes are promiscuous" or "All Swedes are suicidal, depressed people" see what you do when you categorize? Truth is a highly subjective matter :) I feel like you have some good points there, but the way you have tried to convince people to leave religions sounds as militant and biased as the person who comes to my house, knocks on my door and  tries to preach about his/her religion and how he found "truth' in it.  I would definitely try to take a more moderate approach to the issue without being so biased, I find your assertions interesting but they have no impact on me, since they are not very objective and lack a great deal of tact and rationality.  For someone who seems to praise "rationality and free thinking so much, it feels like you have got a cult of your own which pretty much defeats the whole purpose of your rants.

Kind regards,

I'm not interested in buying shoddy goods from any used-religion salesman, whether he is Christian, Jewish or Muslim. The fact is that I've actually studied the religion in question, so it is not so easy to convince me, which is why you are trying so hard.

I stand by my statements - Islam is an oppression.  An individual's anecdotal experience does not prove anything.  It should be quite obvious that I am aware of the "generalization" argument, pretty basic.  I must have heard it 30 years ago.  I don't make such generalizations anywhere on my website.

Oh yes, I am definitely very passionate about showing what hateful and insane ideologies these are.  That should also be obvious.

What I'm seeing here is how insidious is the mind control - the victim never knows he's involved.

Being compelled to wear particular clothes, bow down x amount of times a day, repeat rote "prayers," paint a particular face (Arab male) on the divine (an archaic face dating from violent and deranged nomadic desert tribes of the 7th century, no less!), believe that your beliefs are the only valid ones, etc., are all bizarre and neurotic behaviors.  They are also unnecessary and cultlike.  BORG, in fact.

As I said before, it would be much better for the world if everyone would drop these dumb and divisive ideologies.  They really are a sign of devoluton. In fact, following is a message from an Iranian person who has escaped the bonds of his native programming.  (The message from "RP" above is also from him.)

Date:  Wed, 6 Jun 2001 15:32:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: RP
To: Acharya S

…u have made such a great and profound change in my life, it is incredible…  

Date:  Thu, 7 Jun 2001 23:58:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: SR
To:  Acharya S

Dear Acharya,

I read your article titled "Does the Cosmos care about the pope" and felt truly exhilarated. I cannot agree more with the idea you're trying to express, and the way you've expressed it, especially the first paragraph, is FABULOUS. Yes, the best way to appreciate God is not through religion, but by admiring the beauty of his creation. As a physicist, I can vouch for the fact that this beauty is amply revealed in the elegance of the physical laws that guide the universe. But even from a non scientific point of view, one can see God in the daily functioning of nature: the smile of a new born baby, the rustle of the leaves in a balmy autumn evening, the white foam of waves crashing into a shore in darkness...indeed the entire miracle of existence! I subscribe to my own native Hindu belief that the Lord is all-pervading, omnipotent and omniscient, and one can feel his presence by simply observing the miracles that happen every day in nature. Its just too obvious that there is an infinite yet unobtrusive cosmic intelligence at play, an intelligence compared to which our own much-hyped intelligence pales into insignificance! And we can make the most of lives by aligning ourselves with this cosmic intelligence.

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