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 The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1

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Where it comes to dogma pushers, sometimes I have dreary days, too.  *** is a hot-bed of ideologues--a mixed blessing.  I moved here in early adulthood after dumping a Woman I'd fallen deeply in love with.  There was just one small problem: she was a strict Catholic and the stuff she so fervently believed in seemed like nonsense.  I was torn with intense feeling, between what I felt inside to be true and her adherence to....

I was driving during a sunny day on family business and listening to Wisconsin Public Radio.  Then it came--a re-broadcast of Paul Kurtz's speech to the Commonwealth Club: "Forbidden Fruit: Ethics Without Religion"....

After two minutes of listening, I had to pull my van over and stop.  His succinct speech helped shatter the final barrier to my realizing that the religious machine (Emperor) wears no clothes.

The same summer, I was roller skating around our capital square, taking in the flowers and nifty buildings.  *****'s downtown is filled with indelible eye-candy, but this one little building emanated something....   I paused to enjoy and--this will sound bizarre--the place invited me to come inside.  In, I stepped to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The hall seemed like a living room--very comfortable.  After perusing some of the material I found, a greying, unassuming Lady came out to greet me (the founder; you probably know her).  She didn't jump me or try to sell me anything.  She graciously presented herself and made me feel as if the space was "ours"...anyone's..."open".  In addition to disseminating Kurtz's "Forbidden Fruit" over the years, I have since shared several anonymous contributions to the F.F.R.F.

Fast forward to now and my purpose in writing to you:

I appreciate your thinking and your website, Mi Lady !

From: KM
To: "Acharya S"
Subject: Re: The Shroud of Turin
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 09:56:38 -0500


I love it, LOVE IT, L-O-V-E  I-T!!!!!   BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!!!! ...

All my LIFE I have KNOWN, deep down, that all the religious & Christian "stuff" was all just JUNK & NOT TRUE...but I just never could PROVE IT...just knew it in my spirit!!!  SO, I was always "PUT DOWN" by my, so called, "Spiritual teachers / superiors?!!!  But, not any I can just use YOUR "works / writings"!!!  I FW this on to a number of MINISTERS, that have criticized me SO MUCH ... But, most of them won't even read it...much less ACCEPT IT!!!  They will just say something STUPID, like "I don't have to have proof to know that Jesus REALLY exists," or "I KNOW Jesus is alive, because he lives in my HEART," & other equally as ignorant remarks! ...

Neither do I have TIME for all the chanting, meditation, burning candles, spirit dances,etc!  I am just too busy simply TRYING to SURVIVE!  ...

... Anyway, thanks SO MUCH for FW this on to me!  I always APPRECIATE everything...even just "little tid bits" of information of ENLIGHTENMENT!!!

To: Acharya S
From: KB
Subject: Crop circles

... Your comment ...  is right on: To really know the truth one must do their homework. I do not take many things at face value but I am always willing to listen and learn. I have learned much from you.

You have been kinda like a mentor for me. I hope I have passed on information to to you that has been helpful....

From: os
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 05:40:19 -0500 (EST)
To: Acharya S
Subject: Re: livin' less than large..

i feel connected to you and your work in a way i can't quite understand.  maybe we met before somewhere. anyway, its nice evolving with you.  i find you extremely attractive in every way.

Can't get enough of this sweetheart.  Hey, folks, that's all I'm trying to "provoke" - people who feel this way about each other and the world at large.  See "Celebration of Life."

From: KH
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 11:15:06 EDT
Subject: I found you again!
To: Acharya S

Dear Acharya,

My true love, i lost your web site about 2 years ago when i was kicked off of AOL for insulting Xtians. (who me?)  Anywho that's not important, what's important is that i found your site again after trying to find (in vain) an article that was written by an incredibly smart Italian Ph.D. named David Donnini.

Although i am a secular Jew and do not subscribe to all your beliefs about my religion, i adore anything you write that shows the how Xtianity is nothing but a forgery/ fraud. I also enjoy most of your political musings about the politicians who run our country (g-d forbid).

I must admit from the moment your lovely physical form embraced my 15-inch monitor, i fell madly in love with you. Now that i have you back, you will never leave my sight again.

P.S. Would love to see you debate the likes of a Jerry Falwell

Drool - I'd slice and dice the cunning fool.  I appreciate the loving sentiment.  Very sweet.  My "secular Jew" friends no longer consider themselves to be "Jewish" - they are just people (see the next message).

From: KM
To: "Acharya S"
Subject: Re: Fw: Your WRITINGS / WIsdom. WOW!
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 11:05:56 -0500

Hello, to my PRICELESS FRIEND & MENTOR, Acharya S!!!

... It is sheer delight to be able to have an INTELLIGENT conversation / correspondence with someone of LIKE-MIND/LIKE BELIEFS!!!

... Since I am a Jew by flesh & blood (but NOT by faith or religion, any longer!), guess I have the RIGHT to ... laugh at, criticize, debunk, and SCREAM AT my "own people"!  It really BEATS THE HELL out of ME, how basically, Jews are very intelligent & talented people...and can still REMAIN so very IGNORANT on the subject of "ISRAEL'S GOD"!!!! Gees!!!!  I could write a book, lengthy as "Gone With the Wind", about all the TROUBLE I have stayed in, in my lifetime...because, gradually( as I became more & MORE "enlightened"), I stopped "OBEYING all the "RULES"... of SYNAGOGUE /CHURCH /GOVERNMENT /SOCIETY! ...

SO...when I finally walked out of the synagogue, FOR GOOD, (which, by the way, was ironically named "AHAVA" (brotherly love) Synagogue, the INSANE Rabbi ... & I nearly ACTUALLY "drew blood"!!!  NEVER AGAIN will I EVER "put a rag, scarf, hat, or any kind of covering on my head & 'be in SUBMISSION' to any MALE or DEITY" in any church, temple, mosque, or synagogue!!!  At LONG LAST, I have finally realized that I "RESPECT my OWN-SELF TOO MUCH"!!!  Though, I admit, my present "FREEDOM" has been bought at a GREAT COST!!!  I'm sure YOU also "know the feeling"!!!  The Christians think I as EQUALLY as SINFUL as the Jews do!!!  One woman, this week, even had the AUDACITY to tell me, "God has a LESSON for you, in all this!" (Referring to the recent tornado that hit my house & 2 cars.  She was sarcastically inferring that...god was punishing me, for turning my back on him, religion, etc.)  I quickly replied..."If there is ANY lesson in all of this, it is THIS:  "That in any given situation, it is MUCH better to be RICH rather than POOR!!!" ...

In spite of all of the SHIT I have been taught...all of my life...(and I really don't appreciate my parents, family, etc. telling me all of these LIES!  But, my REAL rage is directed towards the ones RESPONSIBLE...the ministers, preachers, missionaries, priests, pastors, rabbis, and ...GOD FORBID...all the insane & RICH (I might add!) T.V. EVANGELISTS!!! ...

Finally, after years & years of being told "VOMIT," I set out on my OWN to FIND ANSWERS!!! And, what all I started UNCOVERING!!!  WOW!!!)  I have plowed-through several thousand BOOKS!  But, until I met YOU, I really couldn't INTELLIGENTLY "piece-together" all I had learned!  YOUR TEACHINGS have TRULY "RELEASED ME" & brought "FULL UNDERSTANDING"!!!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!!!

So, people want to say that I am bitter now!  I think it is THE greatest INSANITY to strive to obtain "NIRVANA"!!!!

It is of the ultimate IMPORTANCE to strive, instead, to achieve TOTAL WISDOM!  And, for one to do that, they MUST become completely CYNICAL, FAITHLESS & ATHEIST!!!  Then, of course, you are DESPISED & HATED by society!  THAT is the "PRICE" one has to PAY for "ENLIGHTENMENT"!  Yes, it IS, indeed, a very SAD planet!!!  Also, I REFUSE to "accept /believe" ANYTHING, without being given TOTAL PROOF & TOTAL FACT...which "blows all religions OUT OF THE WATER!  As, in all of them, you have to rely on a great deal of FAITH!!! are the ONLY ONE , so far, that has been able to PRODUCE the "FACTS," dear...just the FACTS" (You are probably too young to remember the old, T.V. show, "Dragnet"!)....

Love & hugs,
P.S.... I'm sure you always KNOW WHAT I MEAN, since we are "two of a KIND"!  Maybe we "KNEW EACH OTHER" BEFORE, on another planet, you think?  Do you think there IS a planet, anywhere, that is BETTER than THIS ONE???

Yep, but how to get there, without a spaceship or striving for Nirvana?

From: KK
CC: Acharya S
Subject: Konformist: The Shroud of Turin and Other "Holy Relics"
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 11:04:00 -0700

Acharya is absolutely correct.  Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince wrote a book called Turin Shroud - In Whose Image?  The Shocking Truth Unveiled which provided very convincing evidence of somebody who was paid to create a relic for the church.  The authors point the finger at Leonardo de Vinci and his inquiring genius mind - which was capable of solving the problem of creating something that looked to come straight from the hand of God.  It appears that there was a building that Leonardo had access to in Italy (photo of the building in the book) that could have served very nicely as a camera obscura (photos of Dr. Nicolas Allen's tests of the camera obscura technique using 13th century equipment); using a dilution of ammonium hydroxide and a 60mm diameter piece of optical grade crystal - all available in 13th century Europe.  The authors go into detail proving that the face on the shroud is Leonardo's and strongly suggesting there is evidence showing that Leonard would not be above using himself as the model for Christ.

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 16:11:46 -0600
From: FC
To: Acharya S

My dear Acharya,

Thank you so much for your replies.  They really made my day.

Unfortunately, I wasn't stupid enough to run out and join a cult such as the Morg Collective; I was indoctrinated in it from (in essence) birth.  But I was stupid enough to do the mercenary thang.  After all, that's what good little Mormon boys are supposed to do at age 19, especially if they grow up in a good little Mormon Utah town.  (And they call them "Elder".  [SHUDDER)  But thank Goddess I finally got out.

yours in raging against the xtian Conspiracy and dismantling the Matrix,

**** the Apostate, Escapee from the Morg Collective

From: SD
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 15:47:21 EDT
To: Acharya S

Well, I read your questions/answers portion. I am in such agreement with so much of what you say. I have been involved in church and metaphysical studies all my life. I think there has been about 40% of me that feels I should pay attention to the Bible, then 30% says it is so contradictory at times that I get sick even trying to figure it ALL out. That leaves 30% of me that keeps feeling much of the same things you speak about!. Then a part of me starts all over again and I feel guilty but I don't know for what?

I have some of the exact same feelings about The Catholic Church..I questions so much about this.. I also question the cruelty of the GOD of the old testament and how can it be the same God of the new testament that teaches LOVE..THOU SHALT NOT KILL, yet in the old testament, so called "God" could destroy or the angels of the Lord could destroy and kill..????

But here is my dilemma..I want so much to believe in what is REAL, TRUTH..I have had circumstances which brought me into contact with the apparitions of the Lady of Light appearing to several young people in MEDJUGORJE..I researched this since about 1984..I know something very real is taking place.  I have met two of the visionaries and have even been present during a few apparitions and seen the flash of light that takes place PRIOR to her appearing to the visionaries..I have read all about this particular place and visionaries for years..she states she is the mother of Jesus who walked this
earth before..I would love to speak to her so bad and ask so many little simple questions..she states we should not dwell on the past, we should pray for priest and all the leaders of the churches for they have led many along the wrong path..seems right to me eh?  But she also tells them, all are her children..but there is a reason she always appears to children/people of the Catholic Church??

Have you read anything on this particular manifestation? It is a real pull on me for some reason because as I said, I feel so much the same as you on so many areas of thought on Christianity but I cannot discard the reality of this apparition and knowing these two (of six) visionaries and watching their life for the past few years.

I would so much appreciate your comments..

Thanks so much,

Fortunately, I have no such problem with being drawn to Christianity, the Catholic Church or other religion, because I know far too much about their history - blood, gore, perversion, nastiness, hatred, etc., ad nauseam.  That's why you get nauseous.  Also fortunately, I have no need for any of it at all, since I wasn't damaged by it from birth, which is what has happened to so many.

You sound very "romantic" and "poetic."  It is likewise fortunate that one can be dreamy without being credulous.

Yes, of course I know about Medjugorje.  In the first place, we have only the word of those who claim to have seen the apparition.  Thus, we don't know if she appeared and what she said.  Secondly, in ancient times people were always seeing such apparitions all over the place - only they were pre-Christian, of course, had nothing to do with the "Jewish" Mary or Christ, and, indeed, were purported to be the gods in vogue at that time, such as Isis-MERI, the Mother of Horus the KRST.  Such experiences do not prove historicity; rather they demonstrate either the extraordinary human imagination or an extradimensional phenomenon.  If the latter, and if the apparition really claims to be the "Mother of God" or Jesus or whatever, we can only suppose that such entities are deliberately deceiving the masses for some agenda.  Of course, such holographic images may be artificially constructed by earthly agencies, even centuries ago, by some technology unknown or recently rediscovered today. See also Christopher Hitchens's excellent debunking of Medjugorje.

From: SD
To: "Acharya S"
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 19:05:50 -0500

A.S. - I just gotta say that I am so thrilled to "see" you working, and I impatiently await your book's arrival.  $*^(@&$&%&@*#(  It is maddening and simultaneously gratifying to have been gifted with the mind that I do have.  I, having been distracted and diverted from so many wondrous investigations because of MEN, am still, nonetheless a bit disturbed to read the latest releases such as Laurence Gardner and Glenn Kimball's stuff ( ), he bases his bottom line (this I get from personal discourse) on the fact that he had an OBE (big fuckin deal).  How in the heck do those who have spent numerous years, 20-30, investigating a matter, then reach opposing conclusions?  I must say that you have apparently, (and I do not desire to spend 20 years investigating it for myself and take responsibility for it) reached the same conclusion as I.  There is no DEFINITIVE, only progression, am I right in reading that?

My motto is "do not take anyone's word for anything", yet I "go with ya".  I too have had OBE's, near death experiences, altered states of consciousness, serendipities, UFO witness, lucid dreams, the fucking whole nine yards.  I just want to express fulfillment in that I am a woman, and I do regard the female gender to have specific and remarkable intuitive abilities, quick too, and to the point.  Whatever, I do not desire to take up your valuable time, but I fully support your work and I am so grateful there is someone actually making progress and WAVES.   I am so thankful to be a part of the LIST because, as time flies, I need all the shortcuts I can find....

From: SD
To: "Acharya S"
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 19:20:15 -0500

Godammit, girl ........GOOOOOO fuckin GET EM..  I am WITH YA.  I have reflected on the magnitude of your work and realize that I would be having periodic meltdowns in your situation.  How are you holdin up?  I still urge you to start TODAY and eat the mineral ascorbates and buy the Emergen-C packets ...  My thought energies to ya.

I do indeed melt down on occasion ... but then I get inspired by all the great people who have written ....

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