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Junkfood and Criminality

by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S

In examining history, it would appear that humanity has spent a great deal of time Overweight Americans don't know itinvolved in bloody orgies of criminality and depravity. In fact, some pundits and cynics would claim that the human race in toto is utterly insane and deranged. Religionists would nod their heads in gleeful agreement, claiming that man's violent history has come about because he is "born in sin," a "fallen," rotten creation of a perfect creator. But is the human species a complete waste? Or is it only a certain percentage that creates unending grief for the rest of us, who are basically good?

The human race as a whole does seem to be rather degraded, and, even though the past has been horrendous, it appears as if it is getting worse. Many scientists and experts have attempted to explain this apparent degeneration, which is taking place despite the strides in medicine, by looking at factors such as cultural, societal or familial structures and trends. Still others will claim that environmental toxicity is causing this degradation, which manifests itself in hideous acts not only by adults but, more and more, by children.

According to authorities, behavioral problems in children such as hyperactivity, learning disabilities and criminality are skyrocketing, particularly in the industrialized nations. Instead of examining the real cause of these problems and then rectifying it, the experts are pushing psychotropic drugs such as Prozac, which inevitably have horrific side effects, including lethargy and zombiedom. It is true that the schools of industrialized nations are increasingly filled with problematic children, who then become problematic adults for the entire society. It is equally true that the future filled with such "adults" is a terrifying prospect.

In addition to an increase in criminal behavior, we can expect serious problems in the very social fabric, as the competence level of workers continues to plunge. If one were to ask any number of businesspeople and employers if the quality of workers is getting better or worse, one might find the answer to be overwhelmingly worse. It seems that incompetence and error are becoming all pervasive in our societies at every level. In light of this fact, it is amazing that society holds itself together at all. Indeed, it is miraculous. But, if we are wise, we can expect our luck to last only so long, until our societal systems are on the verge of complete collapse, which - make no mistake - is where we are headed.

Diet—The Great Unexamined Issue

"YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT." Well, here is what New Yorkers are, based on a survey of the top-10 "edible items" purchased at supermarkets: Pepsi Cola, Coke Classic Cola, Bumble Bee Tuna, Coke Classic Cola (large size), Pepsi Cola (also large size), Hellmans Mayonnaise, Budweiser Beer, Diet Pepsi Cola, Domino Sugar and Chock Full O'Nuts Coffee. Hinduism Today

What is going on with the human race? Well, despite all the complex gyrations of the pedigreed and pedagogic, it is quite simple: We have destroyed nature and gone against our own nature. We have toxified our environment and ourselves in the process. Humans are named for "humus," the fertile topsoil that is not only teeming with life but provides life. But our topsoil is wrecked worldwide, and so are we. Not only have we lost vast amounts of soil through poor management and abuse, but what remains is heavily contaminated on virtually every continent. What little soil is left is, in effect, poisonous, and from it we get our food - also poisonous. Our soil is also lacking in numerous minerals that were, once upon a time, passed into the plants that grew in it and were eaten by us and animals that we ate. In this way, we humans received proper nutrition that nourished body and brain, and we were assured of reasonably good health, physically, mentally and emotionally. Such is the case no more, as multiple mineral deficiencies are rampant.

In addition to eating foods that are grown on devitalized soils, far too many people are living almost exclusively on junkfoods that have little or no nutrition, regardless of the soil. Let this be clearly stated: Junkfood causes criminality. A number of people have said this, but few have heard it. Vast numbers of kids today are not eating good, wholesome foods as nature provided them but are living off of Coke and candy, McDonald's and other fastfoods that have little or no nutrition. These foods are not treats anymore; they are constituting entire diets. And these same kids are also spending hours in front of video games, which are causing behavioral problems as well. Junkfood junkies and hypnotic video games go hand in hand.

Unfortunately, junkfood junkies are extremely untrustworthy, and we are seeing gangs of them causing chaos and mayhem worldwide. They can be helped, but it is often a battle similar to that of drug addition, because these substances are addictive. These "foods" are filled with sugar and caffeine, which are drugs. Junkfood junkies, once they are of a certain age, frequently turn to other drugs, not just mild ones like marijuana or tobacco but alcohol, crack, speed and heroin. It is not so uncommon these days to know at least one person who virtually subsists off of coffee/Coke, sugar, cigarettes, hot dogs/hamburgers and alcohol or crack. More often than not, such a person will turn out to be a tremendous risk. Such individuals are prone not only to bursts of rage but violence, as well as deviant behavior and thinking—in effect, criminality.

In a sane society, the invasion of junkfood would be fought against tooth and nail, for it is major contributing factor in societal breakdown. In such a society, criminals, who are often malnourished rather than innately evil, would be fed as nutritiously as possible, such that their behavior could be rectified and they could become contributing members of society instead of burdens. Many addictions can be lessened or overcome with the use of assimilable multi-mineral supplements, as the lack of minerals causes tremendous cravings for addictive "foods" and drugs. To truly help criminals, these supplements would be essential because the food is so denatured that even if they eat natural foods, they will not receive the amounts of nutrients they need to be evolved, peaceful and calm individuals. Therefore, we also desperately need to get our soils in shape, which constitutes a monumental effort at this point. If we do not, and if we allow junkfood to take over this earth, we will end up with the most decadent human species imaginable, as well as a complete and utter societal and environmental collapse. Fortunately, those people who eat mainly organic, whole foods, cooked properly or eaten raw, will stand a good chance of not only surviving through such chaos but of continuing the human race; but, unless humankind wakes up, they will be fewer and fewer.

(N.B. This article was written several years ago, around 1995, based on the author's knowledge of nutrition and various personal observations. Certain authors such as Adele Davis were influential, as were texts such as Brain Allergies and the notorious "Twinkie Defense" murder trial. Over the years of having this article on the Net, Acharya S periodically received derision and abuse, as well as gratitude. One pathetic self-professed "fat" individual claimed junkfood had no negative impact on his life, yet he could barely spell. A school teacher stated that he would have previously scoffed at my suggestions, yet he himself had seen junkfood at work. Since that time, this perception has been taken seriously by at least one school district, Appleton, Wisconsin, where the public school has gone from a dangerous war zone to a peaceful hall of learning, all because natural, healthy foods replaced the typical high school junkfood fare. At the time of the writing of this article, the author was unaware of the work of "Dr. Feingold," but apparently he is the inspiration behind this all-too-timely development. For more information regarding this turn of events, please see the article "School Lunches Boost Learning: A Miracle in Wisconsin" by Jon Rappoport in Well Being Journal, January/February 2003. This development gives us great hope that our delinquent children, who become hell-raising adults and warmongerers, can be turned around.)

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