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Emails I Have Loved

November 2005

From: LH
To: Acharya S
Subject: "Proof That God Doesn't Exist..."
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 09:02:54 -0600

I just ran across your piece "Proof That God Doesn't Exist..." Interesting, and of course, you are
correct in your observations. It's intuitively obvious to me that the existence of such an overwhelming
supernatural being can not be consistent with real physical reality. But, I'm not sure that truth can
set one free. I could never go into the depth of thought on the subject like you can, but, I do believe that religion and the acceptance of God does perform a necessary function for many people. Belief in God can be a placebo and an intoxication of hope for a better world than the real one that we must live in. Acceptance of God and rationalization are disjoint processes - it's either rationally rejected or unquestionably accepted as truth.

From: BC
To: Acharya S
Subject: pathological, not theological
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 19:04:23 +1000

Thank you for your scholarship. But you can't preach to the inverted, can you. The fundamentalist mindset tapdances just one neuronal curtain away from the criminal. Both mindsets represent quite an early arrest of liberal thought development, faltering at the (normally intuitive) acknowledgement of human inclusiveness. Language is not held dearly by fundamentalists. It is too complicated, emotionally nuanced and treacherous, so it must be cut down to the most saccharine polemics in order to get on with a life of doing, justification and gratification. Their proof against your assertions is your inability to sanction them. Don't strain your voice and good luck!

From: ED
To: Acharya S
Subject: Prophecy
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 08:26:34 -0600

Out of all the information given and the similarities of Christianity and other religions, how do you deal with prophecy? Sure the parallelism is there, but none of these figures are ever spoken of "as to come." The gospel accounts of Jesus are not meant to bibliographies. It is as though four people (or two in this case) witnessed an accident. The fact that one saw more than the other does not negate what the other saw. One could have added more detail than the other. The gospels are also well accepted having been dated around 50-80 c.e. The so-called "Church Father" are everything but that. Church fathers is a title given to them not one they gave themselves. I am intrigued by you knowledge. From this point on I will also give documentation to refute such accusations. It is only fair since you have provided so much.

From: FP
Date: November 1, 2005 9:38:34 PM MST
To: Broadband Learning Channel
Subject: Re: November Newsletter from BBLC

Dear BBLC:

I've watched most of your interviews, and found them very enlightening. I was especially fond of watching Dr. Kaku and Acharya S. Both respected scientist in their fields.

I have been following the works of Acharya S. for a few months now, and I deeply admire her for her courage and desdain at the pursuit of objective truth in her line of work. Her book "The Christ Conspiracy" is on my list as the most revolutionary piece of scientific work that I have read up to now.

So, naturally I became an instant admirer of hers.... I discoverd that she was being interviewd in your website. What a delightfull surprise that was! So, that's when I first came in contact with your website. And there she was!? In all her beautifull glory! this was a very special treat for me that I will never forget.? For which, I will always be greatfull to you and your website.

I then became interested in your website, and got to watch almost all of the other interviews in it. I found all of them illuminating, instructive and entertaining. Thank you very much for making such menaninfull use of the capabilities of modern technology. You are doing a great job spreading good news to the world through this information.? all these visionary perspective are enlightening and encouraging to us all; indiscriminate of our individual environment or social/economical background. Please don't stop the good work. Thank you.

Date:  Sat, 5 Nov 2005 06:32:46 -0800 (PST)
From: RS
Subject: smitten....LOL
To: Acharya S

...I have admired you since I read the Christ Conspiracy for your knowledge and your ability to intelligently purvey this important mind-busting expose of the "god-myth".  I know it has been said already ( I read your favorite emails!) ....the more impressive that it should come from a young lady who is attractive, intelligent and gutsy!  Will you marry me?  LOL!
In all seriousness, you have followed a path that I also had taken ( and I am sure I am older than you!).  Nevertheless, I arrived at the same conclusions.  I did not arrive at them with the thorough education that you aquired, but through much reading of the 19th century writers and thinkers that you admire.  For me it was a personal search for the Truth, which like you began with doubts and suspicions.  I too have done an incredible amount of reading from philosophy, ancient and modern religions, ancient mythology, ancient history and a wider scope....always searching for the truth about many things beside religon ( I was raised Catholic).
I have learned much about linguistics or the study of languages.  I am not a scholar as you are in the classic languages of the world, but I maintain a concious interest in the origins of words and names whenever it is called for....trivial or for serious research.  I find it fascinating, though I wish I had the resources to aquire the knowledge that you have in those languages. Two of my treasurable aquisitions are Godfrey Higgins'...."Inquiry into the Origins of Languages, Religons and Nations...subtitled Anacalypsis".  The other was written by Professor L.A Waddell...." The Origins of Language in Civilisation and Race" (he wrote many others in his antiquarian work in Tibet and the Indus Valley civilisation of Harrappa and Mohenjo comparison to the known archeological documents in Eygpt, Ancient Sumeria/Babylonia and further).  The first was published privately in 1836 I believe and the latter in 1926....perhaps you are familiar with them.
I believe your work to be well done bombshell for those who have the least tendency to want to find the unblemished truth about "religon and faith"!  Like you, spirituality and religon are two separate qualities for me, as they are perceived in the modern world.  I have taken the opportunity to recommend your book to bookstores and to online chatters when the subject of religon and/or Christianity comes up.   I have never hesitated to let people know how different my view is, wether in person or online when the subject comes up ( among many other subjects under which people are mind-washed!)....

Anyhow, I found out that I could contact you and tell you that you are among many of my heroes and one of your greatest admirers!  ...Be well Archarya and keep on keeping on!

Date:  Sun, 6 Nov 2005 13:24:03 -0800
From: RM
To: "Acharya S"
Subject: The Jesus Forgery: Josephus Untangled

I appreciate very much receiving your stuff, hope things are going well with you. I have given up long ago emailing to Rense about having you on his show.

From: SJ
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 18:00:28 EST
Subject: The Jesus Forgery: Josephus Untangled
To: Acharya S

Have you ever considered the influence geography, climate, weather, nature , etc.has on people's belief in gods?  Or considered the high % of fundamentalist living in areas subjected to the greatest threats posed by the above and their interests in seeking protection from a super natural entity, as no other will suffice.

I'll leave that to my friend Dr. James DeMeo, in his work Saharasia.

Date:  Mon, 7 Nov 2005 05:49:18 -0800 (PST)
From: JK
Subject: The Great Goddess Acharya S!
To: Acharya S

Im glad you are still doing your thing. I believed in Jesus until I read your works. My book will be coming
out this summer, hopefully. I like and respect you so much because you freed me from religious bondage. If
it wasn't for you, I'd still be a slave to organized religion. The church is still gaining momentum because
they are using these hurricanes to convince the blind that its Jesus trying to get the world's attention and
that he is preparing his return. The truth is that the powers that be created these artificial man made
hurricanes by using the HAARP sysem under The Weather Research And Modification Act Of 2005. Most people
dont know that there are BOTH natural and artificial man made hurricanes. Evidence for all this is explained in my forthcoming book, which also discusses Jesus,Islam, and gov. created diseases (aids).

From: DC
To: "'Acharya S'"
Subject: RE: The Jesus Forgery: Josephus Untangled
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 09:05:36 -0600

Hi Acharya,

Concerning Josephus, I also find interesting a position being put forward by Ted Weeden, retired, Claremont Graduate School (California).  Following is an excerpt from an online discussion between he and Gerd


With respect to Jesus' Jewish and Roman trials of the Markan passion narrative, I submit that Mark drew upon Josephus' story of Jesus son of Ananias (_The Jewish War_, VI. 300-309) --- portrayed in Josephus'
story as a latter-day Jeremiah figure (62-70 CE), who constantly harangues against Jerusalem, its people and its Temple, is arrested by Jewish authorities and subjected to both Jewish and Roman hearings/trials ---as a narrative model for Mark's creation of Jesus' two trials. I further submit that John and Luke, following Mark's lead, drew upon the same Josephus story for their own narrative touches in support of their particular theological interests in their respective depictions of Jesus' Jewish and Roman trials. I presented a full-length manuscript,
"Two Jesuses: Provocative Parallels, Imaginative Imitation," in support of this thesis at the 2003 fall meeting of the Jesus Seminar (see _Westar Institute: Fall 2003 Seminar Papers_, 1-122). I would be happy to send you a copy should you be interested in my argument in support of the thesis.

I am also convinced that Mark created the first crucifixion narrative *de novo* by using the various Old Testament texts often cited by scholars (Ps. 22:1, 7-8, 18; 69:21; Prov. 31:6; Isa. 53:12; Amos 8:9), for motifs to flesh out his narrative of Jesus' death, as well as using the final personal woe of Jesus son of Ananias (Josephus, _J. W._ ,VI. 309), at the moment of his death, as the inspiration for fashioning the Markan Jesus' own final personal woe just prior to his death (15:34=Ps. 22:1).

End Quote

Ted's general position is that the author of GMk was continuing a vendetta, originated between Paul and the Jerusalem pillars.  He also contends that the "Death Tradition", a la Crossan, originated in Antioch
(Acts 6...the Hellenists?), not Jerusalem, and that the it was Jame's non-acceptance of that tradition that became the original basis for the feud.

From: SW
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 07:33:04 EST
Subject: Re: The Jesus Forgery: Josephus Untangled
To: Acharya S

Thanks for the reminder. I will order book--I think e-bay has it.
Lots of love and encouragement to you in your journey of truth--which is a relief in feeling.
I was thankful for your first book as it confirmed my own discoveries while doing research on ancient Egyptian art. Good work.

From: DW
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 16:24:39 EST
Subject: Re: The Jesus Forgery: Josephus Untangled
To: Acharya S

Love your stuff you have a lot of guts! Wish I did. Your books are great. Keep up the good work your Fan

From: RM
To: Acharya S
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 21:48:20 -0600

The Bible is just to tell you the way to live life the right way. It is not just stories of ugliness... think about this...

YES! there are some stories that tell of punishment from God... but He sent a major gift to us. That is mainly what the whole point of the Bible is for. Its to tell you the GOOD NEWS! YOU COULD STOMP ON THE BIBLE, BURN THE BIBLE, ETC. It is just an item. The Bible is just there to answer your questions. And no! the Bible is not JUST a handful of spiritual gems as it said in the Con Arguement. This book is the only book that does not dissagree with itself. AND CHRISTIANITY IS NOT EVEN A RELIGION! It is a relationship w/God. The word Chritian means follower of Christ. Its teachings are not sparse you need to understand them, as it says... do not worry... in
the Bible it is saying trust God.There is also evidence that the Bible is true.

They have found Noah's ark ontop of mount Ararat. That is exactly what is says in the Bible as well that the ark landed there. AND it tells you about the Messopotamia inbetween the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers. That is
also in our history books today! Think about the dead sea scrolls. They have also found an Ossuary box of limestone with James the brother of Joseph. They have found SO MUCH EVIDENCE!

The case on creation.

Read it. It was by an athiest who was trying to proove God wrong but ended up prooving Him right.
Read all of his books.

Second Law of Thermodynamics. look into it...

AND! another proof of Noah's flood. They say that fossil fuels take millions and millions of years to form?
Well, they found a minors hat only about 50 years old that was fossilized. The way that an item can be fossilized is if it is burried very rapidly. Fossilized items around the world prooves that only about 6000 years
ago a world wide catastrophe had to have happened in order to burry the items all at once SO QUICKLY! The only answer is Noah's Flood.

The Bible is the most beautiful litterature. It is not only beautiful it is true. and yes... the Bible may have some killing and lying and adultry in it. But have those people gone unpunished? no. At Numbers 31:14-18.. You have obviously misunderstood it completely!

And Moses was wroth at the officersof the host, with the captains over thousands, and captains over hundreds which came from the battle. Moses said," Have ye saved all the women alive?" Behold these caused the
children of Isreal through the counsil of Balaam, to commit tresspass against the Lord in the matter of Peor. and there was a plague amoung the congretion of the Lord. Now there for kill every male amoung the little ones and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children that have not known a man by lying with him keep for yourselves.

This is not saying keep all the women who havent lied with a man and rape them. This is saying, that to kill all the ADULTERES, and spare the ones who have not lied to theie husbands, The Bible means when it says "For
yourselves" not meaning ALL to yourselves as in to rape but for you to marry. In other words keep these women with us so that the rest of us may have peaceful relationships not lying ones.

Date:  Mon, 07 Nov 2005 11:06:24 -0800
From: VK
Subject: The Jesus Forgery: Josephus Untangled
To: "Acharya S"

As you may know I am still troubled about the Jesus question and I asked this question to someone in our monthly spiritual group on Sunday. She believes whole heartedly in Jesus and gave me the Josephus paragraph.
It is amazing to me that you send me this email the day after on the same question?

Date:  Thu, 10 Nov 2005 19:05:49 -0800 (PST)
From: KM
Subject: Question about Soloman's Temple
To: "Acharya S"

Hello sister,

I have read your book "The Christ Conspiricy" and want to thank you for being so open! I want to know
what groups in the eastern United States hold to what you wrote in your book.  I need to find those of like
mind because I know our time is short.

From: CW
To: Acharya S
Subject: Christian apologists
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 01:50:18 -0600

This is not the first time that I heard of the Jesus myth. I heard it in college 30 years ago. Since than, I have been "saved" . Then Sept. 9, 2001 when 3000 of my fellow Americans were murdered in the name of god, I began to question my beliefs. Every Sunday I would sit in church and think to myself " Do I really Believe this stuff? Come on!". Although I no longer buy into the giant Jew in the sky concept, I do believe that I am a part of something much bigger that myself ( the cosmos, universe, whatever) I am greatful for my life and when it's over I don't demand to live in some magical never land in the sky. If I am the creation of some supernatural being all I can say is "Thanks for my life".

Date:  Sat, 12 Nov 2005 11:52:06 -0500 (EST)
From: JS
To: Acharya S
Subject: A little guidance?

...I guess you could call me a soul that is searching.  For what?  I guess answers for questions that are unknown to me at this time.

I know that you are very busy, but I do feel that you could assist me.

I have always had a problem with religion and the religious ways of thought.  Being raised as a Catholic, I have been exposed to many fear and guilt based ways of thinking.  I have always had this feeling of emptiness.  A thought or should I say a feeling that there is so much more to this world than what the church wants us to believe. This feeling has created a need to find out who I am.  A series of events led my to read a book name Conversations with God, by Neal Walsh.  To me, being only a Catholic by family origin, it was an enlightening
book.  But I wasn't really surprised.  It seemed that I already knew what the book had to say.  After a while, it seemed like there was still more.  Something inside of me told me that there is still more. Being a Chen Tai Chi and Chi Qong student,  I have been expose to some of the Tao teachings.  This pushed me to do some research of the Tao.  It seemed to me, even with the little knowledge of the Taoist teachings, that Neal Walsh's book had some Taoist overtones in it.  This is where my ways of the old and my desires of the new thought meet.  I am not sure of what I believe.  I do not know if my thoughts of old (fear based religious teachings) are limiting my view of new thought.  I say this because I love the concepts of the Tao, but even though my knowledge of
is is little, I feel that there is still more, but I do not have a direction.

I feel that it has a something to do with Mind, Body, and Soul.  When I practice my tai chi, and I have a feeling peace, this is what comes me (Mind, Body, and Soul).  Except for the body, what exactly is the Mind and Soul?

Today I decided to search "What Is God".  This is how I found your website and your article of "What Is God", which on my simplistic view, is what I feel about GOD.  From the little I have read on your site, I have determined that you are an extremely intelligent and enlighten person with a good handle on reality.  So much so, that I was compelled to write this email.  Even though I feel silly in doing so.  I know what the body is, but how would you define the Mind and Soul?  Would the Union of the Mind, Body, and Soul give enlightenment to the Life Force that you speak of?  If so, how is this accomplished?

Thank you so much for your time, knowledge, and enlightenment. Peace and Love

Date:  Mon, 21 Nov 2005 11:42:06 -0500
From: BM
To: Acharya S
Subject: Christianity

I was wondering why you believe so strongly that Christianity is nothing but a hoax.  I was looking over your site really quickly and I found it quite humorous how you take small verses from the bible, without the context surrounding them, and attempt to disprove the entire religion. Let's say for a second that Christianity really is all one HUGE hoax, what's wrong with people believing it?  I know for me, believing gives me a reason to get up in the morning.  I know that I have a God looking over me and that when I die I will go to heaven where I will live with God forever.  I hope that none of this sounds like I am attacking you because I am not at all, I was just interested in hearing your views. Thank you for your time.  Hope you have a great day!

I don't have a problem with anyone doing what they wish with their own consciousness, such as believing in Christ, etc.  Some people might want to be aware of alternative perspectives. That's what I provide.

Unfortunately, the fervent belief in such a dogma often makes people VERY unpleasant, if not violent, which is why it should be explored, rather than just accepted.  Based on my experiences with being a believing Christian and with other, very nasty Christians, I do think that Christianity creates or exacerbates mental illness.

From: JC
To: Acharya S
Subject: Rant u back, read pls
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 04:09:35 +0000

Hello there, this is some random guy who visited your website, please read everything before you rant me back.

I just read one of you?re articles. And I have to say, all you really do is gather up sources from people that HATE that same thing you do, and ACCEPT IT AS FACT. What, to the extent, do you really know? you know?? How certain are you of you?re sources? Huh??

I speak for the faith of Christianity. NO not the corruptible manmade institution of Christianity (religion) that you base so much of your attacks from. I dislike the concept of religion, but I am a Christian.

Yeah, in Christianity, certain parts of the New Testament revise the old.  That's why it's called the NEW Testament I guess. But you call them Contradictions, trying so hard to scrutinize the word. And there are
certain parts that actually ARE NOT contradictions. YOU HAVEN'T EVEN READ THEM IN CONTEXT.

Example:  You say this is a contradiction ON THE POWER OF GOD "... with God all things are possible." --  Matthew 19:26  "...The LORD was with Judah; and he drave out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron." -- Judges 1:19?

CONTEXT: Israel Fights Canaanites for the land God had chosen for them. The Israelites previously thought it was IMPOSSIBLE to obtain Canaan because they were powerful.

CONTEXT: THE ISREALITES GAINED CANAAN AS THEIR OWN IN THE END, The land of Canaan was part of Israel. With God all things are possible? indeed. Don't believe me? Look it up.

It's like you pulled this out of some book. Have you read the bible??? No.

Christianity, the roots of anti Semitism?? Why did Hitler kill of the Jews?  Uhh.. It is commonly known that the Jews would not follow Hitler's ideals and therefore Hitler considered them an inferior race. Hitler and
Christianity?? Hell, anyone could make a correlation like that. It just works for you, and u post it in this site of yours Whether there was any conflict within Christians and Jews is totally in the mindsets of the people, and of the time. Not the actual ideology of the both religions. The Jews follow the Old Testament, and the Christians have the New Testament to their beliefs. And if there was some kind of conflict, you and you're sources would make a great exaggeration of it.

Oh yeah, the Catholic Church made an official apology to the Jews for not reacting in WWII and for other anti-semitic actions.  Don't believe me? Look it up. The late pope john paul did so I believe.

The Catholic Church is corrupt why?? Because MAN runs it!! Did it ever occur to you that mankind is corruptible?? That man is EVIL?? THAT IS A BASIC CHRISTIAN BELIEF. I?m going to preface that by saying, we obviously aren't supposed to embrace this and that is where Christ and his example come in.

It's a man made institution, created after the bible was compiled btw. Thus, you have corrupt popes, you have the crusades, the inquisition and all the naughty things you base you're attacks on. Just because some guy calls himself a Christian, does it really make him a Christian?? Heck, the Popes that did all those things... one could
really question their motives; they were powerful, human and therefore corrupt. This is why I?m not a big fan of the man-made institution of our faith. (The religion, of christianity)

If there was time I would rant so much longer... Maybe I should make a website out of it HAHAH

Have you read the bible?? Looks like you haven?t because you fail to notice the good in it. You are BIASED towards the negative aspects and twist it further. And you try so hard. You claim to know so much, but what do you know.

That is all.

I haven't read the Bible? Gosh, I thought I had. "Just because some guy calls himself a Christian, does it really make him a Christian??" You call yourself a Christian--you say you represent the Christian faith, which is a pretty big task.  I am only "biased" toward the negative because it is rarely brought up and needs to be exposed, because it is causing harmful psychological effects.

From: BA
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 22:13:05 EST
Subject: moses threw tablets because he was against cannabalism, sacrifice, etc.
To: Acharya S

It is against the Jewish religion to participate in cannabalism, orgies, sacrifice, etc.
Of course, some Jews did practice this just as some Christians do, but that doesn't change the fact that the Jewish religion, like the Christian religion, forbids this.
Moses threw the tablets because he witnessed this sort of behavior.
The whole women's movemment is down the drain---I know, I work in a crisis center and all the women's libbers talk about is witchcraft, how S and M sex is okay, blah, blah, blah
Personally, I think women's libbers and serial killers have lots in common (S and M sex, necrophilia, rape, etc. etc.)
I wish the suffragettes would come back!

From: SCM
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 11:02:50 EST
Subject: Hello
To: Acharya S

Just a short note to say hello and thank you for your research.  I was a pastor for 26 years and got out after my own doubts and research caught up with me.  I have to admit to a depression at times due to all the losses, career, divorce, etc, but I have written a lot to process the whole thing.
I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts.  I am also an expert in what I don't believe, but need to fill that hole up with some basics again, this time not ridiculous ones. 

From: DC
To: Acharya S
Subject: Just some trivia
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 22:44:22 -0500
Dear Acharya,
Just visited your website, Truth Be Known, having been led there by links re: falsity of Mormon Church.  Very informative.
Want to tell you that I admire your accomplishments--some of my dreams never fulfilled.

From: LA
To: Acharya S
Subject: Christ Conspiracy
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 14:38:10 -0500

I just started reading your book the Christ Conspiracy. So far I find it very interesting and enjoyable to read, I can't wait to finish it.  I just finished reading Tim Leedom's book "The book your Church Doesn't Want
you to Read".  It answers a lot of questions I have had my whole life.  Nice to know I am not the only one out there with the same questions.

Anyway,  do you do any public speaking or book signing.  Would be nice to hear you speak in person. I  understand that it may be difficult to appear in public on this topic.  But it would be interesting to meet some like minded people and have an intelligent discussion on the subject.

Any television appearances or videos?


Date:  Sun, 20 Nov 2005 18:32:58 -0800 (PST)
From: FST
Subject: Scholar-Belle and right on.(re your BBLC interview)
To: Acharya S

I spent my Sunday morning screening your interview at the BBLC online site. I was already familiar with your work having read your Christ Con and having spent some time on your website, but you really amazed me this morning. First being French (well Quebecois) you will forgive me for saying that you are beautiful and so elegante
that just looking was great (this being said in all due respect and my wife agreed with me).  But there was also the listening part.  You delivered this interview with so much self confidence and mastery over this very complex subject , every moment of it was interesting and intellectually stimulating.

I will get your other book Suns of God but I would like to express the wish to read a book from you about the whole Mysteries School and the Pagan Spirituality.  I am convince you are right on Jesus and the Christian Fraud, but I would be curious of your ideas about the whole tapestry of intellectual and spiritual life of the Pagan world. You said your goal was for people to have fun and enjoyed your work.  In my case you made my day and I wanted to thank you for that. To you and your family all my best wishes

From: CY
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 15:24:36 EST
Subject: Re: Acharya S on the Radio
To: Acharya S

In all the realms of human endeavor... only three recognize  Genius!
Music.. Mathmatics.. &  Chess!
What a mistake!
I have both of your books!
Amazing and Incredible!
You have helped to bring Truth to the masses

Kicking and Screaming perhaps, out of their world of self-delusion, fantasy illogic, & irrationality.

Date:  Mon, 21 Nov 2005 15:27:44 -0500
From: BM
To: "Acharya S"
Subject: Re: Christianity

If me sending you messages is going to annoy you then just tell me and I will stop, but I just wanted to ask you a few more questions.  Let's just say that everyone in the world was a Christian and followed the 10 commandments as best as they could (because following them perfectly is not a realistic goal), don't you think that the world would be a much better place?  The way that you describe Christianity it almost seems as if you feel that all of the bad in the world stems from it, but it is just common since that if people would follow the 10 laws given to us from God then the world would clearly be a better place.  In response to your earlier email, I'm not really sure where you were going.  Yes, there are some very scary and weird verses in the bible, but many of these verses must be put into context and not taken at face value.  I am a firm believer that one must read the entire bible and then find the main ideas held within it.  Let's take revelations for example; there are many VERY scary verses in this book, but the overall message is very positive because it is about Jesus coming back to the Earth and bringing all the souls of the righteous to Heaven.  I also don't understand why you said Christianity should not be called a "religion of love."  The whole basis behind the religion is that Jesus LOVED you and I and all other people so much that he allowed himself to die on a cross.  That is the definition of love if you ask me.  Anyway I hope your having a great day and thank you for responding to me.

From: CL
Subject: Acharya S on the Radio
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 14:18:43 -0800
To: "Acharya S"

Cool. Thanks. I was just listening to the Jeff Rense show (for like the millionth time) the other day; and I'm always trying to get others to listen. I recorded that show to hard drive and have it in MP3 format that I'm always trying to share with others.

From: PM
To: "Acharya S"
Subject: Acharya S on the Radio
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 11:14:08 +1100

I was just wondering, can you recommend any good books for rebutal of historians like "Seutonius" I loved the one on your site regarding "josephus". Also, is there such a thing as the gospel corpses or something?
It is evidently stuff that is supposed to prove the gospels? When is the next book coming?

Thank you so much for having the good old fashioned guts to say so eruditely what we would like to say.

Date:  Tue, 22 Nov 2005 11:36:29 +0100
From: TB
To: Acharya S
Subject: cropcircle in history
I'm a cropcircle researcher and i would like to ask if you encountered accounts of cropcircles
in ancient history. Cropcircles date back thousands of years that's for sure. I saw an account once from
sandcircles in egypt.

Date:  Tue, 22 Nov 2005 14:41:05 -0800 (PST)
From: SDS

To: Acharya S

Since I'm fairly new to the discovery of you and your works I haven't read but a few articles. Although I've read most of Joseph Campbell's works. And keep his "Myths To Live By" along with my dog eared "Tao Te Ching" near by for grounding reflection. I live in Costa Rica and they don't have readily available copies of your books and I can't seem to order them through the bookstore. So will have to do. Soon. But my question is, with the same myths, from the earliest of times, all over the world but with different peoples who could not possibly have had contact with one another, how do you explain this? Everywhere with virgin births, crucifictions, resurrections, the same basic miracles, etc. I find it all fascinating. When was the first origin of these myths and why?  Why these myths and not others? I believe we're all from the same source. But how did these same myths originate in the psyche of all humans everywhere? I love your work and look forward to reading your books. Thanks so much.

From: MC
To: Acharya S
Subject: Email from a new fan
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 12:28:14 -0600

I just finished reading 'The Christ Conspiracy'.  I truly enjoyed every page.  It was like eating a good steak!  As a Gnostic, you alleviated many of my questions and gave me a plethora of tools against Orthodoxy.  Yet, as
a Gnostic, I lean towards universals, archetypes, and spsychospiritual conclusions rather than anthropological ones (although they are certainly valid, if not essential!).  And it is a pity you didn't focus on the
Nag Hammadi and other Gnostic texts to drive your points home, but I'm sure that someone as talented as you will eventually get there.  And I hope you even give the Gnostics a few slap because many of the self-proclaimed Gnostic movements of today as just as dangerous as the Orthodox births of the past.  People are either transformed by enlightenments or wish to use it to control others.

Regardless, I will be a continual lurker at your site and will purchase more of your work.  Pioneers like yourself are invaluable to allowing humanity to open its eyes to a new age.  The Internet is the new incarnation of
Alexandria of our times.  Let us hope you spread out the word of truth before it is burned down again.

Date:  Sun, 27 Nov 2005 14:09:59 -0800 (PST)
From: VL
Subject: Noah's arc and the "global???" flood... doesn't the bible itself provide its own disproof ?
To: Acharya S
Seems to me that this topic is such a big embarassment to the proponents of the bible that they seem to try to avoid the topic altogether.
I would appreciate your response ... understanding that perhaps your time is very limited...
I am looking for other people who feel that there more to GOD that what the bible(s) are telling.