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 The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1

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The programming goes that deep, I suppose, if you are taught it from birth. Every once in a while, still, I have slap myself when something ugly and foolish and Christian comes bubbling up from the depths of my psyche.
And I take this opportunity to again thank Acharya for all her tireless battles against the ugliness that is Christianity. May you live long and prosper, beautiful one.

(Now I suppose that someone, some of the ladies no doubt, might imagine that its possible I did wrong exposing my young son to just the simple violence of those images (to a 5-year-old), regardless of the religious connotations. Yes, I have wondered about that also. Maybe those things should be kept to the adults, who can laugh with their adult minds? Any input along those lines gladly accepted.)

PS Ive gone back to the Jesus Test many times since that first time. Poor deprived puppy that I am, I still keep hoping that once, at least once, that underwear will fall all the way down.

From: RT
To: Acharya S
Subject: The Christ Conspiracy: false?

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 00:35:51 +0400


Has anyone been able to refute your claims?

Oh, they try. And fail.

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 03:09:24 -0400
From: IG
To: Acharya S
Subject: Holy shit..!!!

I just went to your site and god damn..!!!! I must have those tapes. I figured out what the pictures have in common. The Halos. Representing some type of sun god I bet. Damn...I can't wait to get these videotapes.

Thanks for offering such a wonderful site. I will place your site as site of the month next month. Wonderful stuff.

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 03:12:45 -0400
From: IG
To: Acharya S
Subject: Hey, I was thinking.

Maybe we should start, "The Naked Truth" project. Since the Christians have their "Jesus" project. :-)

From: CM
To: Acharya S
Subject: truth be known, by knowing Truth
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 18:17:59 -0600

Dear Sir,

Scanning across the internet searching for the words of Dome on the rock, I found your web page.

I am a Christian and would like to challenge your beliefs.

You suggest that mad religious people have caused many wars. You suggest that religion has helped cause the environment to be destroyed. You suggest that religion has allowed for women to live in fear in many places. You suggest that zealous Christian people may destroy the Dome on the rock possibly causing a world war.

You have stated that 'the fact is that Christianity is not based on the teachings of a historical supernatural godman who "died for our sins" ' for the reasons that: 1. He is not historical 2. Myths/Legends in other preceding cultures have the same stories 3. It is well known among scholars, mainstream and unorthodox, that there is no evidence for a historical Jesus, other than the New Testament, which is also understood by scholars to be a spurious and fictitious text.

My quick reply is: truth be known... by knowing Truth. Jesus said, 'I am the way and the truth and the life.'

Hitler was not Christian. Oil companies are not Christian based. Muslim people are not Christian. Christian men and women have better marriages than most others will ever have. Christ was for Christians, in the Bible they are called equal; men are to love their wives as Christ loved the church (and died for it). Not all 'Christians' are of Christ. Christ taught meekness. SIN brings destruction and death. 1. You are not very well read. But, why would there be any other evidence other than originating from Israel's Christians? How come the encyclopedias hold this as fact? 2. So 3. My God changes lives for the better despite the disinterest/distortions you or the scholars propagate. Moreover, my God will bring every spoken or word into his judgement. Can your science/history, not cover up, but pay for these atrocities you have mentioned? My God has...

I might refer you to Josh McDowell's books on Evidence that Demands a Verdict, etc.

I hope that this challenges you to think a bit more about what you are alleging. Can you prove Jesus Christ did not exist? Can you prove that he has not paid for your atrocities, Mr. Associate Director?

Your attention to this important and urgent matter is greatly appreciated.

Now, why would any of this pap "challenge" me? It should be clear that I have studied the subjects you raise inside and out, and have rejected the typical, common, mundane interpretation, which is what you are imparting.

Hitler was, in fact, a professed Christian. Although yours is a flimsy argument to begin with, many oil companies are run by Christians, Jews and Muslims. Christianity teaches that this earth - matter in general - is bad, and to be used as humans see fit, even to the point of destruction. You obviously have not attempted to enlighten Christians about environmental matters. I have, and their response has been typically, "I don't care about this stinking earth. I'm one of God's people."

"Muslim people are not Christian?" No kidding? Who said that they are?

"Your God?" Really? Do you own him? Did you create him?

I am not very well read? Well, that's just preposterous, but it shows the level at which religionists debate: low, mean-spirited, incorrect, insulting, etc.

Yes, I have essentially proved that Jesus Christ is a mythical character, as have so many others, over and over again. But deluded people will simply argue that it's not "proof." Nothing will suffice for them, because they are programmed and have much vested in the hoax. Nobody wants to admit to having been fooled, even after the Santa Claus hoax perpetrated against them as children, after which they should have learned that adults lie to them. And what "atrocities" are these that you claim are somehow "mine?"

Regarding McDowell, his books are written for readers with a 6th-grade education, as are newspapers, etc. It is amazing how little "evidence" it takes to be convinced of an absurd fairytale, but how much "proof" is required to convince otherwise. If McDowell had been born in India, he would likely have been Hindu, and his books would "prove" that Krishna was real, and was the "Alpha and Omega," etc.

Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 11:59:09 -0500 (CDT)
From: AS
To: Acharya S
Subject: the truth


Your webpage argues in several places that god does not exist. However, I do not agree with your position. Since I am not such a good debater, I was wondering if you would take a look at the following webpage (a very convincing Christian apologetic) and tell me what you think about his words.

God Bless

You don't agree? Well, gee, I didn't know people didn't agree with that! Are you aware that the majority of humans believe in a god or gods of some sort or another? (Why do people think such basic understandings are so revolutionary?) I already know the Christian apologetic arguments, having read thousands of pages of not only the modern pabulum but also the deranged rantings of the early Christian fathers. These "arguments" consist of sophistry and statements like, "It's this way because the Bible says so." Or "because I say so." The Church fathers were challenged to produce evidence of their faith, but they couldn't, so they had to resort to long, nutty rants full of illogic and circular arguments, as well as ridicule, of course, of their adversaries. Nothing's changed much.

Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 11:35:35 -0500
From: DE
To: Acharya S
Subject: Fortean Times review

It is pretty easy to see why the review of The Christ Conspiracy received a bad review from the Fortean Times. If you expose the biggest myth of all as pure unadulterated bullshit, what does that say about the lesser myths (UFO's, Ghosts, Yeti, etc.) from which they earn their living. You are killing the proverbial goose.

From: MN
To: Acharya S
Subject: World Leaders are Satanists!
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 21:52:27 -0700

thanks for all the work you're doing. As a newer member of your list group I realize the scope of the community service you're performing here for us. (You must be an enormously patient woman). Glad you're here. I'm sure you've heard this before, but, you NEED your own radio program. Hot Damn! Now that would be some kinda show. Keep up the awesome work.

Thanks again,

To: "From Sex to Superconsciousness"
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 08:43:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: CF
Subject: Emails I Have Rubbed On My ...

Dem dere's some good readin'.

I especially loved the one where you were talking about the "southern" folk being "preachers." I love watching "TBN" and seeing these people all dudded up in white and purple suits and their big poofy hair, acting like "fools for God." Them's some strange folks, but it beats watching "Cops."

I grew up attending one of those southern style churches, where folks ran around babbling like idiots then interpreting the "message" in King James language. "Thy lord sayeth....blah blah blah." People jumping around with tambourines, an evangelist keeping beat to the music with a couple of wooden spoons. I look back on those days, and - gosh darn - it I gotta admit it was fun and funny.

Most of them folks only believed because it was the "popular" thing to do and them southern folks live for their reputations. Church wasn't a place to actually worship God. It was just another social club where dumb middle class people could feel like somebody by getting all dudded up in their cheesy cloths and hold their head high in the midst of the less fortunate "dirty people". And gosh darn it everyone wanted to be in with the preacher and his wife and maybe get invited over for Sunday dinner.

Most people from those southern backgrounds are entirely devoted to mama and daddy, which is why they decide to continue in the same traditions. They don't care if God is real or not. They care that they keep the family name respected. Religion in southern locals is not about God. It's about peer pressure plain and simple. Everyone wants to be liked by everyone else and being a good god fearing churchgoer is essential in those parts.

J'ever notice those folks don't talk so much about God as they do about "going to church." These people don't want or care to see proof of the falsehood of their religion and such things. They want to be accepted and the only way they will change is when it's acceptable in their locale to not be God-fearing, church-going, self-righteous, gossipy, sleazy, hard-working folks. Something else will have to replace all of that, which won't happen anytime soon because community leaders know that those qualities are what keeps a community loyal and contributing.

Religion won't go away not because it's true, but because it's one of the necessities to keeping many communities united. Something will have to replace religion to give the people some idea of what they need to conform to. In San Francisco it's the idea of having great tolerance that holds the community together rather than church and religion and that kind of liberalism has spread to other urban metropolitan areas.

Basically liberalism and tolerance will replace religion as small towns become obsolete and "big city" livin' takes over. That's all it takes to do away with a lot of the nonsense: a harsher environment where people must be more acceptable of others in order to get along well.

From: MI
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 14:32:41 EDT
Subject: A Response from Acharya S ...
To: Acharya S

Acharya S writes:

I have read probably half a dozen of Sitchin's books. While I appreciate the archaeology he presents, i.e., the idea of one or more advanced ancient global civilizations, his conclusions about the Anunnaki and Nibiru are simply wrong. ... Sitchin emulated Erich von Daniken, of course, but does not acknowledge him--to my knowledge. von Daniken, naturally, was building on the German School of the past century, during which time what was believed to be the earliest advanced culture, the Sumerians, was determined to have been "Aryan." Hence, the Germans are superior. Along comes Sitchin... So, here we go again between the superior race and the chosen people. It never ends. The Chinese also claim to be descendants of superior aliens, and so on and so forth.

Hi Acharya S ...

I'm pleased that you responded to my email.

I was really disappointed when Sitchin "copped out," as I saw it, at the end of his book, Divine Encounters. To end up saying that Yahweh is the "Real Number One Cosmic Honcho of All" ... that just was so disappointing. What a letdown that was, for me. And, yes. the "direct connection"to The Jews as "The Chosen People." Ohhh. Please. Gimme a break.

I think (just my personal opinion) he ... 1) "gave in" to his Jewish Orthodox (or "basically" orthodox). background and upbringing.. Personal psychological/emotional stuff going-on within himself, etc. 2) also, I think it's very likely he was substantially "pressured" by certain powerful people in the Jewish community to "tailor" his "conclusions" concerning the "identity" of Yahweh.

In any case ... it's the only "major" mistake (I can see) that he's made.

Yes, maybe he doesn't have the correct orbital period for "Nibiru," etc., or maybe he's not correct about certain other details regarding that 10th (12th) planet. But I think his basic theory is correct, that people (humanoids, basically, but not humans from Earth) came to Earth from elsewhere, and "colonized" here. I think the "human" template is probably widespread in our galaxy, or out into many galaxies....

Another issue: How do you explain the "missing link" between indigenous Earth hominids/hominoids and "us"? That it was genetic engineering is now clear. The ancient texts actually describe the genetic engineering, done by Enki and Ninhursag, as Sitchin has brought to our attention. And, please, don't try to tell me that those texts are telling "fictional stories." We are way-beyond that, now. We are doing genetic engineering "ourselves" now. We have rockets, computers, lasers, etc. We are *way-beyond* the mid-19th century interpretation-modality of those texts as "telling fictional stories." We are now into the 21st century, in case you hadn't noticed. (-;

Then, there's the little matter of the gigantic ruins at Cydonia on Mars. It's most likely the Anunnaki had a colony and/or base on Mars, before coming to Earth, especially if Nibiru's orbit passes between Mars and Jupiter (or, between Jupiter and Saturn, as some people think).

And the fact that the latitude/longitude grid on Mars is perfectly in-sync with the latitude/longitude grid on Earth. According to prime meridians through the center of The Great Pyramid and through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars, that's another strong indication the Anunnaki were involved on both planets.

Well, if I can't tell you that those texts are fictional, we don't have much of a discussion. In order to determine what "history" is supplied in ancient texts, we need to remove the mythology, which can only be determined by studying mythology. The science of mythology has been so raked over the coals by the priesthood, because it reveals the origins of their fables, that few people today can claim much knowledge of it at all. And without knowing mythology, one is incompetent to pass judgment on these texts. Knowing mythology, one can readily discern mythical motifs in these texts you are discussing. The Anunnaki are mythical, astrotheological motifs, not space aliens.

Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 08:13:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: AH
Subject: your website
To: Acharya S


First, I will say that I sincerely found your website to be thought-provoking and interesting. But...

While I agree with you that most or all religions and ideologies can be said to "suck," it is obvious to me that your commentary on Judaism could easily be seen as attacking the Jewish people rather than the Jewish religion as you claim. Just so you know, I am ethnically Jewish, so my opinion might not be totally unbiased. But then I don't know anyone who isn't biased about attacks on their physical existence.

SO I have to ask: is this era of universal Aquarian siblinghood you claim to desire something that can only occur after anyone with more than 1/8 Jewish ancestry has been done away with?

I don't agree with "doing away" with anything but bogus, vicious ideologies that cause people to believe they are superior to everyone else, that everyone else is "going to hell" or is "unclean," etc. What we have with Jews, of course, is a persecution complex nurtured by their fables and rituals, such as their "holidays," which, unlike Christian/Pagan holidays, revolve around the Jews' "poor treatment" at the hands of the goyim (Passover), their slaughtering of goyim (Purim), or military victory over the goyim (Hanukkah), etc., ad nauseam.

From: A2
To: Acharya S
Subject: Nice job
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 10:57:56 -0500

You have done a flawless job of researching the issue, and you remind me of me a few years ago. People like us need tangible proof of the existence of the Divine, and someday you may get it as did I. People were always surprised by my appearance as well, and thought I was probably an ancient curmudgeon harumphing about religious zealotry in my various writings. I still denounce them (zealots), they are on the wrong path, and very dangerous, evil forces in the world. Ironically, this was confirmed for me via the tangible proof I spoke of.

Religion is responsible for the majority of the hate and destruction in the world, no question. How is it that so many people are still missing this fact? I believe it is because they have clearly never truly experienced the love of God, which is also the Love of Truth. How do I know I've experienced it? I wouldn't even begin to try and describe it in words, except to say "you'll know what it is when you feel it", and may get to hear/see it as well feel it, if you need the proof. I have prayed for other non-believers to experience the proof of which I speak, and they have received it. If you would like this proof, I will pray for you to have it. It will come in a form that will convince you, but you must also ask to receive the proof. God never forces us to believe in Her. We must open our true selves up to Her first. Here is one Truth: "The Glory of God is within you and all around you, split a piece of wood and there I Am, lift a rock and you will find Me."

If you can't be sure that God exists, you also can't be sure S/he doesn't. You cannot dispute the logic of that statement. That still doesn't give others permission to push their God-beliefs on you or me, or to threaten us with their God's hate/eternal punishment. If they truly knew the entity that humans refer to as "God", they would also know that "God" is incapable of hatred Peace be with you...

I also recommend a couple things to read /watch, PBS's video entitled "The Creation of the Universe" -I feel sure you can handle it, dear one. Also, a book I'm sure you're already familiar with -"The Sacred Depths of Nature" by Ursala Goodenough, but I'll mention it anyway! Love to you, brain-sister! I'd love to hear back from you!

To: Acharya S
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 21:01:01 -0400
From: PD

In a pure democracy, where "majority rules," if the majority are cannibals, the rest are dinner. This nation's founding fathers created a constitutional republic because they understood the pitfalls of democracy. Couple the ability to vote for yourselves the largess of the public treasury with a privately owned money system (the "federal reserve"), which may lend as much money as the hungry populace might demand, or the power hungry might desire, and you have the seedbed of tyranny. The system they created was just this side of anarchy, in which people would very much be responsible for their own affairs. A very limited federal government had no jurisdiction within the States except as outlined in the Constitution. The Constitution didn't fail us; it was corrupted by "oligarchs". We failed ourselves because we did not study what the founders intended and created, and when it was taken from us, most people didn't notice. If you don't know what you have, you may not miss it when it's gone. It is our ignorance that will enslave us. Humans have an uncanny ability to transcend the sum total of all the information and experience that we accumulate during our lifespans, sadly, most people have relieved themselves of the trouble of thinking for themselves. We have been trained all of our lives to live a lie. So much so that most of us would not recognize the truth if it slapped us in the face. In fact, we wholeheartedly reject the truth, because the implications of changing our belief systems are too staggering to contemplate. Most of us can't stand the thought of admitting that we may have been wrong, or deceived. I would not want to live in a real democracy because I'm different. Most people do not think like I do, and I would not want to be subject to the mob that has bought into the lies and deception. They would destroy me, because I think for myself, because I would point people in the direction of truth, and it is too disturbing. People don't much like to be disturbed.

Thanks for "listening," and by the way, I have been very much enjoying your website. You are a very interesting lady.

From: AF
To: Acharya S
Subject: Christ.
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 21:49:54 -0700

Greetings, S**** turned me on to your List, and I'm curious as to what made you decide to pour so much energy into figuring out Christ was bullshit?

Somebody had to do it.

Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 23:54:34 -0500
Subject: Your comments would very much be appreciated regarding the work of Glenn Kimball - Thanks

From: HM
To: Acharya S

Dear Acharya S -

Would you please comment on the veracity of claims made be Glenn Kimball, as presented by The Jeff Rense program on Wednesday, September 20, 2000.

Check out the dates he offers of Christ's Birth at this site:

Would very much appreciate hearing of your response.

From: A2
To: Acharya S
Subject: Re: Nice job
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 09:28:12 -0500

If my comments came across as arrogant, I do apologize. Humility is something I am trying very hard to attain, and lack of it does show how far one has to go in learning what's important in life. I don't consider myself a better person that either you or the person I was before I received that tangible proof I spoke of. That is not what I'd meant to convey, I assure you. I have read many of the works of freethinkers, and you are right, they are very brilliant. I identify with them, because I very much resent being "bashed over the head" by those who use Christianity and other religions as a weapon. They (religious zealots) are a frightening and very dangerous group of people. What I was suggesting was that you open your mind and heart to the love of God/dess. S/he is not separate from creation, but very much within us and all around us. She is just not usually seen or heard, but felt through our opened hearts and minds. I allowed religious zealots to rob me of God/dess by rejecting any notion of Her for many years. If you say you already have experienced that Divine Love in your heart, then I have misunderstood your objective, which I thought was to promote atheism. We can discount everything around us in the tangible world, and ourselves as well, as all being an illusion. If that is what someone chooses to believe, then how can you debate it with anyone? It's all a matter of how you perceive the universe.

Obviously, there are mental illnesses that alter perceptions of the world in some people that are delusional. That's another reason I have always been highly skeptical of any and all "apparitions," religious or otherwise. My opinion before my experience was that they were all either delusions or the work of religious zealots who would hoax or invent such things in order to advance their religious agendas. That is why I think perhaps you may have to have experienced such a vision yourself in order to accept that such appearances are made to healthy, sane, rational people.

Let me repeat, Acharya, it is not because I feel that I am in any way superior to you or my younger self because I have been enlightened about the existence of what is usually unseen in the universe. Maybe enlightened is a poor word choice, as that also carries with it an inherent arrogance as well, but I'm at a loss to put into words what this very profound experience has meant to me. Can I ask you one more time to watch the PBS video "Creation of the Universe"? It has a way of reconciling those who worship logic to the miraculousness of the universe. It has a lot of great physics in it that you would really appreciate, I'm sure!...

PS I haven't had time to go over everything you've written, but I would like to mention the Jesus Seminar to you, although I'm sure you've probably already hit on that. (A group of scholars from many religious backgrounds who evaluate the "Gospels" for validity of having actually been words spoken by Jesus.) There is a way of validating which words were actually spoken by this person referred to as Jesus, and what was attributed to him but authored by someone else entirely (which is the bulk of the "quotes" attributed to him). It is interesting to note that the words they have validated as authentic are recognizable in large part because of a great sense of humour about them, it really differentiates them from preachy religious agenda of the men who wrote the Bible. My own personal experiences with God/dess also have clearly shown this facet of good humour in the Divine! ;-) (The Jesus Seminar's conclusions can be read in a book called The Five Gospels.)

I am well aware of the work of the Jesus Seminar. A handful of sayings does not a person make, especially when these sayings can be found in texts pre-dating the Christian era. They are simply sayings or logia of the mystery schools, passed down from generation to generation, originating with a wide variety of individuals.

Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 10:34:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: BH
Subject: book
To: Acharya S


I just checked out your site and found it interesting. I have ordered your book, The Christ Conspiracy. I look forward to reading it. I think you have a lot of good ideas and insights, though in my quick reading I'm wondering if you're getting the underlying pattern behind the myths. Mind you, this is not a criticism or disagreement. More of a prod. In other words, I think there is a pattern running across many of the world's religions which is now being reflected in the theoretical out cries of the holistic scientific community (e.g., the physics of David Bohm).

Anyway, enough said, I did want to tell you I enjoyed your site....

Your ability to stir the pot is much needed in this world. I admire your work and your courage.

Take care.

Stick with what is true in your heart.

Thanks. But, do I get "the underlying pattern behind the myths?" The principal pattern is the story of the sun god, the God Sun, personified aspects of the sun, whatever you wish to call it. Astrotheology is the basis of much religious thought, myth and ritual. The psychology, to which I believe you are alluding, is secondary (and far less interesting, in my opinion).

From: A2
To: Acharya S
Subject: Re: Nice job
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 17:04:48 -0500

"Open your heart" implies that I am unloving and close-hearted. Very condescending.

Point well taken, and please accept my apology. Let me rephrase what I am trying to get across in what I hope is a non-demeaning manner - don't let being angry at other people's abuse of religion close your mind to God/dess. That is letting other people control you, and that is what I did.

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