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Emails I Have Loved

June 1999

From: os
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 22:43:50 -0500 (EST)
To: Acharya S
Subject: hooked

i've been reading the items on your web site and think its wonderful and marvelous and necessary. there should be a thousand like you around the world, bringing the healing only enlightenment can. thank you for all you do. if i were your kitty i'd love to lap milk out of your navel...then...

From: KR
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 15:43:20 EDT
Subject:  leading edge offshoots
To: Acharya S

Thanks Acharya,

You have been a great help in my escape from old mindsets into which I was brainwashed (I can call them "old" now ... thanks to you). :-)  Your web site acted as a catalyst that moved me to really think.  I've been soaking up all of the wonderful information that I've been accessing through your site and the FSTS list.  I listened to you on the radio last night.  It was great.

You know, I (and I am sure many more people) would love to see your upcoming book receive greater publicity!  You really could cause a stir, awakening more minds.  You do great work.  Thanks for sharing your superconsciousness.

From:  PC
To: Acharya S
Subject:  Temple of ancient Egyptian sun god found
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 14:33:08 PDT

You are working so hard,  When are you going to dance and relax?  Thanks so much for your efforts and humor.

Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 17:46:22 -0400
From: MB
To: Acharya S
Subject: You are TRULY amazing!

Thank You for you tidbits of info! You are a rare woman, that is for sure. Can't say that I have known many that even take an interest in acquiring so much knowledge. One of my buddies keeps calling the "bad guys" the illumiNAZIs! Fitting term, don't you think? Again, thank you for being YOU and keep on keepin on, and all that other good stuff. Take care and Stay Safe!  In Light, Truth and Knowledge...  or at least, trying to be...

From: CM
To: Acharya S
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 11:02:06 GMT

... It is unbelievable for me to discover that such a beautiful young woman is looking for such special subjects. I had not found one here in all Romania.

That is a real surprise for me ... Anyway, if I can help you promoting materials on the radio for you, this is at anytime you wish.... Just reading some details about you on the web, I found you as a very wise person, with a powerful mind, and if I am not wrong, sometimes you experience telepathy. I don't know how to explain it but just is my impression.

From: PC
To: Acharya S
Subject: Congratulations ...
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 14:38:30 PDT

The more I read of your mind the more I love you and your mind.  No wonder so many are attracted to your intellect and being.  As your hard work uncovers some of the reasons why we as a culture are a bit crazy in all areas, the only medicine that works for me is the Dance and of course a little 4:20 at times.   Not being of Private School education or higher education it is a bit of a joke when the issues get clouded by intellect....

PS.  we must de-crime cannabis now - it is a joke not to use it every place in this modern society.  NOT legalization - the crown would love a new tax.

Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 14:34:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: MG
To: Superconsciousness


From:  KM
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 12:30:49 EDT
Subject: Declaration
To: Acharya S

Hello whoever you are!

Thank you so much for the declaration that is so well thought out pointed.  I also like to think of myself as spiritual/Earth-loving and wonder if I could ever have said all that better myself.  Much love and appreciation to you for your statement and ideals.

A "like" thinker ...

From: SM
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 19:08:14 EDT
To: Acharya S

want to ask two questions:
1. are you a evolutionist ?
2. What do you think happens after death ?

I am neither this nor that.  Evolution exists; creation exists.  Things evolve; things are created.  They also devolve and are destroyed.

Regarding afterlife, for atheists and Jews there is nihilism, the Big Void, nothing.  For Christians, heaven is slobbering at the feet of Jesus and his Daddy - for others, such would be hell.  For Muslims, paradise is virgin girls and boys with earrings.  For Buddhists, there is Nirvana or mind-hells of one's own lack of consciousness.  For Vikings, Valhalla.  Hindus get the merry-go-round, and Taoists the Ten Thousand Things.  The universe is all-encompassing and accommodating.

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 10:05:29 -0400
From: BF
To: "Acharya S"
Subject: Your New Book......

Hi Acharya,

I have been eagerly anticipating the release of your book, but have not heard anything about "the Greatest Story..." yet.  I know you said it will be coming out in June.

We have to get it out before THEY put up the "10 Commandments" in the classrooms.  :-)

From: BV
To: Acharya S
Subject: The devil Deceives
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 01:39:46 -0500

It is my hope that you will find the Lord Jesus Christ, repent your sins and be saved before the day of judgement.  You have been deceived by the devil who will stop at nothing to take as many of the Holy Lord's sheep with him to hell.  The Lord promised to preserve His word.  The word is the sword that we use to fight the devil.  It is the devil who labors to alter the word so that we will become defenseless.  I pray that you seek the truth and find the Lord Jesus Christ before it is to late.

What I just LOVE about Christians!  They're SO humble - NOT!  What an arrogant load of crap. BORG!  Always trying to assimilate everyone and suck out their souls.


Commander, Anti-BORG Brigade

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 21:55:01 -0500
From: RG
To: Acharya S
Subject: The Shroud of Turin

... You are an inspiration indeed!  Please feel free to contact me if/when you visit in Chicago. I would enjoy meeting you.

From: KM
To: Acharya S
Subject: Your WRITINGS / Wisdom. WOW!
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 08:51:52 -0500

Good Morning.....BEAUTIFUL Acharya!!! ...

... I tell you....I just get SO WEARY of living here on planet earth & having to MANEUVER in a flesh body...all the while KNOWING that most everything on earth is FAKE & a LIE, etc.!!!  Oh well...maybe SOMEDAY we will all find out "WHO we are" & "WHERE we came from"!

I laughed until I nearly BENT DOUBLE...what you said about "Slobbering at the feet of Jesus & his Daddy"!!!!!  At this point, I really NEEDED a "GOOD LAUGH"!!!  ...

.... I need to sum-up the courage to LEAVE this area...with all it's ULTRA RELIGIOUS, BIZARRE, INSANE "religious beliefs"!!!  ...

I finally got the time to read your dissertation on "Sitchin," and found it to be EXCELLENT!  Thank you!  I had so many unanswered questions, after reading all his books...and also, a VERY depressed feeling, thinking we had been created just by "custodial gods" to be their slaves.... I have lived through SO MUCH "religious SHIT" (excuse me), I have just investigated EVERYTHING I could get my hands on...trying to FIND ANSWERS!

I have also read your "Origins of Christianity" 3 times now...printed it off the computer...and get more out of it, the more I read it!  AGAIN, thank you!  But, it does NO GOOD to try to "tell people" the truth!  PROOF can HIT THEM IN THE FACE, and in spite of everything, they will turn around and RUN BACK to all their insidious little churches & denominations!  I just SO WISH I lived in an area where there were more enlightened people, so I wouldn't CONSTANTLY have to LISTEN TO "all their VOMIT"!!!

They all consider ME "the WORSE SINNER that ever walked the earth ( I am a professional....starving, HA!...musician, who USE to provide "free music" to all the churches / synagogues, from Shreveport, La. to Dallas, Texas.  I finally just WALKED AWAY!  Like you, since my birth, I have always been a very loving & giving person, and was SICKENED to my CORE, at the way humans could TREAT each other.  I grew up in Mississippi in the 60s, so encountered first hand all the racism, murders of MLK, Medgar Evers, etc.  and was ALWAYS "in trouble" for having "BLACK FRIENDS", etc.), because I finally just TOLD EVERYONE that I am an ATHEIST!  Don't be surprised if you finally hear, one day, that I have been BURNED AT THE STAKE, ha!  Their hatred is SO INTENSE it is UNBELIEVABLE!! ...

KNOW that I think you are BEAUTIFUL...both physically & mentally & spiritual.  YOUR FRIENDSHIP & MENTORING are INVALUABLE to & always! ...

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 10:53:59 -0500
From: D
To: Acharya S
Subject: Howdy

1st things 1st....thank you thank you thank you for being a sane and healing and courageous voice. I first heard you on Richard Metzger's net show INFINITY FACTORY and since have accessed your web site and am in the process of going thru some of your recommended reading. Wow - what a relief it is...

I can tell you from experience that religion is FAR worse than other of the infernal pantheon of addictions. With effort and will it is possible to cleanse yourself of drug and food addictions; but with the mind pollution that comes from religious indoctrination, I struggle with that every day. (Please forgive all this venting, but sure is cathartic!)

As a refugee from Catholicism/Christianity and as a Gay man I struggle often with all the negativism that was inculcated in my mind. To my dismay, when I experimented with some of the neo-pagan/neo-shamanic movements I encountered some of the very dogmatism I was trying to flee from! "How do you know the Druids really did this ritual?"  "Because I'm Lady Bla Bla or I'm Lord Goo Goo and I was initiated by Lord Samael who was initiated by Lord Ialdabath who was a friend of a friend of a cousin of Aleister Crowley!'' Please.

The universe is my cathedral now. Healthy meals and healthy sex my sacraments. My loved ones are my icons. My ever-changing thoughts my scripture. With a generous dose of healing medicine from Acharya S.

Thank you and will stay tuned!

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 20:52:17 -0500
From: KS
To: Acharya S
Subject: Yo

My interest in the list you started has a lot to do with my sense of future liberation. You show signs of the true human being rising out of "New York City". :) ...

My heart, for some unknown reason, soars with those who choose to be free.....

Thanx ...

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 19:17:52 -0600
From: FC
To: Acharya S
Subject: About your site...

...thank you.

I linked in from a bulletin board discussion.  It's on the Recovery from Mormonism site.  Many of us refer to that church as the Morg.  My posts are often full of Borg references: "We are the Morg. You will be baptized. Your individuality will be lost in the Collective. Resistance is futile."  Ever notice how the Morg mercenaries all look like little drones?

Anyhow, this is my kind of site.  Since escaping form the Morg, I have had an interest in the difference between what I had always been taught and some silly thing called the truth.

And I must agree with your admirer, MS--you are beautiful.

I'll be back to visit often.

Blessed be.

What can I say?  These folks are just so far-out that I am inspired to carry on.  See Washington and The Mormon Church for info on Mormonism.

From: os
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 22:22:50 -0500 (EST)
To: Acharya S

i discovered your show last winter, when snow was ass deep and i was surfing the net searching for something to feel good about. i found your page and devoured your rants and felt so good that someone of such obvious talents was getting some real truth out there. the fact you are physically gorgeous is just a bonus. i just think you're the cat's meow...

Again, my friend, I thank you.

We are truly kindred spirits.  The graciousness you display is that which I so crave to invoke in humankind.  It is the epitome of the enlightened individual.  As such, you represent the "homo novus" and satisfy that there IS basis for the concept of our evolution into a more loving, wise species.

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 21:35:29 -0600
From: FC
To: Acharya S
Subject: awe-full follow up


I spent the last hour or more browsing around your site.  I wanted to hit on several of your essays to get a better idea of what you are about.


I love you.  Oh, it's more than feeling a physical attraction to you from your photos.  I would say "I love you" even without seeing the photos.  I love you for your soul, your insights, your courage, your determination, your dedication to truth.  I love your definition of religious experience.  For the past few years, I have differentiated between being religious and being spiritual.  Your definition corresponds with my idea of spirituality.  And I'm having a religious experience trying to write this message.

As I mentioned in my previous message, I will visit very often.  I began to get a little overwhelmed by the volume of your essays.  I would like to download them so that I can peruse them at leisure without my ISP kicking me off after 20 minutes.  One of my thoughts was that perhaps you could compile your essays into a book.  I would buy it.  I plan on getting your Christ Conspiracy.  I love stuff like that.

WOW!!!  Keep it up.
Thank you.

From: MH
To: "Acharya S"
Subject: The Shroud of Turin
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 18:26:25 +0100

Go get 'em girl!

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 15:07:14 -0400
From: MC
To: Acharya S
Subject: Hi Acharya

I recently came upon your website while surfing at work instead of working!!  I also signed up for your "sex to superconsciousness" discussion from my home address.  I have been reading about alternative subjects since I was about 12 and have questioned religion also since then.  I agree for the most part with what I have read in your site so far. However, I have also read Zecharia Sitchin and various other writings about the Anunnaki.  I just keep reading and questioning.  I don't totally believe anything but I don't disbelieve anything either....   I am going to go back now to read some more of your articles (my boss is at a hearing and I am goofing off on the net).... .

Keep up the good work.  Inspiration and Light,

From: SD
To: "Acharya S"
Subject: Re: The Shroud of Turin
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 18:51:04 -0500

Go fuckin get em girl!!!

And, time permitting, please let me in on how IN this hell do you find funding to expose the lies.   I have a couple to expose myself!!  It's almost maddening!

It is VERY refreshing and refueling for me to know #1 a true woman maverick with #2 excellent communication skills (I am the former).  One point Mr. **** made in one dissertation at his web site that rang so true, that is, financially supporting the lightbearers of the world, because they are mostly struggling.

From: MG
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 21:10:02 EDT
Subject: The Shroud of Turin
To: Acharya S

You show em!  :)

From: MF
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 23:32:48 EDT
Subject: Acharya

As the knights of old
this one is bold
with stories to be told
and books to be sold

She rails against big daddy in the sky
for all to hear she gives this cry
don't you know it's all a big lie
for those who still believe she gives a sigh

She has this list where everyone can rant
even those with a different slant
many of god's believers recant
tell lies here you can't

She doesn't say if she lives in a city
her photo show a face that is pretty
her writings display a mind that is witty
now ends this little ditty

From: DD
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 00:21:34 EDT
Subject: The Shroud of Turin
To: Acharya S

The "Shroud" is exactly what it appears to be, a photographic negative.

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