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From Fun to Superconsciousness

FFTS is a longtime discussion list people from all walks of life, many of whom are some of the brightest people on the planet. The list, started and run by Acharya S many years ago, is frequently lauded as being one of the best on the Net. If you want to know what educated, enlightened people are thinking, come join us! This list can sometimes be busy, but Yahoo Groups allows for options: You can receive separate emails, the digest, which is one long document, or no email, which means you can just read the list. You can read the list anyway, but unless you join you can't post to it.

One listmember's description of FFTS:

"Welcome to the list where anything can happen. Hope you will enjoy the mind-bending ride of your life! On this list you will find wise sages, humorists, assholes, peacemakers, debunkers, sex crazies, humanists, UFOlogists, New Agers, Old Agers:), philosophers, rebellious freethinkers, party animals, arguers, arousers, artists, musicians, craftsmen, engineers, perverts, bitchers, complimenters, libertines, geniuses, nobodies, alerters, truthseekers,etc, etc. All in all a pretty damn great and wild bunch here. Feel free to jump in.... Enjoy!" KB

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This list is "historical Jesus"-free. Please pay attention to the welcome message by getting hip to the Christ Conspiracy, Christ myth and relevant links. You can also watch The Naked Truth - and help support this site.

The Christ Conspiracy

Also, we have another discussion group on Yahoo called "The Christ Conspiracy." This group is limited to a discussion of Acharya's mythicist work, regarding her book and other writings revolving around "astrotheology," religion, Christianity, Jesus, etc.

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