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Emails I Have Loved

November 2001

From: JC
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 16:57:16 EST
Subject: Hi there I just read your article on The origins of christianity
To: Acharya S

I am aware and do recognize the truth in what you say. And I would like to use such information to refute certain people. But I was just wondering what are your credentials? I have been searching for all of the information you just presented in your article can you recommend any good books on the subject? Thank you so much.

My credentials are posted on my website, as are a number of books, including a bibliography at the end of the "Origins" document. There are also many other sites listed at Christ Conspiracy links.

Good luck. You will likely find that most people will either simply deny the facts or will attack you personally. But, there are decent human beings among the chaff...

From: LE
To: Acharya S
Subject: Regrets
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 21:03:25 -0800

I regret to have read how Robert Price badly reviewed your book, "The Christ Conspiracy." I bought and read it and thought that it was great. I must say that I have been hesitant to subscribe to "Free Inquiry," as it seems only to be free of the ideas that the editors don't like.

I also am reading Bryant's volume 1 of his study on mythology which I heard you praise on Jeff Rense along with Asiatik Researches both of which works I can get from the main library at Indiana University. Bryant, however, liked Evemerus and believed in the biblical personas of Moses, etc. Is there a relationship between the 'mesh' of 'Gilgamesh' and 'Moses'?

Perhaps Doherty and Maxwell will put on a conference with you? It really is remarkable that the Mayans saw through the Roman Catholic theology, realizing that Jesus was a sun god. Have any Mayans reviewed your book?

The mythicists seem incapable of coming together; instead they attack each other. I didn't fire the first salvo, nor did I ever wish to engage in a battle with individuals of any persuasion. I simply critique ideologies, while others, such as the unethical and unprofessional Price, start flinging ad hominems around in a very immature manner.

From: MK
To: Acharya S
Subject: Hey
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 02:07:15 -0600

Hi, I've just found your website (thetruthbeknown). I'm finding it very intelligent. of course, at 2 am, what
won't? Anyways, I just want to say that it sure must suck with some of the Christians e-mailing you trying
to get you to change your mind and/or scare you. I'd say the Christians have a tendency to always want to
be right. But what do I know? Anyways, just wanted to say that I'm enjoying the site and that I plan on
buying your books.

Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 18:33:31 -0800 (PST)
From: BR
Subject: Edgar Cacye
To: Acharya S

Are you familiar with Edgar Cayce and his work? If so I'd like to know your thoughts about his claims as he
stated more than once that Jesus was real.

Yes, I am well aware of Edgar Cayce. I'm even friendly with his great grandson, Edgar Cayce. Cayce was raised a Christian; hence, his framework was Christian. If he had been a Buddhist, he would have been dealing with Buddha, and so on, through the vast pantheon created by the human mind.

From: DP
To: Acharya S
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 23:00:21 -0600

After sifting through some of the essays, I ask myself....what precisely do you subscribe to. I agree with most theories, others as you have warned are hard to stomach, and I need to research them for my own. But what exactly do you subscribe in light of all the info that you present.


P.S. I am a univeristy student that came about your site, by doing a google search under cannibalism. The dissertation took an interesting twist after visiting the site.

P.P.S. Just for the fun of it, because it is such an easy target, in a few sentences what are your thoughts on Jehova Witness.

I subscribe to the various concepts found on my site. It would take quite a bit of space to enumerate them all! I'm glad my cannibalism essay was of some interest. Re Jehovah's Witlesses, what can one say? The organization was started by a 33rd-degree Mason who wanted to create a religion.

Date:  Mon, 26 Nov 2001 18:23:25 -0600
From: WB
Subject:  Finally, Someone Who Knows What I Always Thought
To:  Acharya S

Dear Ms Acharya,

Thank you for some of the most revealing explanations on the TRUTH as it REALLY is, not as they would have us believe.

I have known for many years that the paradigms of the world are manipulated by the likes of the illuminati and all the others for their own greed and ultimate control of  the planet.

Being a REALIST, who sees things as they ARE, and not as we have been TOLD, causes me great concern for the future of humanity.  They have willingly followed along as SHEEPLE (my own spin) for centuries, so how will we ever convince them of the truths, when they are so willingly PROGRAMMED into blindly accepting the lies, that they have been fed since birth?

You are a breath of fresh air, and certainly have my support and shared mindset.  I have never experienced such honesty and knowledge in a person in my entire life.

Thank you for some of the best documents I have ever read.


Subject: Acharya S on Infidel Guy!
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 05:59:05 -0800
From: BW
To: Acharya S

Hi! I just read an excerpt from "Suns of God" about the Buddha and theism; I must admit I hadn't seen some of this stuff before. I'm a Buddhist and an Atheist (NOT Zen), and my reading of the material (albeit superficial compared to yours, I'm sure) leads me to believe that he considered the gods to be lesser beings with some influence in the world, but certainly inferior to Boddhisattvas, Voice Hearers, and the Self-Realized Sages, not to mention a Buddha. Also, I follow the Lotus Sutra, which considers woman as being capable of achieving
enlightenment on their own. The writings of Buddhism are many and can be quite contradictory, and 2500 years of rumor and word-of-mouth history can distort any true history beyond comprehension. However, the concept
of "Work out your own salvation with diligence" makes sense regardless of who says it, and "Follow the Law and not persons" as well. Since Buddhism is not Revealed Religion, I've been interested in whether he lived or not, but it isn't particularly relevant to the practice or the faith of Buddhism. Just a few thoughts... Good luck on your new book, and I'll be interested in reading it when it comes out!

From: TK
To: Acharya S
Subject: Jsus-Christ_historique_
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 17:01:13 +0100


J'ai lu votre traduction du texte de Gerald Massey. C'est vrai, il a fallu que je lise rcemment une interview d'Eliette Abcassis pour me demander si un individu appel Jsus-Christ a rellement exist. Car avant, je n'ai jamais dout de l'existence historique de Yechouah ben Yossef, mme aprs avoir renonc la croyance en sa divinit et en sa

Mais je ne vois rien dans votre texte qui interdise qu'un fils d'artisan galilen se soit mis prophtiser et crer son cercle de disciple pour finir tortur et mis mort. Il n'aurait pas t le seul l'poque (Mani au IIIe sicle, le Matre de Justice des manuscrits de Qumran quelques dcennies avant Jsus, etc).  Que ses disciples aient russi rendre populaire son message travers les poques et les pays s'explique justement par les faits que vous noncez : ils ont utilis de nombreux symboles religieux connus des gens de l'poque (naissance miraculeuse comme dans le
zoroastrisme, symbole de la croix, thme du rdempteur, thme du soleil sauveur, etc...). Pour parler aux gens, il faut bien utiliser leur langage, leur symbolique. Cela ne prouve pas que le prophte Jsus n'ait pas exist. Qu'il soit un dieu ressuscit, c'est une autre histoire, mes enfants ne croient pas au surnaturel.

L'tude critique des documents chrtiens montre qu'ils ont bien t crits au Ier sicle. Jean parle au prsent d'une piscine de Jrusalem dans un texte l'imparfait : il a donc crit avant la destruction de Jrusalem en 70. Et certains textes n'voquent pas la prophtie de Jsus sur la destruction de Jrusalem : si ce texte avait t crit aprs 70, l'auteur aurait mis cette prophtie dans la bouche de Jsus sinon c'est manquer une belle occasion de faire de Jsus un prophte.

Dans l'Antiquit, nul opposant aux chrtiens n'a utilis comme argument l'inexistence de Jsus.  Au contraire, les Juifs en parlent dans le Talmud, pour l'injurier. Et des graffiti paens retrouvs Rome et Pomp se moquent d'un dieu reprsent sous la forme d'un ne crucifi.

Contrairement ce qu'affirme votre texte, Paul rapporte des lments de la biographie de Jsus (la Cne). Que les gnalogies de Jsus se contredisent dans les divers vangiles montre comme d'autres contradictions que la rdaction des textes chrtiens ne fut pas une entreprise organise et centralise ni un exemple de fraude efficace.

Oui des chrtiens plagiaires ont essay d'amalgamer et de fusionner pratiquement tous les mythes, contes de fes, lgendes, doctrines ou fragments de sagesse qu'ils pouvaient trouver partir d'innombrables philosophies et religions mystre qui existaient l'poque. Ils ont ainsi permis ces lgendes de perdurer au travers des sicles, comme
auparavant ces mythes avaient dj t repris, modifis par d'autres avant Jsus. Le christianisme puise dans le paganisme, c'est une religion aussi humaine que les autres et donc digne de respect comme les autres en tant que croyance des hommes. Ou digne de critique au mme titre que les autres opiums des peuples si l'on veut nier le droit de chacun de croire en sa religion (cf. Droits de l'Homme).

A propos de la citation de Flavius Josphe, il faut noter que le passage contenant le mot "apparition" n'est certainement pas une interpolation chrtienne, car le texte utilise le mot ephan, alors qu'un chrtien aurait crit phth, mot usuel pour les chrtiens.

Quant aux mythes ayant inspir celui du dieu Christ ressuscit, je doute que les chrtiens aient pu puis dans ceux de Quetzalcoatl (Mexique) ou de Salivahana (Bermudes) tant de temps avant que les Vikings fassent se rencontrer des Europens et des Amricains.

Bouddha ne fut pas crucifi!!!  La comparaison entre les mots Christna et Christ est d'un risible !! et de toute faon Christna est un mot srement forg par un chrtien anglais connaissant dj le mot Christ ! et qui voulait comparer les
deux divinits !  Le "fils" ("Son") de Dieu est le "soleil" ("Sun") de Dieu. : a ne veut rien dire !!

Parmi tous les arguments cits, il y en a plein de vrais (Promthe descendu du ciel vers les hommes, Horus, tec...) qui montrent que l'auteur de votre texte est un bon analyste des mythes religieux. Mais en voulant en faire trop, il a ras large, utilisant le moindre dtail parfois faux dans le seul but de liquider l'existence de Jsus. Un tel effort utilisant des arguments parfois faux est suspect de suibjectivisme. Je suis pour la lacit, mais ces anticlricaux
viscraux intolrants vis vis des croyants m'insupportent, moi qui vomi sur l'glise romaine et la papaut et sur les vanglistes protestants amricains.

12 disciples parce que douze tribus d'Israel !! peut etre que 12 tribus parce que 12 zodiaque (Abraham venait de Chalde...) mais faut pas dire que jsus avait 12 disciples parce qu'il tait pris pour le soleil !! C'est un langage de psychanalyste, intressant , mais le raccourci historique est un peu fort.

25 dcembre : Okay, tout le monde sait que tout le monde avait compris que le 25 dc. le soleil remonte. Donc tous les dieux solaires naissent Noel. C'est vrai. Mais critiquer le christianisme en disant qu'il a emprunt cette image au paganisme universel, c'est comme critiquer les chrtiens parce que pour se faire comprendre ils
utilisent des mots comme "soleil", "dieu", qui sont d'origine paenne. Une image, un mythe, est un discours, un mot. Qui a des origines humaines, donc forcment paennes...

Le Soleil 12 heures est dans la maison ou le temple du "Plus Haut" ; par consquent , "il" commence le "travail de son pre" l' "ge" de 12 ans. : N'importe quoi. Le znith ne s'appelait pas "douze heures"
l'poque de la rdaction de la lgende de Jsus enfant au Temple!! Les Romains, les seuls faire dbuter le jour minuit la diffrence des autres peuples, appelaient midi "la 6e heure".

Le Soleil entre dans chaque signe du Zodiaque 30 ; en consquence, le "soleil de Dieu" commence son ministre l' "ge" de 30 ans. : on ne peut faire d'un vnement reproductible (l'entre du soleil dans un signe) le symbole d'un vnement unique (dbut du ministre). A la limite, et en prenant comme cl de dcryptage les lments prcdents:
Le Soleil entre dans chaque signe du Zodiaque 30 = Jsus entre dans chaque disciple 30 !!

Le Soleil est tenu sur une croix ou "crucifi", ce qui reprsente son passage par les quinoxes, celle de Printemps tant Pques (Easter), poque laquelle il est ressuscit. : on peut toujours tout expliquer par des images pareilles. Chaque lment de ma vie peut tre de mme expliquer par des sympboles pris dans l'immense bibliothque culturelle mondiale. En utilisant tous les thmes, du Chili au Japon, de la Prhistoire l'poque actuelle, de la science l'astrologie, a nous fait un sacr bagage o aller puiser des rfrences. On en trouvera toujours une qui colle.

"Contrairement la croyance populaire, les anciens n'taient pas ignorants et superstitieux au point de considrer leurs dieux comme de vritables personnes. l'lite intellectuelle des anciens se rendait bien compte que leurs dieux taient de nature astronomique et atmosphrique." : a dpend des poques et des milieux. On ne peut pas comparer les philosophes grecs de l'poque d' alexandre, athes ou panthistes, avec les chamanes de Colombie d'aujourd'hui, qui croient aux esprits plus fortement que nous. Les croyants (musulmans, juifs, bouddhistes) croient en des divinits sans tre plus cons que les communistes. Et les dieux d'Homre taient quand mme plus anthropomorphes que de simples allgories atmophriques.

Le passage concernant les disparits entre Jsus et les Essniens est bien, sauf que Jsus n'adorait pas faire prter serment ses disciples. Au contraire. Qumran n'est pas une Communaut d' Essniens.(Golb) : Golb a l une bonne thse, bien argument. Mais il a peut etre raison contre tous. 

Ce fut trs intressant. J'aimerais pouvoir rediscut avec vous de ces thses. Je ne suis pas obtu, j'adore voir comment les mythes ont voyag. Et mme si dieu n'existe pas, l'homme atil eu tort de
l'inventer ?

On recommande qu'on lit "L'origine de tous les cultes" par Dupuis et les ecritures par P.L. Couchoud. This very long French message basically recounts the same objections that I answer in Suns of God. Unfortunately, my software removed all the "e's."

Date:  Tue, 27 Nov 2001 09:13:27 -0700
From:  BG
To: Acharya S
Subject:  spilling the coffee beans

Dear Ms S.

I read your scathing rebuttal of Mike Licona. To my mind he evidently got his head cross-threaded the morning he screwed it on before preparing to take you to task.  I can empathize with your frustration in dealing with such a pompous nincompoop. I was taken aback by your run-in with Robert Price, though. His negative sniping must have come as a complete and unpleasant surprise. I had a different read on him...until now. A shame.

I winced a bit when you mentioned how easily he switched roles from fervent evangelist to crusading Christomythologist. I could just as soon be charged with a similar degree of flakiness. In retrospect, my whole Christian experience seems to me like the phenomenon one encounters looking at a cleverly prepared optical illusion -- At one moment there is a pattern that seems to make sense and seemingly accounts for everything in view ...then, with a mere blink of an eye, the image is found to have resolved itself into something entirely alien and unrecognizable, containing no trace of what had been there a nano second before.  Christian theology once seemed to make sense. Now it appears complete nonsense. Unlike a picture novelty, no matter now hard I now blink, the original perception I once had of Christianity is gone forever.

In retrospect I think what insulated me in my faulty belief  system for so long was an avoidance of the bible. Reading scripture often left  me feeling uneasy. My main support came about through  the rarefied study of theology built on principles extracted and distilled from scripture.

That filtering made it more palatable. I championed the work of an 19th century American theologian by the name of W.G.T. Shedd.  Shedd was philosophically trained by Jean Marsh and had a wonderfully subtle intellect; probably the most speculative of the Augusto-Calvinistic theologians. His 1894 magnum opus was burdened by the off-putting title:  Dogmatic Theology. Yes, a seemingly lousy title choice, but historically accurate in his usage and not conveying the negative modern connotations.... The abstruse contents kept me pre-occupied for fifteen years.

Now, thanks to you,  I somewhat understand astrotheological origins and can dismiss a mythical Jesus with feelings of relief rather than loss. But I do feel real rotten deserting good ol' William G.T. Shedd.  (However, I'm beginning to wonder if  he hasn't  been reincarnated as Earl Doherty in a spiritually  heroic effort to rectify his previous mistakes.  : -) ...

Thanks for the sweet message. Re the switching of gears from Christian to mythicist, it isn't that in itself that is bothersome about the sordid Licona-Price relationship; it's the conceit involved. A large percentage of Christ mythicists were originally Christians, me included.

Date:  Tue, 27 Nov 2001 12:39:10 -0800 (PST)
From:  RS
Subject:  Your fantastic website
To:  "Acharya S"

I've been reading all the excerpts [of Suns of God], fantastic writings. Very informative.  Do you have a projected deadline on it?

From:  BW
To:  Acharya S
Subject:  NAZIs and Freemasons
Date:  Tue, 27 Nov 2001 22:15:24 -0500

I have read that as the NAZIs acquired territory, one of the first things they did was to shut down the Masonic lodges.
Have you come across this idea before?  Do you feel that it is accurate?

In your book The Christ Conspiracy, you say that the Pope is the "Grand Master Mason."  Yet the Catholics and the Nazi's were fairly close.  So either your idea, or the one above, is incorrect (or at least, there are some weird relationships going on).

Any thoughts or ideas?

Thanks for the close reading of my book.  The Nazi situation is very confusing and confused.  While attacking secret societies, Hitler & Gang had their own secret societies.  Re the Pope, you might want to take a look at David Yallop's In God's Name, which reveals at least one secret society within the Vatican.  Also, Godfrey Higgins in Anacalypsis wrote the following:

"On the opening of the Jubilee year, the Pope, who holds many secret things, not suspected, in his fisherman's poitrine, acting as Grand Master of the Masons as well as of the Fisherman, striking seven blows, with a silver hammer, knocks down the sacred door. This I saw him do; and this he did as the Grand Master-Mason of the world."

From:  MR
To:  Acharya S
Subject:  a new visitor to your website
Date:  Wed, 28 Nov 2001 14:33:41 -0600

…Last night I spent a half hour on your site, catching up on your recent postings and enjoying myself. I was especially intrigued to learn just how "late" are the earliest clear references to the canonical Gospels. I want to spend more time on your site, but as this is the final week of the fall semester,  school work cuts into the time I have for pleasure reading.  I'm glad you're out there doing what you do.