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Emails I Have Loved

May 2000

From: SF
To: Acharya S
Subject: Peace!
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 01:18:55 -0400

I would like to thank you for creating such a beautiful website full of knowledge and common sense...

It's rare to find other (as my friend Mike would say) "thought criminals" (this is said in jest of course; it is treated as criminal to think the way we do, however) anywhere... the internet has been a wonderful tool in helping me contact and build with those of like open-mind. Again I thank you.


From: SJ
To: Acharya S
Subject: A psychologist looks at Jesus
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 00:42:29 -0500

I am enjoying your fine web site and will be ordering the "Naked Truth"...

I have been living in the Florida panhandle for a few years now. In my rural neighborhood their are 39 churches - mostly Baptist. I am surrounded by people that believe in witches and devils. The knowledge that the difference between them and me is tiny is depressing.

My wife's sister won't let her kids see Disney movies. We are worried about their well being. I live near Pensacola where the Brownsville revival "miracle" is taking place. In spite of the newspaper articles about how an ex-con is taking their money back to his mansions in Alabama, the faithful keep coming. A friend of mine - a good airplane mechanic - has gotten so excited just thinking about the lord that he has read to me over the intercom while we were flying from a miniature copy of the New Testament.

I tried to rent a billboard and put Psalms 137:9 on it, but the billboards here are controlled by a Christian. In an attempt to get even for their lowering the quality of my life, I have recently been invading Bible chat groups and posing simple but impossible to answer questions. They haven't taken kindly to me, even though I have the best of intentions.

It's time to head back west. Astrology, crystals, healing magnets, alien impregnation, I-ching, channeling, OUIJA boards, scientology, regression and Seth. Yahoo! If you're going to believe in nonsense, it might as well be fun. I have read that people are being progressed now into future lives. I'm afraid of being left behind.

From:  js
To: Acharya S
Subject:  read this please
Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 21:23:17 CDT

hi, i just read your article about why you think the the bible is a story..well let me ask you this: if all of the "stories" are made up, why are they all so similar? Jesus died for mankind, not just for the christians or the muslims...etc.etc. therefor he lives in all of us. im not going to make this a lecture, i just thought i would give you my thoughts as well.. i believe that Jesus did live and that he will walk the earth again. "The kingdom of God is all around you; it is inside of you. Split a peice of wood and i am there ; lift a stone and you will find me"

I've explained quite thoroughly why these stories are so similar.

Date: Thu, 4 May 2000 23:08:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: JM
Subject: unbelievable!
To: Acharya S

I have just found your web site, and it has kept me up well past my bedtime! I have to say that the last thing I read that excited me so much was Cosmic Trigger. A brief perusal first shows great site design (did you do this yourself?), and next shows a strong mind that is curious and, more importantly, also has a sense of humour. The next few days will be be spent by me indulging in the articles and links here.

...Thank you for providing this site. I'm very interested in the FSTS list. I would like to say that living in Mississippi its hard to find people to discuss these topics with, but I imagine that willful ignorance isn't a matter of geography. Food for the mind is hard to find...and I feel like Ive found a new buffet here. Thanks again, and for goodness sake keep it up!

Thanks! Yes, I am the webmaster.

From: BLK
Date:  Thu, 4 May 2000 00:53:21 EDT
Subject:  the ten commandments
To: Acharya S

You say the ten commandments are the babylonian code ant text from the Vedas. But, aren't the ten commandments also found in the Egyptian Book of The Dead?

Much gratitude and respect for your composition of the truth.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I don't know specifically that they are in the Book of the Dead, but it wouldn't surprise me. What is obvious is that the Code of Hammurabi, with all its neuroses and harshness, was used in creating the so-called Law of Moses.

From: MJ
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 14:57:47 EDT
Subject: Your Website
To: Acharya S


I have enjoyed your website a great deal!  I'm very pleased when I find someone who is telling the truth about Judaism-Christianity-Islam. These religions truly are the product of diseased minds, and belief in them produces mental illness.

I especially enjoyed the link to Bible Phonies.  The opening video segment of the show to the tune of "Onward Christian Soldiers" is profound and frightening, as well as funny and clever.  I also enjoyed the icon of "BOB" turning into a skull!!!

I am myself a Zennist (I hesitate to say Zen Buddhist because the word Buddhist conjures up many images, ideas, and practices I reject).  I take it you are as well, or are at least interested, based on your link to Osho.

However, I would point out that the history of humankind, of whatever religion or philosophy, has been one of repeated episodes of savage cruelty. "Pagan" no less than anyone else. Violence and death are built into the Cosmos.  The Cosmos was born in a violent explosion. It will die a slow heat death, entropy. Galaxies collide, stars explode, entire solar systems are destroyed.

For  you and I to live, many beings must die. Birth-Struggle-Suffering-Death is not simply our lot, but the lot of the Cosmos.  We are the macocosm in microcosm.

With those few thoughts, I wish you a good day.  :)

From: PG
To: Acharya S
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 13:44:02 -0400

Your ignorance of the Scriptures is sad. It is clear you have not done your homework, especially in reference to Bible prophecy.

I often wonder why people like you spend so much time condemning the Bible, when that time could be used enjoying the few years you have on earth. I assume you believe death is the end - right? We are the product of time and chance, and that our existence comes to an abrupt at death? Is this your conviction? If so, you better spend as much time with you family as you can. Kiss them, love them, tell them how much they mean to you - for time is coming when you will say good-bye to them forever! What futility! What hopelessness! What despair!

You can believe this if you will, but I prefer to place my trust in the revelation of the Bible - the one book in all the world that provides solid answers to the most important questions of life.

To say that I am ignorant of the biblical baloney is simply asinine, as is the rest of your argument. I have read the scriptures inside and out - crossreferencing them in the original Hebrew and Greek. Can you say the same? Doubtful, which would make you the ignorant one.

Tempting people with an afterlife does not mean that the Bible is true. That's how the crafty priesthood works: Promise a glorious afterlife for suffering now. Greed for heaven, fear of hell. That's the whole mechanism.

The Bible is a manmade text, plagiarized from many other cultures, written to revolve around one culture - a totalitarian load of cultural bigotry. It provides less succor than hatred and violence, not to mention mental enslavement, which you display. It is certainly NOT "the one book in all the world that provides solid answers." Such a comment is to be expected from someone who is truly ignorant, who has not studied very much of anything at all.

Come on, step outside of the stupid hoax, become a real person, and grow up. We need the world to be rid of this mental illness. Each individual can make a difference.

From: gf
To: Acharya S
Subject:  The Bible
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 23:19:36 -0500

To Whom It May Concern;

I was intrigued by your website. From browsing your site, I feel that life has been very cruel to you. You have obviously blamed God.

There is an innate drive in every human being, both past and present to "worship" something, or someone. Why? Because there IS a God. You cannot understand the things of God with logic. Logic is physical. God is a Spirit.

If you could only put your zeal for disproving the Bible towards an objective study of historical facts you would only come to one conclusion. Josh McDowell did. He was an unbeliever as well; in fact, the more he attempted to disprove the ressurection of Jesus Christ, the more he believed and is now a Christian author. Read his book, More Than A Carpenter.

I am a born again Christian who has had a real life-changing experience with Jesus Christ. I was raised in a Christian home which was burned to the ground when I was only fourteen. Memories I cherished from childhood -- gone in an instant. I blamed God for this and subsequently turned my back on evrything I had been taught. I too thought I had been brainwashed. I cursed the sky and dared Him to do anything about it. Later, about the age of 18, I became a drummer for a rock band. I used and abused drugs, alcohol, and women. (the "Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll" scene). I attempted suicide on three occasions -- once with drugs, once with a car, and again with a gun. I was miserable. Finally at the "bottom of the barrel" with no money, no car, no home I fell to my knees. I thought if there is a God, only He could help me out of the mess I had made of my life. I called out to God to forgive me of the awful things I had done in my life. If nothing happened, I was going to end my life, I figured "what do I have to lose?".

After crying for awhile, a peace unlike anything I had ever felt enveloped my entire being. That was almost nine years ago. Today, I am happily married to a wonderful woman and have three children. The road back wasn't all easy, but I now have a good job, a modest home and the future is bright. I went back to school three years ago and received an Associates
Degree in Bus. Admin. graduating with honors.

Whatever life has done to you, remember there is someone "up there" who cares for you. I am a living example of what God can do if you let Him.


A Believer

Sorry, but you are projecting your pathetic experience upon me. I don't "blame God," and life certainly has not been cruel to me, considering the rest of the world. The slimy, insulting psychoanalysis trick - it doesn't work, friends.

Like so many other freethinkers, I have reasoned out the concept and found it to be illogical. There simply cannot be an "omnipresent" - EVERYWHERE-PRESENT - God who is a "person" somewhere "out there" separate and apart from creation. If it is OMNIPRESENT, it is everywhere, including in me, and I'm telling you that the Bible god is a horrendous fiction, a hateful, vicious creature that has no place in a decent mind.

Life is very cruel to millions upon millions of people around the world.  And yet oblivious and unconscious people keep claiming there is some omnipotent and good god person in charge of everything. If "God" is omnipotently in charge of everything, why is it that YOU "messed up" your life? Where was "he" while you were screwing up your life? Since he's omniscient, he must have known where you were going, but he just let you crash. That's just a ridiculous and illogical concept - one of the many that lead freethinkers to become enlightened.

As for your "conversion," millions of people had similar experiences with a wide variety of gods and saviors, long before the Christian era and the creation of Jesus Christ. The Egyptian goddess Isis, whose name means "SAVIOR" and who was essentially considered the "Alpha and Omega," appeared to and healed her followers for thousands of years prior to the Christian era. All humans have done is transfer their "worship" to the Judeo-Christian cultural creation. I could easily say to you that your life would have been even better if you would only let ISIS into your heart. It's just a sales pitch.

Furthermore, if you had been born into another culture, and had suffered as you say you have, you would have turned to the nearest religion around.  In other words, if you were in India, you'd be a Hindu.  Then you would be lecturing me about Hinduism.  Obviously, your cultural bias is NOT the ultimate truth.

And as far as Josh McDowell is concerned, his work is puerile and shallow, reflective of a rather average IQ, not a deep thinker. He caters to that level of intelligence. The fact remains that there is no evidence of a "historical" Jesus and that virtually the entire story can be found in "Paganism," revolving around the fertility and sun god revered worldwide for millennia.

Why are all you believers so insecure in your beliefs that you feel the need to convince me of them? This need is simple neurosis. We need as many people as possible to become wise and mature, rather than believing foolish fairytales.

From: PH
To: Acharya S
Subject: Your book.
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 21:11:59 +0100


This site came at a suprise to me when I first so the book title The Christ Conspiracy. I knew the anti-christ would come but I did not expect to be so subtle. Are you a freemason? You are either doing this because you are a freemason or you are doing it because you are being deluded. Why are you doing it? I don't mean to attack your pride, but swallow it first and open your mind to what I have to say.

I already know all this information about the sun Gods of the freemasons, Osiris, Isis, Baphomet, Horus and such forth and it does not suprise me. Although you have a lot of information you don't have it all and you don't know everything. I understand that the Horus story is almost exact to the Jesus story, but that does not mean you have cracked it, there is no God. Just hear me out. Type in 'Freemasonry' in the yahoo search and go to 'Questions of freemasonry' and there you will find out why and how the horus story is identical to the new testament in the bible. It will completely turn around your conviction of the so called truth that you have stated your book on.

Oh yes, and by the way, there is historic evidence for the existance of Jesus. I can't pin point exactly the name of the historians, but I will try to find out for you because niether of them were religious yet claimed that there was a man named Jesus who had a number of claims to His name and that He died on a cross.

Go in peace,

Ps. If you can try and see the film, "The miracle Maker" because it might soften your heart and see it from a christian view rather than from a blind man that is if you are open minded.

My goodness, Paul, you are so silly and illogical it's hard to keep a straight face. Please, try selling your shoddy goods elsewhere, as I ain't buyin'!

The "anti-christ?" And just who are you to be able to make such a hateful pronouncement? Apparently you do know everything. While admitting that the basic story of Jesus is identical to that of the earlier sun god Horus, you nonetheless suggest there is something unknown that will "completely turn around my conviction of the so called truth." I seriously doubt it, since I already know that Horus is a sun god, as do you, and why Jesus is based on him: Because Jesus is also a sun god. Hey, kids - can we get out of kindergarten, please? "Can't pinpoint the historians?" Well, gee, that's because they don't exist! Regarding my "soft heart," I'll stick to my honesty and integrity, thank you very much, rather than blubbering over a fictional tale.

If you were to actually READ my book and the numerous other sources I provide at my site at my Christ Con links, you would be aware that I am QUITE KNOWLEDGEABLE about the apologist claims regarding historians. It is totally untrue that any contemporaneous historian makes any mention of this fictional character. You are simply parroting what others have told you. You have not sat down and researched the subject for years on end, as I have.

And this from a fellow Swede!  I thought my ancestors/relatives were more sophisticated than that.  Why don't you research your pre-Christian cultural roots.  Maybe you'll be softened towards your own culture, instead of belonging to a culturally bigoted cult.

From: DM
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 17:39:17 EDT
Subject: Another source
To: Acharya S

Enjoyed your book The Christ Conspiracy -- a monumental effort, and have a few thoughts to contribute.

If you have not done so, I urge you to read four different books:

  1. Jonathan Roberts' "Antiquity Unveiled" published in 1894 by Oriental Publishing Co. of Philadelphia.  It has numerous channeling interviews with historical figures of the early Christian era, e.g., Apollonius who claims everything related to Jesus was actually pliagiarize from his life and writings, Pontius Pilate (who claims he never met Jesus), Eusebius (who admits fraud), etc.  Due to the great details cited, the interviews appear believable...
  2. Next you should read  "Voyagers -- The Secrets of Amenti" in which author Anna Hayes, through information supposedly received from the Guardian Alliance, representing numerous extraterrestial civilizations,  Pages 246-252, describes how Jesus Christ was actually a compilation of three specified individuals from the early Christian era, none of which were Apollonius.   This also has a ring of truth because it explains how one Christ ended up in Srinigar Kasmir, and another married  Mary Magdalene and ended up in southern France.  See website or Granite Publishing 1-800-366-0264
  3. And then there are the numerous books and websites related to Sananda, commander of a UFO mothership, who claims to have been Jesus Christ in a previous incarnation, also Buddha.  Search on
  4. And then there is Rael, i.e., the Frenchman, Claude Vorilhon, who claims to have met Jesus and other biblical figures on a planet he was taken to by a UFO contact, named Yahweh who in turn claimed he was 25,000 years old and the GOD of the biblical Hebrews.  (I have met Rael personally and he seems honest and sincere.  He now heads an international movement....

Very confusing!!!!!!  And my point is this: your book as comprehensive as it is on one line of investigation does not cover all the conflicting "stories" -- and rationalize among them.  Of course it would be a monstrous undertaking as well.

Hope I have contributed some useful thoughts.

Thanks. I own and have read Roberts's book, Antiquity Unveiled. It is referenced in my book, although I did not use any quotes from it, other than from Roberts himself. Obviously, I could not credibly quote "channeled spirits." It contains some very useful insights, however. The second book sounds plain silly, since Jesus is not "three individuals" but a compilation of solar heroes, and since Mary Magdalene also is an ancient mythical motif. The argument about their marriage and life in France, of course, can be found in a number of pop books. The story is based on ancient legend, not history. The Sananda junk is just that, junk. I've known about Rael for some years. He may be sincere, but since Yahweh essentially is an ancient sun and volcano god, and since Jesus and "other biblical figures" are also mythical, he's obviously offbase. "Meeting" some godman or such is hardly proof of his existence. I could easily close my eyes and "meet" Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny if I wish. And if you're talking about on the third dimension, well, I've met "Jesus" quite a few times at the beach.

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