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 The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1

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Prayers and Regards,Mary Nirupama.R

From: CL
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 19:55:37 EDT
Subject: (no subject)
To: Acharya S

...I love your site so much that I let a few hundred people know about it a couple of months ago. I noticed back then that the site counter went up a bit for a week or two. What did most people think about your site? Would you also mind if I let more people know about it? Even if you don't mind I am not really sure if I will. I think you could understand that. You also might want to to do a check on the site because the link for the institute for historical accuracy isn't working.

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Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 19:16:20 EDT
Subject: (no subject)
To: Acharya S

Hi Acharya!

I thought you might like to know that Jehovah Unmasked is now available for only $4.34

I hope things are continuing to improve.  If you would like me to send or receive your email from a different address, please send me the email addy.  The email account on this sn is a closed list, with just 20 people of which you are one.

Date:  Sat, 29 Oct 2005 15:15:07 +0400
From: JIR
Subject: RE: Need some help on Greek interepretation of the Christian God
To: "Acharya S" <Acharya S>

Hi Acharya,

In the gospel there is the genealogy of Christ in which one of them end up with the name HELI. In Greek bible, did it mention "Joseph of Heli"?,  or was it really a name Heli?.

My apology if I cause  any disturbance to your busy sched. I hope you will find the time  to answer this new query of mine.

All the best and kind regards.

From: BS
To: "Acharya S" <Acharya S>
Subject: letter in response to your critic
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2005 19:13:27 -0600

Dear Reverend J.B.:

Acharya is up to her eyebrows and asked if anyone might step up to answer your inquiry.

My letter does not pretend to bear her imprimatur but is simply my own opinion.

You ask whether or not Acharya has read the bible. She has. In fact she is a former Born Again Believer. She does Greek, Hebrew …and several others, archaic and modern.

For what it is worth I am also a former Christian and I do understand where you are coming from.

Now a question in turn would be to ask just what you have studied that critiques the bible along with historicity of the figures expounded within it. Judging from your letter I would suppose that is virtually nothing out-of-house.

One reason that I became a Christian late in life was that I did buy into the "given" that The bible was most historically documented ancient document, etc. When I found out that was by no means the case I felt that I had been had… intellectually deceived.

There is a book quite popular among evangelical Christians that is used as a spiritual 2X4 to whack disbeliveers over the head to bring them to a knowledge of the Truth. I’m sure that you are acquainted with it. It is none other than Lee Strobel’s best selling, "The Case for Christ." What you may not be familiar with is a virtual page by page rebuttal of this same work by the Canadian scholar, Earl Doherty. It would be worthwhile to read Earl’s "Challenging the Verdict". As a former Christian I winced repeatedly as the very arguments that I had used in my apologetic efforts in defending the faith were dismantled with embarrassing ease. I was left in dropped-jawed wonder over my own blind gullibly.

Since you are steeped in the bible I would also suggest that you read Earl’s, "The Jesus Puzzle". This was an eye-opener for me as it brought aspects out of the scriptures that I had completely missed in my former readings.

Of course -and coming from a completely different tack -- I would also suggest Acharys’s two major works, "the Christ Conspiracy, the Greatest Story Ever Sold" and - so to speak -- the tail  pinned on the donkey, "The Suns of God". Upon reading these two you will understand why the claims for the historicity of Jesus raises some serious and well founded doubts among serious students examining the root of all major religions, Astro-Theology..

Now I do admit that I found distasteful the title of Acharya’s first book since I do hold many Christian figures in high regard. Latter on the magnitude of the charge justified the title in my mind also ... True, Acharya’s style is rather flamboyant. (but it makes for fun reading!) If she were challenged to a duel by one of her detractors she would naturally choose a sawed-off shotgun. (of course, she is a pacifist) Her first book in particular reflects that style as she blasts away from the hip with both barrels. Her critics miss the mark themselves when they lambaste her for pellets that went astray; they lose sight of the fact that the target itself is still left in mere tatters. The point here being that if only a measly 10% of her arguments are on target the phony religious edifice will still come tumbling down just as hard.

I realize that you have little time so what you might do is to examine reader’s book reviews on Amazon. There you will get a taste of both sides of the controversy … and some leads to other books treating the subject -- including some insightful ones by former pastors and ministers.

The question about Jesus’ actual historicity is arguable. Strangely, it does make sense that the Jesus figure might well be fabricated … a non-reality construction hypothesis best satisfies Occam’s Razor. But whether a flesh and blood "Jesus" or not, the important point is that the bible is disclosed to be an unreliable historical document. True, there are eternal spiritual truths proclaimed -- yet standing right alongside are negative elements that grate mightily on one’s soul. Something is obviously seriously awry with the writings and accounts!

Reverend, I do want to commend your for your evenness of spirit. So many of the letters that Acharya receives from angry "Christians" are outlandish studies in abusive language …not to mention woeful grammar! Your gentlemanly inquiry is a notable exception.

Thank you for your pleasantness.

Bill G a friend and admirer of Acharya S.

Date:  Sun, 30 Oct 2005 04:29:53 -0800 (PST)
From: AC
Subject: Interesting... Christ etc.
To: Acharya S

Hi, I'm both a Muslim and a masculist (in fact chairman of a major org).

That you're a woman fazes me not in the least. Heck my wife is a woman: I have nothing against them, just feminists :o) I am however always interested in factual evidence. Forgive another tease but how come you're both a feminist and a chaser of truth and
facts? In my experience the two rarely meet.

I'm writing for a number of reasons, first, before I forget, please add the later books by Warren Farrell
to your gender section, especially "The Myth of Male Power" - it's more of a classic than the one you list.

Second, along the same lines, please work on the website and make it a bit more grown-up and scientific looking. I love quoting your stuff but cringe at the thought of someone clicking the link and seeing all them stars etc. Degrades your message and makes you look like some kid who discovered HTML. May I suggest for a professional but cheap solution you take a look at "", aiming for somone with good feedback? Ideally from Romania, not India... ;o) You could probably get your site completely re-built and redesigned for less than $300, maybe a lot less. By the way, the java menu doesn't work for
me (yet a javascript menu on one of my own sites does?)

On the subject of my being a Muslim, I agree in various places women are badly discriminated against (that I am actually a house-husband and moved to Malaysia to be with the lady who is now my wife may ease any fears of me chaining the poor woman to a sink or anything!). It has to be said however the discrimination against men in the west is equally damaging, albeit in a completely different way.

One question I have to ask, what do you think of Wicca? (*giggle*)

Another question: What's your take on Big Mo? From what I gather, unlike Jesus, he was a real historical figure. Forgive my laziness but could you confirm or deny that?  Anyway, I wont take up any more of your time, hope you can get around to replying and congratulations on your work. Great stuff! I'm afraid I haven't purchased your book yet, partly as I'm skint, partly as it's a pain
ordering books here in Borneo (East Malaysia). The carriage costs are usually higher than the cost of the book and no guarantee it'll ever turn up, especially a book such as yours.

That's a point, one thing I was gonna say - please please please make your book available as a an Ebook or .pdf. (look for Cutepdf or some other freebie).  Remember many of the people who most need to read your stuff wont want to have a physical book kicking around...

As a feminist (grrrr) and probably as anti-Islam as you are Christianity you should be my sworn enemy. I do however respect research and facts, so all the best :o)

Date:  Sun, 30 Oct 2005 19:49:16 -0800 (PST)
From: AC
Subject: Re: Interesting... Christ etc.
To: "Acharya S"

I've just been asked that on a forum where I've been expounding your ideas, so I'll paste it after answering your second question:

Why do I think you're a feminist? Because you list so many feminist books! If you're not a fem-bot then I apologise :o)

Here's what I just posted (in response to another post, a paragraph of which I include):

"There are slightly more than 13, not 12, moon cycles in a year. Simple math tells us this from your own information. If your own argument can't manage simple facts like this, especially given the importance you ascribe to time, then perhaps your argument isn't well constructed."

That is actually explained within the links but I was keeping it simple. That there is not exactly 365 days in a year is covered by the various calenders and festivals (Islam for example has a different calendar from Christianity, meaning Ramadan occurs at slightly different times each year). For long-term adjustments it is covered by the fact most such religions have a
variation of "judgement day".  In essence the message is "If you do not follow this faithfully there will come a time when you'll get it
horribly wrong, with the error increasing every year".  In other words, your faith WILL be judged.

Our very calendars in use today are based on this stuff (We worship the sun-god on SUNday for example, Monday is MOONday, Saturday is Saturn and so on). That our calendars take into account this slight shift from exactly 365 days is proof that the ancients also did so, for that is where our calendars come from.

Lemme try and dig up a specific bit from a link for ya later.

"No evidence presented states that Jesus didn't do what is claim(ed)."

C'mon Loki, you know better than to ask me to prove a negative, I'm simply using the tried and tested technique of providing an explanation for something that has no proof but was previously "unexplained". If there is a burden of proof it is for the opposition to
prove Jesus DID exist and he DID do what was claimed.  I've seen no proof of that, just research saying the opposite.

Regarding my own faith it's a running joke that my first attempt at conversion failed horribly for when asked "What part in your life does Jesus play?" instead of answering "He was a prophet but not the Son of God" I responded "I don't believe in Jesus"

My view was "Jesus = Christ = Christianity = wrong religion" so I felt safe in saying that. Oops. Later I returned and argued that Islam is to be accepted, not forced, that Islam itself preaches the search for knowledge is important and so on. I was happy to say
Mo was the last and greatest prophet precisely because I didn't have any faith in any previous prophet. Islam itself states that it came about to correct the misunderstandings before - including the idea of Jesus the Son of God.

That Islam, like virtually all religions before it, would adopt the myths and fairy tales common at the time is no surprise and yes, it is as damaging to Islam as it is to Christianity. The difference is that the Koran is in agreement with science, the bible is
not. Mo was a real historical figure, Jesus was not.  The Koran is the same today as it was then, the bible is nothing resembling such a thing. The Koran doesn't claim to have the slightest idea what God looks like, doesn't claim we're in his image, accepts evolution, understood the Earth revolved around the sun etc. It's overly flowery, hard to read and incorporates much of
the ancient sun-worshipping myths yet still has mystery about it, including knowledge that Mo shouldn't have been able to know.

As such I can accept the idea of some grand design, on a scale of the cosmos but find it gigglesome that we should be so vain as to reject our primate ancestry, evolution or that the world isn't flat.  Due to the way various elements behave it is not possible for life as we can possibly imagine it ito exist anywhere except some place very very similar to Earth. We consider the north pole cold and the equator hot but it's a very small envelope compared to the extremes of space etc etc. We're extremely, incredibly, lucky to have this planet. It is literally awesome and I am indeed happy to admit my awe. This planet is an incredible, wonderful thing - but I
struggle to be grateful to "luck".  Perhaps, possibly, the Allah I worship is actually nothing but luck - but luck of such immense majesty it deserves worship anyway. Of all the major religions Islam is the only one that makes sense to me. even if is heavily flawed but then again it would be, for all religions are man-made (and ultimately a form of government and you know how I feel about government..)  I could talk more of Islam but it is not the actual topic other than being lumped under 'religion'.

My specific point is that Christianity, the bible and Jeezus, is faker than a $3 bill with a pic of Mickey Mouse on it. My point here is not to defend Islam but to debunk Christianity, even if the truth hurts the mythical aspects of Islam as well.

Christianity has strong historical roots but those roots are of the study and worship of the seasons, notably sun-worship, dressed up as characters in a fairy tale, from truly ancient times.  To me the burning issue is "How come more people aren't aware of this?" Well obviously censorship, true but even so, the evidence debunking it is vast, well-established and has been around a long time.

Isn't it time we grew out of it?

This is good:

"Christianity has strong historical roots but those roots are of the study and worship of the seasons, notably sun-worship, dressed up as characters in a fairy tale, from truly ancient times."

Upholding Islam is not:

Why replace one set of vicious, racist beliefs with another?

As you say, let's just grow out of it.  Drop it all.  Just be a human being.


From: "Norm"
To: Acharya S
Subject: the christ conspiriracy
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 16:20:31 -0800

I have read your book which I got from the library……..How do I get your autographed copy?  Thankyou so much for all your effort in writing this most enlightening book..I need it for my personal library………………….Norm………..Again………I thankyou………………….

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