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Emails I Have Loved

October-December 1998

From:  GS
To:  Acharya S
Date:  Mon, 5 Oct 1998 09:56:51 -0600
Subject:  (Fwd) letter to the editor

... Below is a copy of a letter I recently sent to the Monroe News-Star, the largest newspaper in northeast Louisiana.  Like you, I now feel virtually certain that the J. C. depicted in the Bible is wholly fabricated.  As you can see, I've taken the exemplary information about Krishna from your piece.  I've no doubt that some of the local fundamentalists will discountenance my (your) observations and cite contrary data from their own "authoritative" sources.  I have a long-running epistolary feud with many biblicists here in the Bible Belt.

Best wishes on your book.

ATTN:  David Barham

As the millennium draws nigh, those antsy about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ can relax.  Almost certainly, he never came the first time.

Biblical scholars have long known that Jesus Christ is a mythic amalgamation of earlier cultural deities: Krishna, Mithra, Buddha, Horus, Osiris, etc.  Every substantive element in the Christ story derives from the lives and teachings of these and other antecedent godmen.

Krishna (earlier spelled "Christna") of India, for example, was born of a virgin on December 25th, was a traveling teacher, taught compassion for the poor and downtrodden, had twelve disciples, performed miracles, rose three days after being buried in a tomb ...  [Mithra had his principal festival on what later became Easter, was called "the Good Shepherd" and "the Redeemer and Savior," was identified with the Lamb, and had a Eucharist or "Lord's Supper."

Among the world's foremost biblical scholars, the big debate today is not whether Jesus was God, but whether a historical, human Jesus ever existed.  Evidence is mounting that he did not.  The story is complex and fascinating.  A good introduction to the salient issues in the controversy can be found in Joseph Wheless' book Forgery in Christianity, G. A. Wells' Did Jesus Exist? and in Acharya S's "The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ," Internet site [Truth Be Known.

Sincerely ...

From:  JW
Date:  Mon, 5 Oct 1998 23:22:35 EDT
To:  Acharya S
Subject:  Comments on your monographs

Acharya S,

During the last hour I have been reading many of your monographs on: "God."  What is amazing to me is that I find them extremely funny.  I've been sitting here laughing and laughing.  Part of what makes them so funny is the mental image I get when I imagine some of these "religious wackos" reading this stuff.  I'm sure that they go absolutely "BALLISTIC"!  I find that hilarious!

You've got a great sense of humor and a brilliant vocabulary! The fact that you're not afraid to "tell it like it is" is enormously refreshing!

I couldn't agree more ... with every word.

You are the best!

Keep it up....

From: D
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 16:33:15 EDT
To: Acharya S
Subject: biblical blueprint

... I began to understand how sad a religion Christianity actually is.  Instead of trying to do anything
about the horrible conditions on earth and all the injustice occurring each day, Christians either (for the most part) add to the problems or do nothing because they think these events are occurring due to "God." Christianity has given people an excuse to trash and abuse this planet with their theology of god giving us the earth and animal to do with as we please.  Even though I was a devout Christian I now want nothing to do with it.

I would appreciate any advice you can give me for trying to get other people to realize how horrible thing Christianity is.

From:  DJ
To:  Acharya S
Subject:  Mmmmmm
Date:  Thu, 22 Oct 1998 13:06:52 -0700

Your web site is invigorating.  Thanks for liberating the planet.

Date:  Sat, 24 Oct 1998 08:11:51 -0400
From:  OK
To:  Acharya S
Subject:  Mutual links

This message is for Acharya S.  You are the buddha, I am the buddha.  My mission is to affirm the oneness of us all and especially to get those of us who realize our sameness to band together, hey! there's strength in numbers!  I've seen who you are by visiting your site, see who I am by visiting mine.  I'd like to discuss stuff with you and also would like to create mutual links. I'm an incessant contributor to the alt.zen newsgroup which has a link from my page if you're interested.


From:  EN
Date:  Sat, 24 Oct 1998 11:26:19 EDT
To:  Acharya S
Subject:  your site

I just wanted to say to you that I really like your site.  A friend of mine has been helping me to "awaken" to the truth that has been concealed from most of us for so long.  Your site speaks of the same truths.  I haven't read all of it, as there is so much to read.  I hope you wouldn't mind if in the future I asked you a few questions about your site .... I want to learn so much.  So far everything I've read I agree with and understand completely, but I'm sure some questions will come up.  I also wanted to say that your mind isn't the only part of you that is incredible, because you are quite beautiful too!  I understand you are busy at the university, so I wont be sending you much email.... just wanted to see if it would be ok to do so.

Date:  Wed, 28 Oct 1998 02:03:03 +0000
From:  MR
To:  Acharya <Acharya S
Subject:  "Here's An Interesting URL" ... :)

Greetings Acharya, ....

... Have pretty much devoured your web site material and listened to your radio interviews which produced some great laughs in a very eclectic sense!  Keep up the good work....

Did you ever open the Bill Hicks material on the previous e-mail.  He is just very very funny.... . Anyways .... .

Good Luck In All Your Endeavors And Writings.... .

Warmest Regards, ....

From: MB
To: Acharya S
Subject: Loved Your Work
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 13:21:22 -0600

Well now, seems like you just might be doing some really interesting work! I really like it... in fact I loved it! It seems like more and more very intelligent people are seeing things in a whole new light....

Keep up the excellent work!

From:  TRB
To:  Acharya S
Date:  Sat, 31 Oct 1998 20:14:15 PST


I've been reading your page and it's ok....  fuck it! it's the greatest  page ever!

....  Are you anarchist?

From: JW
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 1998 09:51:12 EST
To: Acharya S
Subject: Stirring Up Trouble Ha, Ha, Ha...


You little "devil" you... Those "bible thumpers" must really be "ballistic" in north, LA over your audacity! How dare you question "their" RELIGION?

A "young whippersnapper," like you, just can't go around "casting aspersions" like that! My God, what's this world coming to? Do you know how long their "bullshit," pardon me, "religion" has been around?

It's been almost 2,000 years for God's sake. Anything that OLD has GOT to be True! Doesn't it? Well ... Doesn't IT?

Besides that... You are entirely too pretty to be so damn smart! Can't you get pregnant or something, and go around the house barefoot? Like a REAL woman?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha LOL...

Love you,

From:  MS
To:  Acharya S
Subject:  Don't ever cave to the idiots !!!
Date:  Tue, 10 Nov 1998 08:59:38 -0600


I wrote to you a couple of days ago and since then have been reading more and more of what's on your web page.  I can't tell you how happy your web page (and vast links) has made me!!!!!!!

You have succinctly put together a huge amount of things that I have been unable to articulate myself but just "knew" to be true.

Don't ever cave in to the idiots !!!

Date:  Thu, 12 Nov 1998 09:16:05 +0000
From:  SZ
To:  Acharya S
Subject:  Devotee Declaration

Having had the pleasure and thrill of engaging in your website communications, I declare myself an Acharya devotee and seek to be your student.  ...  Is there a devotee training program?

Acharya Devotee
Citizen of this Universe

From:  E
To:  "Acharya S" <Acharya S
Subject:  Last Election Rant
Date:  Thu, 12 Nov 1998 03:02:51 -0700

 ...  I must thank you again for a most excellent list. The best conversations I've continuously read over the net ever!!! Sorry I don't contribute much, yet I do enjoy it so. It's just that you've joined together writers of such an excellent caliber I enjoy being a voyeur since my writing skills don't compare. None the less I enjoy the list so much. Thanks.  Hope your book getting published is coming on full force!!! And may you rise to much success you deserve for your determination and talent!

[This message is in reference to my discussion group From Sex to Superconsciousness.

From: D
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 15:56:23 EST
To: Acharya S
Subject: help

... I hope you find a way to complete this book. I think it has the potential to make a huge and positive impact on the lives of many people.

From:  BS
To:  "Acharya S"
Subject:  The Great AIDS Hoax
Date:  Wed, 18 Nov 1998 23:42:54 -0600

I am not only a pupil of yours but am also a Registered Nurse (OR Specialty), and have been intrigued by your link to these AIDS sites.  It seemed very suspicious to me how we are taught these contradictions about HIV, and no one questions the validity of the arguments.  I forwarded the website to some physicians and nurses I work with, we'll see how they react.

I've mentioned the drug and illness causes of AIDS to other nurses (as explained by these researchers), and no one has been able to rebut the findings.  We're mainly stumped (as are the research professionals) as to why not all HIV patients get it, and why many AIDS patient don't have HIV?

Very interesting and valuable information.  Thanks

Date:  19 Nov 1998 15:57:22 U
From:  SZ
Subject:  Z the Devotee
To:  "Acharya S"

Your devotee hangs on your every word!

 ... In the meantime, I pledge my enthusiasm, in great measure.

I am a trial lawyer, and an avid student ancient writing focusing on the invention of writing, (with special attention to the breakthrough of the Alphabet) and the civilization of Sumer and the cultures of Mesopotamia with an emphasis on the genesis of the concept of God (Judaic and Judaic/Christian).

I was so thrilled to see your picture... er .... I mean your site :-).  To find anyone so bold about the truth about religion was more than fun, but to see that you are also a beautiful woman, was overwhelming.  I am many things, but I am also a man, and your being so sexy affected me.

From:  GH
To:  <Acharya S
Subject:  you rock dude
Date:  Fri, 20 Nov 1998 15:40:15 -0500

"I find myself to be incapable of hating any human being on Earth."
                                                            Mohandas K. Gandhi

Hey, I don't know who in the world you are ... but I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!  I'll sleep better tonight knowing there are some people out there with a clue.

You might be interested in this site:   It's a charming little outpost of religious love.

Take care, friend

Date:  Fri, 20 Nov 1998 15:22:45 -0800
To:  Acharya S
From:  BZ
Subject:  WOW!


I just spent an hour or two browsing your site.  What a FANTASTIC tour-de-force!

The SAVAGE INTELLIGENCE of H. L. Mencken or George Bernard Shaw reincarnated .  .  . in some pretty nice packaging.

Everything I read was honed to a razor's edge, and polished with a wicked gleam :-)  I saw myself reflected, everywhere I looked.

I loved it all.

"Cannibalism as a Religious Experience" had me SHRIEKING with laughter.  I had actually been thinking about writing a bit about Holy Jewish Genocide and Abraham's Abyss, but you did it Much Better than I could have.


... Want a date with a guy who appreciates packaging AND intelligence?

... You put a Big Grin on my face,

Big Thanks,

[This person has since created an anti-Acharya S hate site. Go figure.

Date:  Mon, 23 Nov 1998 18:51:03 -0500
From:  SV
To:  Acharya S
Subject:  Your "Proof God Doesn't Exist" page

This is one of your more hilarious pages.  Not like the prime thesis that you wrote, but a nice break (it was the Ooga boogga Bone in nose part that had me laughing).

From: DK
To: Acharya S
Subject: I enjoyed your site
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 05:33:09 -0700

Hello: I have enjoyed your site and am continuing my own intelligence growth. By the way, the photos are of a beautiful woman, whether or not those photos have anything to do with you or your site. T

[Actually, those photos are of my ugly twin sister.

From: CS
To: Acharya S
Subject: i love it
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 22:31:33 -0800

I've been surfing for about a year now. Your site is the best yet. It's funny and informative. And yes, I did think you were an older male - sorry. I'm writing a book on fundamental Christianity and the death penalty.... Thanks for your great work. T

Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 07:20:24 -0800
From: BG
To: Acharya S
Subject: Inquiry


As one who could be described as a fan of you and your site, I was hoping you could let me know if you have any books published, and if so, where could I find it/them?

Other comments, if I may:

Your "Historical Jesus" piece is legendary - I loved it!  As a typically perverted male, I agree yours is mighty fine vessel.  Is it ok with you if I sum up the sex-relations thing as, "pro-woman yes, feminism no?"

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

[My book, The Christ Conspiracy:  The Greatest Story Ever Sold is now available.

From: JM
To: "Acharya_S"
Subject: Thanks for writing me back
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 23:54:46 -0500

... Many people just don't realize the freedom one obtains from not having to worry about heaven or hell, or whether one is saved or not. Saved from what I ask?  Death?  All that lives -- at our present stage of technology and understanding -- is born to die, is it not? ...  It seems to me we should be concentrating on living, not dying.  Your "Celebration of Life" essay certainly did espouse just that.  I loved it....

Your friend in compassionate and discerning thought,

From: IES
To: Acharya S
Subject: Greetings
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 15:24:15 -0600

... I was looking through your website and was very impressed with your information. You and I both agree that religion is only a tool to keep people ignorant. It also causes separation, wars, fearing, and the desire to die.... My own enlightenment came through getting involved in many religions. I have studied with many imams, Kohan, rabbis, pastors, monks, etc. Through this way of looking for the right religion  I have learned many different languages and I can read there scriptures and see the lies therein.

... You really should start giving lectures through real audio ... I love to see people who are coming full circle on religion, and get there input on religion.  Your information is very useful for those who are having a hard time with religion, through peer pressure and those who say that we are going to hell.

From:  os
Date:  Sun, 27 Dec 1998
To:  Acharya S
Subject:  thanks

your site is an example of the marvelous gaian evolution in which we all participate....

From:  PN
To:  "Acharya S"
Subject:  La Dolce Vita
Date:  Tue, 29 Dec 1998

Sei un tesoro; non sai che farebbe, un povero reietto come sono io, per avere una donna come te accanto. Saresti forse un conforto immenso.  Ho tutte le tue foto, sai?  ... Devi essere una bomba anche dal punto di vista del sesso; una che ti fa scordare tutto (o forse ti fa rendere cosciente di tutto), che ti fa essere fuori da questo cazzo di sistema fasullo e privo di qualsiasi volont propria, che ti ammazza di scopate (translattion; "who surely could kill anyone by fucking." . .  Sei il massimo; spero davvero di poter continuare ad esserti vicino, almeno per e-mail...

... Ti adoro; finch esister il tempo, ti adorer.  E se io potessi scriverti cose ancora pi meravigliose di quelle che ho cercato di esprimere, peccato che non possa dirtelo di persona, e che  possa soltanto pensarti, solamente attraverso una foto, la qual cosa mi rattrista vieppi.  N, purtoppo, posso pretendere che esista un'altra dolce Achy, molto pi vicina a me nello spazio; purtroppo, e non solo per la distanza, sei unica.  Non c' giustizia; se ce ne fosse, tu non saresti stata cos lontana.  Pensami, ogni tanto, se vuoi, se puoi, anche se non conosci il mio volto; te ne prego. Pensa almeno a qualcuno, dietro delle parole dette con tutti i sentimerti; lo ripeto, non ci resta null'altro, in un'esistenza disperata e venduta giorno per giorno.  Il domani non ci assicura un cazzo;  quantomeno, ci rester esserci pensati a vicenda. Ti adoro, Achy.

Se avessi saputo prima che parlavi anche l'italiano.... Chiss  quante cazzate in "inglese" ti ho scritto, nelle mie e-m precedenti!!!!  Allora, mia dolcissima; come v? ... Sinora ho potuto solamente ammirarti come donna e come mente in ci che tu hai scritto; avrei sperato anche di poter dialogare con te, perch credo davvero che tu sia una donna fantastica... ma se tu fossi davvero sessualmente anche quella gran donna che sembri essere, senza rinunciare alla femminilit per un ruolo attivo nella lotta contro la falsit, sei la mia donna ideale (peccato che sei lontana....  Una donna come te vorrei stringerla ed averla accanto per tutta la vita).  Anche se non ti ho mai vista di persona, ci che mi basta che, oltre ad essere una ragazza fisicamente pi che eccellente (per me) e dotata di una carica sexy particolare, sei anche un mostro d'intelligenza (a meno che tu non ripeta soltanto ci che hai letto da altri... st scherzando, ovviamente); ma non farti mai troppo avanti, in certe cose come quelle in cui tu credi cos (giustamente) fermamente...  Mi sarebbe piaciuto oltre ogni limite parlare con te, credimi; sono sincero... Ti adoro. Ciao.

Oh those Italians!  Use your imagination.  Sigh.

Date:  Sun, 10 Jan 1999 06:20:51 -0600
To:  Acharya S
From:  BM
Subject:  Your Website

Hello, I've been enjoying your website for a couple of days now... I found it through your "Prince of  Egypt" review on the Steamshovel homepage.  Although you're already "preaching to the converted" in my case, I learned a lot of new details about origins of the bible and christianity... things like the part about the sun dying on the 21st of December, and rising north again after being "dead" for three days.

I did have a longer rambling letter but all I need to say is keep it up and good luck spreading the word...